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Michael seeks comfort from Grace | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

Are you still up? Are you still up? How are you? How are you? Michael? Sorry. I don’t know why I called.
I know it’s late. I saw the news. How are you? There’s nothing wrong with
needing someone to talk to. You’re only human. You’re not a superhero. Sometimes, our problems
are too heavy to bear. You know, I spent the whole day assuring James, Papa, and Mikmik
that everything will be okay because I know they need it. I know they’re sad and worried. What about you? When I was growing up,
I fought constantly with Papa because all he thought
about was the company. I promised myself
I would never work there. But here I am now,
despairing over it. Maybe it’s because… …that company was
a huge part of your life. Isn’t that what people say? When you grow up, you start missing the kids
you used to hate because they helped form
who you are today. And I’m sure you made a lot
of friends in that company. Yes, but… If I had to pick the best
part of working there, it would be the fact
that I got closer to James, and even Papa. I remember how happy he was
when I agreed to work there. That was the last time
I really saw him happy. Your father will be happy again. And so will you. Everything will be okay. I guess it’s my turn
to hear that. James and Mikmik aren’t the only
ones who need to hear it. You need to hear it too. Thanks. What else? What do you mean? What else happened? Tell me all about it. It’s not every day
that you need a friend. Let’s make the most of it. Let’s see…
Why don’t I start with Mikmik? I’m so lucky to have
that kid…


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