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Michelle Obama makes surprise appearance at the Grammy Awards

from the Motown Records I wore out on the Southside to the who run the world songs that fueled me through this last decade music has always helped me tell my story and I know that’s true for everybody here whether we like country or rap or rock music helps us share ourselves [Music]

  • Who she is?… The one put in diet teenagers? And she was still fat????? Please!!! Stop the bullshitt about the Obama's, they never were great! They actually damaged economy, exterior relations and divided raze ethics.

  • One of the dumbest women is Michelle Obama who knows not "what she is talking?" "Music, singing love songs, art, do not mix with politics. Calling her "the most powerful and influential women in the entertainment industry." is the biggest lies. Will someone, please tell in words, what part she has played in the entertainment business? I have seen for 8 years she spent watering her garden at the WH growing lettuce. What else?

  • You Haters don't have the Intelligence or Currency to 🏃 for Office.#🐔 👀 EAGLES

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