Mike Conley Jr. on 2019 NBA Awards & his career

the storm roughly 125 hours until the start of free agency and this year in free agency you can kind of get blinded by all the Kay's KD in Kauai and Kyrie and Kemba and clay and while those guys demand the eyeballs and the max deal so there are critical building blocks to be had a little ways down the food chain the term role-players it kind of sounds like a slap but it's hard to win a title without them here's Jay Harris on some free agents in the bargain bin who could tilt the balance next season we saw it in 2010 with LeBron this is going to be fun to watch and in 2016 with Katie it's golden stage for Duran just three years later the landscape of the NBA will likely be transformed again by free agency Kyrie Kemba Kawhi a major competition for multiple free agents several teams are in a position to make a run at the stars including the Knicks nets and Clippers who all have paths that to max free agent slots but free agency isn't just about the stars it's also about finding value there are two free agents in this summer's class that ranked in the top 10 in real plus/minus which estimates on court impact measured in points differential per 100 possessions those players not Kyrie Irving Kawhi Leonard or Kimball Walker it was actually Nikola Busa vich who ranked just behind Anthony Davis and ahead of LeBron James the other is NBA champion Danny Green one of eight players to have an offensive and defensive real plus/minus above two other key names to keep an eye on are Terrence Ross JJ Redick and Boyan Bogdanovich they all scored at highly efficient rates this past season ranking in the top six in points put touch among 173 players with at least 2,500 touches the other three players that ranked in the top six were all-stars leonard paul george and klay Thompson another summer of chaos is upon us more than 200 free agents with potentially two million dollars to be spent sometimes all it takes is one under-the-radar move separating a franchise from a championship Thank You Jay which teams will have the most cash to potentially lure players well the Knicks are projected to have the most caps paced this summer at 70 million the Nets right behind them at 69 million clippers paced respec ins they should be players because they have deep pockets as well speaking of key pieces being traded if jazz fans didn't know the type of persons they're welcoming to Utah now they know Mike Conley the newest jazz point guard while both teammate of the Year award and sportsmanship award during his acceptance speech he also gave a shout-out to his new home this is a truly a great honor accomplishment you know a lot of the stuff that you know I do on the court and off the court you know I don't really care if I get any kind of recognition for it but this is really cool especially with the guys that are all here and here today I like taking my family my wife my whole team they came in the day just just for this event so I really do appreciate it and you talk man I'm looking forward to it let's go do something special as we welcome in Mike Conley to SportsCenter Mike big night for you last night what does it mean to be recognized for more than just your encore play but by your teammates and opponents you know really it's just truly an honor I can't say it enough to be able to be basically voted in by your peers and competitors your teammates guys that you know you sweat and bleed with on the floor it means a lot you know because we're all great basketball players but to really get to see another side of people and see and people recognize that the person you know behind the jersey is really cool so just this trying to continue to build off of it and and continue hopefully I'll want another one and the years to come oh yeah you got you got a manifesto to the universe you will you'll see alright so you spent twelve seasons with the Grizzlies last week you were traded to the Jazz not that you've had some time to get settled and process everything how are you feeling about the move I'm feeling great I'm feeling confident it's almost like an injection into the arm and I'm really just excited to get out there and get things going be really anxious to get to work and had the opportunity to work out with Donovan Mitchell while I was down here in LA and really get to spend some time with some of the guys and got to spend time with Rudy last night the event so it's really cool to you know be a part of such a great unit a great tight-knit group of guys a very family atmosphere so I'm excited to get get out there and get things rolling now you mentioned that picture that your sister took on Instagram of you and Donovan Mitchell it cost Astor yesterday on social media our Zach Lowe even saying that you adding you've to Utah makes it a legitimate contender next season the team what are your expectations heading into the new season with the guys well I think it's just that you know we feel that we we will have a team that can that can't contend and I think that you know they were already a very very good team you know without me coming in there and I'm just trying to come in and to make that transition be a guy that can come in and and and you know with my leadership and all you know all the things in my experience that I've had throughout my 12 seasons can try to help this team you know reach that next level so I'm gonna do whatever it takes and I think that's what that's what's great about the situation we've got a bunch of guys who are willing to do whatever it takes to win and a great coaching staff behind that so very exciting now I know you're really good friends with marcus thoel has he giving you any tips on transitioning to a new team um you know he texts me as soon you know right when I got traded and asked me how I was feeling and you know I can told him