hey guys look back to another class rail video and today me playing around with a really interesting giant gravy or a deck that's been gaining some traction and doing very well recently on ladder right here is a 3.5 build extra deck giant graveyard mini Pekka musketeer triple spell mini bate deck as well guys you got to bait cards in here bats and nice car mate and then the graveyard obviously is kind of get paid card as well cuz if they zap your scar mean they can't zap your bats so oh well it has been doing pretty well on ladder as you can see right here by these stats courtesy of Royale API and as I mentioned guys has been gaining popularity over the past week or so so I figured I've been keeping my eye on it for the past like two days or so I saw it a couple days ago in the morning and I was like I'll keep my eye on it and then it's just been kind of growing since then so I figured you know what let's write out in a video see how it goes and overall it should be pretty interesting it's a really fun deck to use a bit different than a normal meta on ladder so it's definitely kind of a break away from the traditional norm that you're kind of used to the English army here Oh scar me he misses the mini Pekka which I'm definitely kind of okay with right there so that's here for a Sparky what does he got there's a die oh dude so I think we just ignore that baby D let that baby D sneak inside right there guys cuz it's not gonna be are you no no no Shane really you missed a princess your nub I'm very upset right now guys um I messed up that snowball now I'm sad no I'm very sad I'm a jack please die if I go graveyard a giant here nope what are these no we're over committing we are over committing like crazy but we do get the giant they're known 800 we actually kill the spark in never mind I'm okay with that the two skeletons look how much damage they do Wow if that spark it didn't die there we would have lost because it was over committal but because the graveyard is just literally ope not literally when I say literally sometimes literally just does not mean literally which is kind of fun what in the world is this guy doing Sparky Sparky lava count what is real life I don't know somebody tell me please how many please tell me what real life is please there we go double this jazz boom nice there we go boys let's get to your here double D Sparky with the minor and the it's just a very interesting strategy overall I'd say hey where's my phone going off we hold off with the dub if we hold on I said can we hold on nice now I get try buddy so I think he was the reward award or reward both of them whatever they are you know what I'm saying he wins that for the most interesting deck oh my phone just emailed me saying update to your Amazon order oh no this is delayed to order Oh No Amazon is the point in you so we got a quest here we can't collect I'm actually gonna save that mega lightning chess or whatever the next card I might be a while I had no idea but I don't need any cards so I feel like I should just save it right because what's the point of opening it now and literally getting nothing by the way I always get comments my videos saying Shane why don't you starla Ville max all of your cards you have four point five million gold what are you doing and I always say dude did you know that gold is not use to upgrate star levels and then they go oh really I didn't know that nice that should be tower but we lose our tower oh that's too laughs I found X in a real man this deck does not have adequate air defense at all which is why we're facing lava hound right now it's just the match making algorithm knowing that we don't have too much air d so it's uh so it's basically just giving us the counters that's just the way the game works right now boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom do I go for the three crown senior nub he's got Barb's oh man this deck sucks not this not this deck but the deck he has the reason I say it sucks is because we have nothing literally nothing for Barb's is here actually if I go graveyard arrows here you might just be dead what kind of see how it goes arrows here please he freezes us maybe pick up one shot please your nub mmm he's got a lava hound lavaloon freeze arrows that's disgusting dude you you disgust me ASG I'm just kidding buddy you don't disgust me but you're barbarians are the definition of nasty just in case Rico we're wondering what the scale is on those on your deck there we go couple this jazz wait for it do I need arrows or no yes we do nice baby here we go baby you can go bars for the graveyard go bats right here Sherlock comes to tower there we get some decent damage done to that tower that's some respectable damage I'd say here we go wait for it I use my thing in the wrong spot guys he's here yeah let's good game he's my musket in the wrong spot yeah good game hmm if I would have went for the to crown there if I would have just ignored the balloon and went for the to crown he probably would've won if I would've just went graveyard however he did have arrows in freeze in hand but if I didn't use musketeer in that spot if I wouldn't use up to the left side the problem is we were fully in lecture I didn't know where to use it but we could have won that one that was a winnable battle for sure just a bit of missed plays near the end there – miss plays number one was actually will go back and watch that replay maybe and point out the mistakes that is a good learning experience overall but never one miss play was musketeer placement off to this side should have been like over here some things we can't freeze tower and this but the problem is another air deck man like what in the world is this the problem is is if I would have at musketeer here he would went balloon this Lane right he went for the three crown so he was waiting for my must to go down before going anything which is kind of why it was kind of just unfortunate for us overall alright I'm okay with that gonna ignore the mega and the ice wizard there that bit dad was just tired and left lane make a should get one shot yeah but he has L Jax so I can't really go aggressive giant I'm gonna go slow giant here and see how it does hmm nice was it alright sir where is your L Jack balloon I suspect coming there right lane here pretty soon