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Mikoy, sinubukan ipadama ang kanyang pagmamahal kay Marga | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Go! Defense! Defense! Defense! Nice one! Go hard! One more! One more! Water break, everyone! Kristoff. That’s captain to you.
We’re in the court. Why are you picking on me? I’m not picking on you. I saw how you were
guarding me earlier. Why won’t I? You’re better at courting
than at practice. What are you saying? I know you’re
courting Cassie. I see. So that’s why you’re
picking on me. You’re thinking I’m
referring to Cassie when I said I had
problems with a girl. Yes! You’re always together, right? Captain, believe me,
I wasn’t talking about Cassie. Cross my heart. Sorry about that. And I’ll never
betray you, Captain. Even if you don’t tell me,
I know you still love Cassie. – Marga.
– Not another step. I just want to talk. Don’t bother. I know you’ll just
defend Cassie again. I just want to check on you. Did you two fight again? I’ll never stop blaming Cassie
for my family’s misfortunes because it’s the truth. Then keep blaming her. Fight her to your
heart’s content. But once this is over,
I hope you go back to being the Marga
I used to know. Mikoy, please. I told you,
I don’t want your pity. I don’t pity you.
I’m worried about you. Then why are you doing this? Why do you always want
to make me happy? What are you doing? Since I know you don’t
always listen to me, I’d rather just put
my words into action. Then why did you do that? Because… Um… Just talk to me again
when you’re ready to answer. And Mikoy… You don’t know me. Let’s do some warm-ups. You seem inspired. What does that have
to do with warm-ups? You can’t lie to us.
Your nose says it all. – My nose?
– Look. There! Do you know
what that means? You’re in love. – You are.
– No, I’m not. I just forgot to wash my face. Come on, let’s play. – Introduce us to her, okay?
– Let’s start. Alright, I will.
Come on, focus. – Mikoy!
– What’s up? – About what happened…
– Don’t worry, Captain. Let’s forget about it. If you say so. Anyway… I felt my heart racing… like I was nervous and
happy at the same time. Is that how you feel
when you’re with Cassie? Exactly. Just like that. You still love her, huh? I know she loves you too.
So why not fight for her? Why don’t you fight
for your love? This isn’t about love. It’s about our choice. We wanted to breakup to become
better versions of ourselves. So we can focus
on the real deal. Me on the team. And Cassie on her studies
and her upcoming internship. Don’t worry, Captain.
Everything will fall into place.


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