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Mike Bigga formerly Killer Mike Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey it’s Shira Lazar, we are backstage at the
Grammys brought to you by Turbo Tax . I’m right now with Killer Mike but he’s now known as Mike Bigga. I am. Hey. Which I like a bit better. It’s a bit nicer. Thank you. Because you’re a nice guy. I am. And you are also a nice guy who won a Grammy
with Outcast a few years back. I did. We won one for, best, what was it like group or You don’t even remember. Let me tell you what happened. We were coming through Anaheim, I got a call that said Mike you just won a Grammy. I was
like, stop playing and hung up. They call back; they’re like no we’re for real. You just won. Where are you
on your way to? I was like I’m on my way to LA. I got a show in Disneyland or somethin’ first. Then I got a call that said you can’t curse at Disneyland. I was like oh no show and
came to LA and just partied out. Oh no way, that’s cool. Yeah. I gave it
to my grandma because I didn’t graduate college to give her that so I gave it
to my grandma. It’s in her house now. That is so nice. Those are the stories that you like to hear. Thank you. Cause you’ve obviously worked so hard at this. Now where are you at? How have you
seen things evolve since the big Grammy? Well, I left the majors. I went back independent. I built up a strong following independently, met
a lot of cool people like Currency, Whiz Khalifa and stuff like that. Yeah. And hooked back up with TI and partnered my company Grind Time with Grand Hustle and now it’s back major. We’ll be back out April nineteenth “Pledge” drops. The first single is “Ready, Set, Go”, playin’ like crazy. It’s goin’ on radio. The second single is probably going to be me and
Young Jeezy , “Go Out On The Town” and I just want to thank everybody that didn’t abandon
me when I decided to go independent. It really was helpful to see people that say hey Mike your music inspired me to quit my job and start a business or leave the military and start a business and you got me through
medical school and stuff. It just made a lot of sense. I think independent is where a lot of people are going now. Yeah. You don’t need to be with the majors. If you have a
good idea, you have a good sound, you can make it happen. The rock band philosophy. Yeah. So what is
this new album going to sound like? This new album is, honestly it’s the first time I sat down and I said that I
am going to make hit after hit. Like I was always, I was considered like an Ice Cube of like the South. Almost like a very aggressive street politicized rapper and I still am but I’ve also grew up in the south
so I grew up in clubs with Crunk music and Lil Jon and so I really put
a lot of that in the music. Like literally, go out on the town when me
and Jeezy comes on. When it comes on this whole room will start thrashin’. So you’re ready for the hits. I’m ready
for the hits You’re a hit maker? Nine singles on this album and there’s only twelve songs on it. How do you make a hit? What’s the secret to a hit? In Atlanta you make a hit by going to
the studio, drinking lots of Cuervo, then having a ride to the club, jamming in the club all night, then going back to the studio at six in the morning, more Cuervo and makin’ a song. Sounds like a tireless process. Tiresome not tireless. Yeah it is tiresome. I never quite get tired of it. Hey, it’s all about that energy. I wish you all the best. I wanna say thank you. And I’m excited to
hear your new album and you know, Thank you. Dancing, dance out to it. These are my moves, like this. That’s what my little girl does. She’s twelve, she’s [laughter] That’s adorable. Well you’re a sweetheart. Thank you. Mike Bigga. Mike Bigga. There you go. Check it out, in stores, album on line. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you to every deduction and credit you deserve.

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