yes there we go nice how about this there we go boys that's here's gonna go he's gonna goes out for the bats NATO yeah he's got some adequate Splash Damage here boys NATO zap and ice boozy but we might get one giant shot if we are lucky I what am I just getting one ship shot from that giant nope not even that that's unfortunate but if I go giant graveyard now he's 21 ice wizard okay that sucks the grave I might build up but he can stop the skeletons when they build up Valkyrie – this has to be the work of the heart counter algorithm there's no way that's not considered hard counter with the NATO the zap the ice was he and the Valkyrie from my graveyard there's no way that's not hard kit a hard counter city and their freeze he's out the bats here yes we go giant grave right here did when ice was in left lane karma here nice he freezes it he nails it the jackets under low get some damage done with the Valkyries just too good of a counter for my graveyard it's just too nasty guys bats here switch lanes on them one of these gourami here please where's your gravy buddy look at this how do we win that's good game bro that was a difficult battle he had Valkyrie ice was a NATO Anne's a spell all of which do work versus the graveyard so overall that was a really interesting battle and we don't have too much air defense right our air defense consensus up consists of must interior and bats he could zap bats key freeze musketeer so overall I'm definitely happy won that one I feel a bit of redemption there for that previous loss because that was really good man Royal savage dude well-played do jeez all right guys let's go ahead one more battle over here Jim the bean stir Co mr. jimmy-boy is doing over here Oh wizard I haven't seen on a while I've noticed a direct correlation of pushing trophies higher and seeing less wizards overall kind of a strange little phenomena that's your okay take care of the wizard pretty quickly I believe but now we use just use musketeer for nothing and she's gonna die Oh arrows here nice we get one I want two giant shots please all the RG it's got me here RG bait bag dude your deck could be the dirtiest deck series of all this I wonder if he has that no spell version or I know I know Goblin barrel dispel but I wonder if he has like the mega knight in there the dark gob and the RG like just no damage spells but it appears it is not that deck as of this moment it's off the mini Pekka Carmi we're yeah bro hmm that Wizards a bit nasty right now I suspect we might see an RG in front of that wizard we have two arrows it's cuz we don't have snow ball in hand and Tennille must appear for this wizard right here nice so I couldn't go graveyard buts a bit aggressive I like you I prefer to keep graveyard for tell but your lecture period but I suspect we'll see bats there yeah karma here you got bro oh well the scar me here maybe get ours gonna get some damage done Oh Minnie Puckett going down here alright bats down here we almost destroy his stuff giant here please was your wizard bro was your RG bro what is it but maybe he's got a rocket in there wouldn't be surprised himself rocket right here for musketeer poison spell alright very curious mini Pekka get in there please don't just be enough shameiess to princess please cuz you're enough but if I could kill the wizard I'm okay with that let's get to your here pull the even if I go over yes I'm okay with that can you pick up this nice baby snowball this there we go thank you said tower that guys get some damage done where is your Goblin barrel dude there it is now here's my plan boys ready for this the plan is we're gonna go aggressive giant graveyard and snowball some bats it's gonna poison it that figures actually to be honest guys I forgot our poison spell here we go that's here humble this are these no damage done now look here with that arrows this ah we missed have to scar me I'm okay with that one of these one of these that's here there's a poison now we are ready to go guys for an aggressive giant push right lane let's go for it right here come on baby you can do it Shane do work scar me please one more shot oh there we go Jim Beam Wow I played so bad there and we still won that was actually hilarious that was a lot of fun this deck was a bit dirty but we played really bad and we still came out with a one crown oh it was close to you that was close already let's go ahead here finish the video off with a quick replay as we usually do and we're facing up against MMJ up top there who is rocking a lava colo index oh I think I must be a good replay to share with you guys cuz I don't have too much blush damage in this deck we have arrows and snowball right but when I say Splash Damage I mean troops we don't have like a an e wizard or an ice wizard or an ADA or a baby dragon or a fireball or poison or you know just things like that bowler just any splash damage troop would be ideal against it'll have a clone deck especially executioner but we still kind of do okay so we go mini Pekka here destroys the l jack b back to work the baby d the giant gets two shots two stars well it was me look again there we got one shot mini Pekka two shots mini but gets three shots Tower goes down and we have ourselves a one crown lead within the first minute of the game mini Pekka certified nasty right there guys taro goes down one crown late however lava clock is one of those decks that can easily come back especially in the double extra period especially if you don't have adequate splash damage so gotta go ahead here and I believe we actually go I think we go aggressive we go scar me giant in the pocket here and the giant tanks to obscure me snow what going down for the bats and his skeleton army but we miss half whisk army which is rather unfortunate but we do get to one giant shot there but now we are in some trouble here look at this baby tea destroys our musketeer thankfully the lava hound explodes me arrows to the lab pops down bats where's baby D unfortunately we do not successfully surround that baby do that well and we do take one shot to our tower so overall it's okay but he does have a two electoral lead right now which isn't what you want to see going into the village appeared especially versus allow the clone Dec so he's gonna go flying machine here I know he's gonna go lava hound