everything like you know we're gonna miss Memphis and it's gonna be tough but you know I'm excited for opportunity and I told him that I'd see him in the championship and he said that's what I like to hear so I mean I'm excited to hopefully get that opportunity you're excited in Utah is excited thank you so much Mike for hanging out with us on sports and our good luck this coming season thank you very much it is one of the greatest events in the sport all year in the rain could not keep the folks in Brooklyn from filing in to Barclays fans hoping and that the Sun will shine on their franchise and disappointment will stay away draft 2019 let's go this rain has been around for a long time after light the world has to Shane anything like Mia yeah I'm up there and nobody she's coming a lot of people doubted me I have a lot to prove you got to work hard for everything that you get nothing's gonna be doing to you I want this my whole life work there's your journey has led them to this point and after tonight and they can finally say they've made it to the top of their craft making his leap to the M it means a lot to me if I work so hard to get to this point is everything I dreamed of as a little kid ought to be the first line in the last line I mean the world to me just have my name card I'm ready for it's the 2019 NBA Draft on NBA TV the top young stars in all the land waiting for the moment they've dreamt up since they were young boys now an opportunity to find out where they land what it means for franchises who will change through Draft and trade on what can be one of the crazier nights in recent or any memory with draft if you don't believe us already deals again not officially reportedly have transpired in just the last hour over the next five that's five everybody still ready we've got a lot coming here it's the NBA Draft 2019 – presented by State Farm here on NBA TV we will be commercial-free once the draft starts throughout the lottery and the we myself Smitty Eddie cats be wood and Tom pencil I'll start going the other way top what are you most looking forward to seeing play out here over the next few hours fireworks get ready fellas because it's the beginning of a crazy two weeks in the offseason never before have we had the East and the West so wide open so you're gonna see all sorts of dramatic movement of veteran players and we see all this moving around again ticks these it's gonna be hard to keep up but I feel like it's gonna set the table for two weeks of crazy transactions Brennan I just want to see where everybody's gonna go who has it who has the flyest suits everything else tonight I think it's gone I think it's gonna be great for all these young men to get drafted realize their dream but the biggest thing is just seeing all the action on draft night and they seen a reaction of the players in their families and the Tar Heels so this is the fifth time got three of them initially in the first round this is a fifth time since LeBron where we've known exactly who's going to be the number one pick I go back to Blake Griffin Derrick Rose and John Wall and Anthony Davis we knew they're gonna be doing well we know Zions gonna be this is the first time I can remember we know the top three done John Marant RJ Barrett but this draft starts at four and the players behind us a lot of anxious moments because it is anyone's guess where anyone is going from four on down forget what happened on first they may put on two three four hats tonight save those souvenirs it's be a lot of movement from four on down you know as a former player just like Brendan dreams are made right now is not just for the players the families and everybody involved and I'm with Tom pin I think this is gonna be so much movement so many trades everybody gets a chance to go for it right now because of the injuries of the Golden State Warriors the West is wide open and we know the East if Kauai leaves the East that's wide open as well so I think it'll be a lot of movies yeah he's speaking to quiet no laughing matter trying to figure out luckily we have enough colors to make the X's out there gonna be a lot of different hats one sideways forward and backwards for example for the number six bit which already we have seen move tonight there's a battle for pick number five again these are reported deals so July six the official nature but again we know that there is a timetable of waiting yet still in the current and Billa what Andy's point is it seems as if the Hawks have made a big play because they have moved eight and seventeen to get to four seemingly and reportedly and with people which speak to DeAndre hunter looks like he'll be the guy in four yeah and I'm happy for the Atlanta Hawks hot obviously played there and we live and work there you know it was on the draft lottery when they got eight and ten you feel bad for him now they get a chance to move up and I think the nucleus of the young core they have they get a chance to get a win guy in my opinion that can go with Trey young and John Collins is looking bright for the Hawks right now Eddie obviously you've followed and covered job be Lyons career we know what a great person he is was an interesting hire for a number of reasons in terms of how he fits in this millennial world for Cleveland moving forward what about where they sit at five now well it's interesting because I think what you're going to see what John Beilein is your influence you're gonna see his influence on the pic because he's gonna want a player that he knows he can put into the game and he doesn't have to worry about he loves teaching but at this level he's gonna want a player whose skillset transfer not someone who's very raw so someone like a hunter someone like a Jarrett Culver who knows he can count on them to defend his offensive game is only gonna grow who's gonna scream