Minecraft PS4 Survival: Platinum Trophy Episode 11 – Diamond Trophy

what is gonna guys feed you here welcome to my minecraft Platinum Series on the PlayStation 4 this is episode number 11 and let's get on with the shoutout for today so the shutteth for this episode goes to jeremy savage who went there left a comment saying let me just open that up real quick oh yeah so 1747 of the video for episode 10 diamonds he ran past them and I watched that part so thank you so much for letting me know and we're actually gonna go ahead and get that diamond so thank you so much for actually mentioning that and today I'm here with this unknown person I don't know if you guys can understand who is but you have like 10 seconds to guess who this person might be that's standing in front of me so you guys have like five more seconds just pause the video if you haven't already but give a guess and see who this person is like just write down comments something like okay I think five settings over hey what's going on man I know but he just said [Laughter] well if you guys haven't already guessed this is–there eggs on playstation by the way yeah so let's go over to my village shed I don't know what it is it just has so many things going on here to be honest so I'm gonna get myself the fortune PGX real quick you don't really have to take anything to be honest for now cuz technically speaking I'm supposed to help you with something so from me I can give you some if you come down here I can give you guys if you're actually wondering what's going on with the audio with PlayStation it's not that easy to record someone's audio so just to make it play simple I have t-rex on the coal with me and on speakerphone kind of thing and that's how this whole thing is going on so like we're talking and you know we're on the phone call and at the same time that's that's how you guys can hear t-rex from my sneakers so here's that by the way there's like couple pork chops for you the sad part is is that I'm gonna go and then I'm gonna send this back just directs did you just break my thing few moments later don't don't maybe it's not a good idea to take this cuz now in my past assignments I was on the ceiling I remember they were right up there it is I found the dirt okay so diamonds guys I've got like two on me right now and the sixty-four so we have got so far oh wow this was a cave I've got eight diamonds from here so Wow thank you so much Jeremy for actually talking about this because you literally got me eight diamonds today dude you did no no no no no no I'm gonna die dude I'm gonna die yo stop T rights do not have three hearts do not I'm like level 15 trust me I need my experience for a chapman's I'm not even kidding I really need them so don't don't destroy me um once I did this stop the thing is the thing is I forgot about have a nice day oh wait I miss these diamonds I ignored them because I was working on this I think because like there's divers here too please don't kill me no gravely started to light the top of my head well yeah I've got like literally 13 diamonds which is awesome to be honest but I guess I didn't miss it but at the same time I probably I'll be honest with you guys I actually forgot about this diamonds to be honest but it looks like I didn't mind anything honestly it was just to get the rail trophy done as quickly as possible because if you look around there's like literally nothing o diamonds again yes how are you oh there's there's a lot of more diamonds than I thought I escaped which is not a smart idea because wow so I've got like 21 extra diamonds so far like I came here with 64 and to now got 64 and 23 so 21 diamonds technically and the police don't get me killed but here's something we're gonna do we're gonna get that true huh oh my god that could have been so bad guess what happened I exhibit it and guess what I exited the minecart it teleports me in the air than my near lava like it was with your love I've gotta be kidding I'm not joking just head back by the way really just don't get me killed I'll really appreciate that all right now why am I feeling like you're not going to why am I feeling like you're gonna destroy me oh my god you're still tired let me just drink some coffee really bro so what did this rails do and why did you just broke this beautiful rails first even have the trophy for the rails and you broke my beautiful minecart station that could get you that gold trophy okay so go fix it and come back I guess oh wait let's get the trophy for the diamonds oh come down here and then here's the minecart by the way and all you have to do is second bounce bounce no it's 30 wrecks technically Hershey I like by the way so take that minecart let me just throw you a diamond alright so there's that I should get a trophy and then there you go now you throw that to me and then you get a trophy as well yeah I only gave you one cuz if you want the trophy you gotta give my diamond back there we go oh I thought it was on but boy this is the first time I have somebody joining is the first time I turn this into an online game so I didn't really touch any settings oh my god here I'm like well you start getting around like he's gonna forget that I did like Speers levels is good just gonna destroy me but well thank you well thank you wait no nothing [Laughter] destroy oh yeah don't get me destroyed by the way I'm not even kidding like I don't even have enough help so I'm gonna quickly look at the trophies and see what else I can get in this episode okay eighty-four percent has been completed for the one that could get me the platinum trophy and we've got play four hundred days I'm gonna do those later because I'm trying to get the every trophy except a hundred days and then while I'm playing Minecraft maybe I think that could while working on the other trophies that could count I'm guessing I don't know but you know I'll try to get the Platinum as well but yeah I'm planning on actually getting all the other ones done as well yes play a music disc in the jukebox I guess we could do that I've got a music disc actually I just have to exit it out as shouldn't like eject the disc I'm guessing shouldn't be a big deal nice so technically you got a gold trophy again what is a which is very nice to be honest oh I already had a disc I died the other episode just because of trying to get at this but guess what I already had a disc that's funny where can I get the jukebox the question is we should be like the crafting table nope and it might be under like the painting looking plane that's not really bookshelves over here but that's not it up there it is so I'm just gonna need some wood that's it did you ever get the trophy for that playing like a disc no well you can try to one second so here is the jukebox I just have to put this in wait for is it color oh I gave me the trophy there we go you just have to put it in just get it out yeah just pretty much put it in plus I don't care you can keep it if you want nice present for joining the world thank you so much but quickly look at the trophies again Wow eighty-five percent done now I'm so looking down here I don't really okay there's not much left I'll just put it that way so technically speaking let me just quickly compare it with you