in front of the flying machine and I don't have like a fireball to kill the fly machine so thankfully the fly machine goes in front of the lava hounds catalog song we snowball the bats right here and then we we snowball the bats we snowball the lava hound we arrows down I think we wait no we don't I was gonna say I think we wait for the live hundreds below but we don't really need to right we have musketeer doing work that's do works we don't really need to wait for that and then at this point in battle I'm just holding up the win I'm just defending I have really no interest on going on that tower but if I can I shall keep the pressure up right here guys gonna go mini Pekka mini if I catch ient so I'm gonna say graveyard I mean it took a giant I don't think we actually use greater I wants this entire battle here because I don't need to for a couple of reasons number one two main reasons number one is we accidentally destroyed his tower the first counter push which wasn't even intended number two is graveyard is a lot weaker when they're King Tower is activated so this one battle guys I'm just gonna bench the graveyard not even use it and there we go holding out for the to crown victory versus a lava clone strategy and overall just being hacked with my emotes right now no ideals going on but yeah good game to Mister MMJ up top they're all ready guys let's go ahead hop into one more replay over here this time we're facing up against ready to fight who was rocking a log bait strategy and I figured I would throw this one in here just kind of show how I do against log bait because I don't think we faced log bait in the live battles it's except that world giant bait which I don't really think classifies as traditional log bait because it's kind of off meta this one right here is more of a traditional log bait deck so that's there going to be an important replay to share so Giants here on the same Lane as the Prince says notice how he has dark logging princess and rascals in there the only thing I have to counter that is arrows and I just use arrows aren't at the Goblin barrel so if you're facing up against this particular log bait strategy with Rascals and haben it's very important to save your arrows for offense okay if possible you want to use your snowball or your scar me to counter his Goblin barrel keep your arrows for offense that way they can out like they basically only have gob and gank princess rascals dark oven all of which just arrows everything and you get huge value like you can get so much value if you arrows on offense but I make one more mistake right there with the arrows on defense I kind of learned halfway through this battle that I should say on my arrows for offense because it makes it so much easier because if you don't have it like literally can do nothing and they just defend everything you have like you need those arrows anyways he didn't go princess here left lane I'm gonna get I believe a musketeer in the middle here to destroy the princess and the prince they want to go scar me here in the middle to take care of that let me go I think we got bats here with arrows full of Rascals musketeer survives bath destroy the prince but he goes dark alright here we do take a bit of damage to our tower with the dark up and the Prince does die however which is okay by me and at the most part for the most part just kind of saving for a double lecture it's all I'm really trying to do right now so we're gonna go giant here I shouldn't we snowball here you snowball out princess into the range the tower and then we go then we go mini Pekka or the no be ignore it well that was interesting yeah I don't know why I'm up musketeer there I know he's got rocket anyways wouldn't go aggressive look at this look this play right here aggressive giant graveyard I have arrows in hand so I know he only literally he's is greater counters are dark out of Rascals Goblin King princess all about tried to arrow so we get some good damage done right there Django's in there we arrows down the dark goblin join doesn't work Tilton's that's work and overall we get some really good damage done in that one push down to 1139 help musketeer here for the goblin gank i believe he goes barrel right lane wouldn't go snowball for that barrel boom and we take one Govan shot here's a trick for you guys if you look at his arrows look at the arrows value princess goes down rustles go down unfortunately do activate the King tower but it doesn't really matter cuz the tower is that 210 II was the tip for you guys was if you delay your snowball until just after the Goblin barrel deploys you can actually completely counter it so don't use it too early the timing is important with that snowball anyways we can go aggressive here a giant graveyard I know he can't counter it we got arrows in hand I wouldn't go ahead arrows here I believe with the rascals Scottie's get in there with the king tower activity it does make it a bit harder but once Gotham does hit John gets into sorts of tower and we do have ourselves a one crown victory the king tower activation was kind of accidental kind of on purpose because there is no way to hit the princess and the rascals when I arrows there without anything the King Tower I don't think maybe there was but anyways we still want so doesn't matter so we got one crown victory over our friend who apparently wasn't really that ready to fight anyways guys that is the end of the video here is the deck one more time if you want to go ahead and try it out yourself it is a very interesting deck to use very very very successful on ladder right now however it does have a few weaknesses number one is air decks because you don't really have that much air defense and number two is a swarm decks because you don't have that many Splash Damage troops right so those are two main weaknesses I would say and overall its it's just a really kind of different and fun strategy to use that I would recommend giving it a shot if you do try it let me know them alone in those comments how it worked out for you but guys that is the end of the video really hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure you like subscribe McDowell content thank you so much for watching we shall see you in the next one


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