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MJ Rodriguez Reveals How “Pose” Changed Her Life | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-MJ Rodriguez!
-Whoo! -[ Screams ] Oh, my God. I am such a fan. -Oh, thank you.
-I´ve kind of wanted to meet you. -Thank you. -This dress is phenomenal.
-Thank you very much. -Tell me who it is, where — what happened?
How did this all come about? -Okay. It´s Jason Wu, obviously.
-Yes. He´s an amazing, amazing designer.
I love him. Hey, Jason. -Thanks, Jay.
-From afar. Hey, boo. Um, the whole concept of it, I wanted to stand out,
I wanted it to be sharp. I wanted to have angular lines and hence the deep “V.”
-The deep “V.” -And I wanted a color. I wanted it to pop.
I wanted people to see me, you know? And I wanted to feel like this is the first moment that I´ve
ever had and taken seriously. That´s what this dress says for me, so… -You mentioned that,
and I´ve read many interviews about you, and you talk about Blanca, your character on “Pose,” being
the first moment that you really came into yourself. -Yeah.
-It changed your life. -It did change my life a lot. I mean, when I was younger, 7 years old, I was — I knew who
I was, but I mean, there wasn´t any language at that time. And then when I got to the moment where I can actually
have a full developed brain, I started living out who I completely was. “Pose” changed that completely for me when I got it,
and Ryan Murphy was like, “It´s your time.” -Wow.
-I was like, “Oh, great. Now I can finally speak to not only myself, but I can actually be the spokesperson for younger
individuals out there who are just like me and who are also outside of the LGBTQ community who are just
like me, who are beautiful misfits.” And a lot of people use that word as, like, a derogatory
word, but it´s not. It´s something that separates you in the best way from
people who consider themselves better than you ´cause they´re not. Being a misfit is wonderful. -You are so mesmerizing.
-Thank you. -I´m actually staring at you while you´re saying this.
Such a powerful message as well. -Thank you. -Tell me about — I know there´s a little sketch
involved in this dress. -There was. -This is like a real fashion moment.
Tell me, how did that work out with Jason? -Oh, it was amazing. I mean, we had three different sketches laid out…
-Yeah. -…by obviously many amazing designers.
We can´t deny that. All of them were beyond amazing, and it´s the truth.
They know this. But the colors that got to me. When I first saw it, I was just like, “Oh, my God.
This is a very prominent color. Not only does it look great, but I know it looks good on my
skin complexion ´cause I´m a wonderful caramel color. And, um, yeah, that´s what my eye drew to, and I was like,
“This is the one.” -Can we talk about the costumes in the ballroom
for a second? -Oh! Oh, yes, we definitely can talk about those. -I read that Lou Eyrich, the costume designer, would nev–
was not allowed to spend more than 30 bucks on one piece because you wanted to keep it authentic.
Is this true? -I don´t know that for sure, but I do know there are a lot
of vintage pieces in there, which some vintage pieces are actually pretty cheap. So, like, you never know, but I don´t know that, but I will
say, every piece of clothing on that show is spectacular. -Did you “borrow” anything? -I tried my best to “borrow” some things,
but, you know, but it´s okay. -Well, I cannot let you go without asking you
to do one pose. -Oh, I´m down for that. Oh! You came with a train, too. Steve — Steven Canals, the one who wrote “Pose.” -Oh, my goodness. Come on in.
-Hi. -We were just talking about what a terrific job you did
on the show. Thank you so much…
-Aw, thank you. -…for bringing us such an amazing, moving show. -It´s really easy when you work with incredible talent
like MJ Rodriguez. -I´m just in between a beautiful sandwich.


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