Mike Myers Salutes Sean Connery In A Kilt at the AFI Life Achievement Award

ladies and gentlemen Mike Myers thank you very much thank you thank you now people often ask me is anything worn under your kilt and I say no nothing's worn everything's in fine working order thank you now you may be wondering why am i introducing Sir Sean Connery first AFI Life Achievement Award well first I'm a huge fan second Sean Connery's portrayal of James Bond is obviously the inspiration for Austin Powers yes no James Bond no Austin Powers and no Austin Powers no private jet for me that would have been a tragedy I'm also here because Sean Connery is the quintessential Scotsman I have Scottish blood and I've played a Scotsman in over half of my movies including Shrek so once again know Sean Connery no Shrek no Shrek no sprawling vacation property in the Hamptons thanks again mr. Connor now I've done a lot of tributes in my day but I can honestly say that of all the iconic Scottish superstar actors of the last 50 years Sean Connery is definitely in the top five yeah right I kid I kid I kid why comma because I love exclamation mark you're obviously the top and you sir we're the top in my house after leaving home I quickly realized that you aren't just a legend in our house or on our local theatre screen but that you sir are loved around the world on any screen now I loved you of course but my dad was my hero and you mr. Connery were my dad's here my dad loved you not only because you're a great actor but because you're a man's man how about women want to be with you and men want to be you and then there are some men who both want to be you and be I'll admit it I have a man-crush yes I do sure he's masculine in a bridge too far but rare is the man who can maintain his virility while wearing a ponytail thigh high boots and a nut slinger well down thank you Jesus I salute you all right so it's no wonder that people magazine named you the sexiest man alive as James Bond you had a different girl every night you had women with names like kisi Suzuki Honey Ryder and Galore personally I went out with a girl named closed legs Finkelstein not as good some facts about Sean Connery born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1930 he joined the Royal Navy left became a truck driver a labourer a lifeguard and won third place in the 1953 mr. universe contest yeah you like that one huh how about this one my man crush deepens I've been playing with anagrams lately for instance change around the letters of another AFI Life Achievement Award winner Clint Eastwood and it turns into Old West action Tom Cruise becomes I'm so cuter Sean Connery's name turns into on any screen and I think I think that's truly truly appropriate which brings me back to my father Austin Powers was a tribute to my dad and he passed before he could see any of my success I rarely torture myself with such thoughts but there are certain moments you just wish you know he was still alive to see this and of course this is one of those moments so from the days of hearing my dad say see that Sean Connery that's bloody me on the screen like to living through a version of you myself to my own appreciation of your great acting it is truly truly my honor to be here with you tonight congratulations sir Sean Connery on receiving this the 34th annual AFI Life Achievement Award you


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