Michael Jackson Wins Lifetime Achievement Award – AMA 1989

the sixteenth annual American Music Award now the American Music Award of achievement the inscription on this reads because this album bad is the first ever to generate five number one singles because it has been number is the number one bestseller and record-breaking 25 countries around the world and because there's been a largest international cell in each of the last two years the American Music Award of achievement is presented to Michael Jackson January 30th 1980 now [Applause] thank you very much Eddie Murphy first I like to thank cuz I like to thank Eddie pull it up like I was working for that's started to do it to other yes my wait what am i doing first I like to thank God who makes all things possible but to thank my mother and father Catherine and Joseph Jackson [Applause] what to think Berry Gordy who gave me my first professional start in show business and the epic family walter yetnikoff larry stents Oakland brennaman Frank DeLeo Quincy Jones and Bruce with the end I love you and the public thank you [Applause]


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