and see like which trophies I can quickly help you it again use a saddle to write a pig didn't have the pig get hurt from far a full damage I've done that sound that hard you want to do that I just have a saddle that's a silver trophy what else didn't you have killer Skelton I'm gonna be able to get channel 1 I've got that in the first episode you've got the hundred days and sophis operation using you've got to play you already played hundred taste that ok Oh swimming level while having a fire resistant potion here do that there's a fire resistant knob that strength have you got the trophy for like i killing something with just like one hit okay take this did you take the strength potion alright so take that in and then I'll give you my diamond sword there you go don't kill me please I'm not even kidding I think you do Karen cause letting it apply hey get back there hey hey where are you going that's not a safe place to go parrot that's not a safe place to go don't you dare do that parrot parrot don't go there please please don't do that to us yes come down here hey hey parrot you need to listen you need to listen okay get down there there you go now you stuck there okay Li you little unlistenable the green remember how hard it was and how hard it was to get them down here thankfully this won't work that well wait is it getting is it getting nighttime I have a feeling it is so yeah you could just pretty much drink that or technically break it I think that's what it is is it yeah just drink it when you're near a mob and just hit him like I got my from the killing a skeleton so I just jump and hit them pretty much no no don't what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go down there and I'm gonna get you a bucket of lava so you don't really have to go all the way while you're doing for the one that you have to like cook yourself I like to cook myself get it oh yeah in the Xbox minecraft world yes the restaurant I get it the skin you're wearing oh yeah I guess it is now I gotta find love oh I hope I don't fall in it by an accident why well I speak way too much today so technically you know my voice isn't really out there I should put it you know working all that well I appreciated that's my friends the funny thing is those like did I feel that right okay here I've got you a nice pool of love it's here but I've got to be very careful with my dogs that's what I'm doing there it's on the ground behind you twice you're talking outside don't touch me please and don't touch me and jump in long it's also getting nighttime so technically speaking you can I love it the post you fail that yeah I did up actually dying what happens if I were to actually put this over here I have no idea it turns into an obsidian oops don't put love underwater guys it'll just turn into an obsidian did you did you why are you stopping the funny thing is that things still four eight eight minutes I think so technically probably up seven hours like I yeah this is looking pretty good um did you ever turn a Samba villager into a villager by the way I just I'm just hoping listen I'm just hoping that that trophy actually works it's not the worst plan I'm serious completely ended up failing guys because we just can't get that true one trophy bill nine has two damaged I'm guessing you're working on that now stop the starvation I jumped and hit a creeper I try on the creeper you still got like some time I think skeleton creepers are the ones you can get it on I don't know but he does yeah if you do that jumping and hitting a creeper doesn't work they just hit them one without jumping because I did push you get it so you have to trophy okay good okay look for a zombie villager well you didn't get the trophy did I have why is my parrot outside hello parrot really what's wrong with you he's a weird one for sure one thing I'm gonna do there's my been uncertain but I'm gonna get myself almost killed and I'm gonna use the totem of undying actually no I'll save this for the end or way there maybe just come here I'll get you a zombie villager and see if I can get that yeah but that's the DLC things I'm gonna do that later I'm trying to take as much as I can away from the DLC ones I want to complete the Platinum first and I end up getting the other extra trophies that's my plan right now I'm looking for a zombie villager though because I've got like a Golden Apple now and I've also got the weakness potion so like if you come throw that and then you know see what you could do do you want to stick with me maybe just in case so like here's the things don't need it so here's some food first things first here's the Golden Apple here's the potion and then here is a sword and then I don't have any blaze powder so I can't really make another I know for the strength so you can't really go wrong blaze powder yeah to exchange the level of it so if you use place powder it will get you just the first one and I use come you use and the glowstone and it will give you strength to hurry up before morning comes up just get yourself with our iron armor so there's like take some of that iron from that top just get yourself an armor still in the lookout for a for a zombie villager but if I find him I'm gonna see if I can trap him because that's obviously something we need to really do to be honest Frank wrench mm-hmm that's just normal zombie gotta get some dirt technically this looks so weird having armor on top of armor huh yeah let's get I'm guessing right yes yeah I know what you mean I am no Iron Man oh you may be the iron iron chef iron Iron Chef yes whatever it's his choice if I were to go after them what am I gonna really gain tried my best to keep them inside if they don't listen it's not my fault how's that didn't know remember what I was trying to do my best to stop him from going and it's like thank okay bye woman I want to see what's going on down there I'm so curious but that no let me just go take a look at outside first I want to take that look especially nighttime I am at best why is it no zombie villagers this is like zombie zombie zombie virus where are they thank you very much come again thank you very much all right here's something I noticed that you don't have this trophy wow that's that's cool look Laura just look for a zombie villager dopin is that what you're looking for yeah okay what I'm gonna do is get you another trophy which is gonna get me use my whole stuff put here whatever yeah you didn't have this I checked so get it just put that on okay no it's not that yeah I know I know he just put it on we got to look for is up there you go don't punch him though I've got already won but thanks for letting one other one guess what happened there now I don't have any iron that was the last iron I think it was as long as the other chests have it oh my god there's not me I'm like oh boy Kelly Kelly Kelly the weird Skelly's Kelly weird skeleton weird skeleton myself oh yes you did most likely you did okay well I hope you guys enjoyed today's episode if you did please the black and also check out terraces channel and my sister she'll not both links will be in the description thanks Erik's for joining and that being said I'll see you guys later bye


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