'Misyon' Episode | The General's Daughter Trending Scenes

Furguson enemy I mean you know gamma deep even with our furniture goes anniversary no companion in your wasn't what is happening man and II do nothing I know economist also ISO number Sunday linger like it's a dying animal in the invited okay it's a good idea burn as a guest list what's wrong with this ignore the Mexican alarm algo para behind the current relevance what you think mister more Makita young guest list go ahead double check now casino my community passes up and you go the minimun invited their attacker Marit hindi amala invited them in this in a bizarre unit each other meanwhile an indeterminate that nagging bucket Super Bass means are less sob and I'm Doug now going no Dino Dino animism economy ooh extremely elegant good morning excuse me coma this is the neon this before de baño mm not anyway on my table excuse me I said if only to know how I loved it that was fun yeah Oh No good evening everyone good evening good evening ladies and gentlemen maraming maraming salamat support continue Rito in the bay and most of all maraming maraming salamat salmon tuna shown in genomica gamma cos are in Campania now that is a big thing Ethel on attended Kakaako in degrees in a table Caillou my big uncle – having ristohannah namaha town having among garganta hands are too long and i beginni this happy an embarrassed artist and company Machado chatting in Mobile Alabama in Bonita home a man here in Copenhagen Casa Monica so my papa old Alabama Gaga with million Papa bucks arena for Chancellor Agatha Molly so dynamism in Kazumi cinnamon elizallen me he said when a Pasadena a Papa Nambu see synod or seguro margarita Malibu metallic sure that will never happen in the metallicy Santiago Guerrero tile voila sabaha pool area water tanks are eatin taro yam Gustavo Charlie Malaga star girl Campion samosa really Milazzo don't go down and eat a multi-billion 100 tomorrow's event and besides Marin pop oh my bow supporters another hand them to move on sorry as the saying goes maybe here it's for me to know and you to find out [Applause] [Applause] Davina [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I tell you people digging a camel in a pot bellies of it suffice abide by oh my god Hangang say hakuna I mean a MooMoo no saben sang it oh yes the fallen below the yellow chocolate our message to the Senate or cha oh who knows on our next election you might just become our next president I must say [Laughter] little why not just when I'm in time for supper tonight sorry hold your horses Moscone averaging thank you you say but it seemed even adding fun to shop anymore escena sobbing the other thing about that entire hour only we can have dinner now but before we serve dinner maybe have your pledges first make sure but continue la fontaine continue on Daniel Patapon alone each agua I bought a safe okay so nice buddy that is a big deal no not nothing amadito forget the opposite of a pedagogic the midget decide you should go on doing the same element I'll call Oh Papa rain memo a woman out I mean I don't make my god I don't Demoman epitome rising lady gustavo mag in Kigali anarion by Pnina Tornai unit or ethical determining that opposing couldn't agree on a pacifist please have a good night I [Applause] [Applause] just c'mon Ovilus need o Allah Muhammad [Applause] [Applause] Oh mission I think I'll save the situation in there but give the terrace a location B copy should've known that invitation [Applause]


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