who's gonna you know past about all the fundamentals cuz he loves all that he wants ready-made players at that pit well listen you definitely want to get a ready-made player because that makes a coach's job easier especially Biman coming in his first year he wants guys that he can take away the thinking process this guy this knows how to go out there and play when you're a coach you don't want to have to think for the player you just want to coach him up put him in certain areas and let the player think for himself when you get a guy to have the high skill set of guy that has some gain some seasoning tools then it's a little bit easier for you as a coach so I think that's definitely somebody there's all the different level players that he wants and that's the angle that he's looking at this type of drug yeah but what I'm hearing you guys describe is sort of a sure thing or immediate help and you don't get that at the top of the draft you go for upside well you go for potential you go for stardom at five in Cleveland they're not gonna get their stars via free agency they're gonna have to peg somebody that they believe can be a star in the NBA what do you mean you think so Cleveland's not a free agent destination city maybe not ed to your point I agree with you and I think there's potential for a hunter or Culver or who knows if they win a point guard route with Garland or Kobe right to become a star I just think that further down in the draft where they have multiple Vic's even if they if they keep them that's where potentially they would go with a player who's got some questions whose raw especially a big like a Jackson Hays or a ball beau who's you know we don't know yet how good they're going to be now that's not who I see high up for Cleveland you know really the interesting thing is to to Thomas white going back to and I really look you get over hype things this you don't have to it may be as crazy a draft as we've seen from teams who don't have any picks that's where it gets kind of nutty because you got a lot of good teams time we're talking about this earlier today that don't have any picks we mentioned the Warriors Smitty and they've got a pick but what they've done to open up the West which is why we saw Utah yesterday making the move that they made again reported official nature July 6 but Mike Conley a huge ad to put him and help out Donna Mitchell and Rudy Gobert and now that wide open Western Conference everybody's in go-for-it mode I mean not everybody and the clubs like New Orleans are in rebuild mode so they're even competing all these rebuilding clubs Atlanta New Orleans go on down the list but on them in the Western Conference you see Utah bolster their lineup with a big time point guard who comes in and adds now they don't have to go and pay Rubio a whole host of money they get their guy who they considered at the trade deadline and that puts them right in the middle of the rest of this wouldn't you agree and I and I love this big because reason you have event like you say a time you don't have to get Rubio a lot of money and also let's look at the dynamics of the way down to the Mitchell plays yeah he's better with the ball in his hands and I think Mike Conley has learned to play off the basketball but he's a veteran that can get other guys shots and also on the defensive end he's not a liability I love this and now Mike Conley is a steady shooter be–would that I think it's a stable vet let's not under let's not forget we love these young guys in the draft but you want to win now you got to have some guys that been through it and have some experience but I was just going to say what I think is in this draft our players are gonna play off the Raptors I think we have some Fred vanvleet and Pascoe C Ockham's in this trap players who may not be stars but are going to help you win could that be it Carson Edwards could that be a Bruno Fernando who in two or three years we're going to be talking about if they're on the right team that are in the rotation coming off the bench and helping you win deep into the playoffs yeah and that's what the teams that are more established is gonna look for guys that can help them win right now teams that are higher up in a lottery they're gonna look 40 for the superstars they're gonna look for the gods they can get they can take them over the top and God they normally wouldn't get in Fred he's like Tom was talking about so I think both you guys make very good points I think that you said you will see some of these got like the guys at the PJ Washington's or maybe later on the drive we talked about somebody like a grant Williams some of these got they're tough they're ready they can help you win right now they might not have the upside of some of these younger guys but they can still help you win basketball games and especially become from a program of winning we think of we knew Jalen Brunson nobody was surprised here and we had Jay Wright on last year during the draft look what he didn't hear one you think about ty Jerome and by the way defense and I would have talked about it much in the NBA so maybe don't tell anyone a lot of bags who complained defense are in this strap in that category the thigh bowls of the world among others including Culver up near the top hunter and others so to begin a defense leading shot blocker North Carolina history right here you can tweet us along the way those are all of our I feel like you know catchy B&E cats were there like the Ohio State DMV Andy Ken what other Andy catwalk that takes some serious guts aim look and what is going on right now New Orleans they're getting ready to serve up and yeas to a man who would suit game and game on the court as well is about to change the course of the association the draft coverage continues


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