Miss Universe & Miss USA at the 2019 NHL Awards Trophy red carpet

a couple questions for you because are you friends with Pia yeah Wow so you get a jolly be very often yes I love jolly baby just came from Manila two days ago okay I was just earlier this year I loved I was in Pampanga as well no I have it I need to go this is all on the training of Miss Universe so favourite thing at Jollibee I just wanted my favorite thing like the spaghetti and the chicken spicy chicken oh not the peach mango pie the pie is good too but it been different now when you go back to the Philippines what happens now oh my gosh my life has been turned upside down I can't really go out unchaperoned anymore because just the amount of excitement that are from the people which is a huge blessing in itself and to see the amount of pride at being able to bring home to my beloved Philippines it makes it very very fulfilling but going home is always almost a baptism of Sora it's good into a different way of life because in New York I feel like just a normal girl besides being pretty you got to have good answers yes that's entirely correct coming back with a good answer to that hard question is always like yeah how do you study for that or you don't you've had you have to practice a lot because you're right you know you're the spokesperson for the Miss Universe Organization as Miss Universe or as Miss USA so you need to make sure that you're prepared to answer questions throughout your reign because I mean that's what you do um so when I was preparing for Miss USA I practiced I would actually do at least five onstage questions every single morning and it would time them to make sure that I wasn't hiding too long yeah there's a lot of practice but it gets you ready have you met Jo koy and Curtis to the next Miss Universe Philippines right and she was the host she was a hose okay she's awesome it's a pretty big time how about uh Edgar Gutierrez Richard so he was there too this is just on my last trip so literally like a week and a half ago to the Filipino celebrities did you see crazy rotations I'm doing all this for the Philippine trivia okay it's a so why is he's question so important when you're doing Miss Universe or Miss USA why does it have to be answered in such like delicacy and like the right way I think one of the things that you have to do as a national or international representative is make sure that you represent everyone that includes people who have beliefs that are different than yours so one of the things I've tried to do is make sure that even though I have my own beliefs and even though I have my own morals and values I don't want to alienate other people so you do have to be delicate just to make sure that other people feel welcomed and that their opinions and and and words are valued that's why she's Miss USA that's why you're Miss Universe you guys are awesome I usually don't do interviews but I had to interview you guys you all know my Filipino friends I'll be like I got to talk to you I like my tea right here okay bye


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