Microbiome Awards 2017

so the product developed over the course of a few months we submitted this proposal and we were very excited to get awarded the specification so the advances in sequencing technology now allow us to look at the gut microbes in terms of its impact on animal social behavior animals groom each other these animals that we study are always proving each other and we can now look at their gut microbes and how this might impact their social our research group collects different types of samples from these animals that are from this island in Puerto Rico we'll swap the skin we'll swap different parts of the oral facial biology we'll look at different aspects of the microbial communities in the swamps I think the most interesting part of this project is the way that it's so comprehensive we're looking at all different aspects of the biology of the animals over the long term and then also sampling these animals once a month and collecting blood once once a year to look at their serotonin levels as well as the microbial communities will become well I'm surprised pleasantly of course it was a great great piece of news to receive that day I thought about my team of young scientists now who develop this protocol and proposal and we're excited to get to work and continue with the microbiome city I've used Titan kids throughout my graduate career and has a postdoc they're easy to use they're ready to go it's quite simple to extract all of my samples utility extraction kids I'm most excited about having access to a kayak you for automated extractions we're looking forward to doing this at a higher throughput than we do now and it'll be a great tool to use in our lab so I recommend to all the young scientists out there be creative explore the potential of the microbiome field is a lot to do a lot to uncover and a lot to discover I wanna thank hyejin for this award is great privilege you

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