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remember covering Michael Jackson said this also been 10 years since he passed away what do you remember from that day huh you know I was kind of where it broke and it just was remember getting phone calls calling about sources and things and it just was a crazy time I don't think I slept for a couple of days it just really was something that shocked the world I went to UCLA Medical Center and there were hundreds of people there signs people were blasting his music people weeping on the streets I will never ever forget that and I know earlier today we heard some things right yeah Michaels estate actually sent us this statement ten years ago today the world lost a gifted artist and extraordinary humanitarian but of course we have to talk about the fans that aren't gonna be celebrating Michael's death and I got to be honest yesterday I borrowed a friend's car and I turned on the you know the an and Michael Jackson sort of blasting one of his songs and there are other people in the car and everybody got uncomfortable everybody felt uncomfortable and I just turned the channel and put something else on and I know other people feel that I mean yeah do you think is legacies tarnished forever I don't know I think it depends on who you're talking to um I think globally I don't know if it's tarnished more than it had been prior I'm not sure the new documentary further whatever had already the damage that had already been done and I think there are a lot of people who keep memories of his music associated with their lives so maybe they walk down the aisle to a Michael Jackson song maybe it was played at the wedding reception I think a lot of people have separate separate the two yeah interesting yeah well we also should mention that Wade Robson and James save Chuck the abuse claims they're in the HBO documentary leaving Neverland obviously would be a big reason why many people think that his legacy might be tainted Michael never though was convicted and his family insists he is yeah that's why I think a lot of people are arguing to another point because there was never a conviction so some people are saying listen we're letting him rest and we're going to enjoy the music and I think that's just an internal debate that you have to kind of have and figure on your own hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep your pop culture

  • We don't have to depend on his personal life we have to focus on the music his legacy he give as gift no body does pls keep this on u r mind

  • Ok Mr. Reporter, If I came out with some statements that you are child molester, does it make you one? You are so ridicilous. The man is PROVEN to be INNOCENT. How on Earth can you make innocent guilty? Guilable and ignorant sheeps like you led him to grave. Lots of hypocrite puppets in USA. Your media driven society is a BIG DISASTER. It’s a shame that a lot of little societies look up to yours. Shame on you all!!

  • RIP Michael Jackson. The greatest humanitarian and artist of all time. He was found and proven innocent. The so called doc has been debunked already. The accuser said he was abused in a place that does not even exist. Unless he is a time traveler. Michael Jackson is 100% innocent


  • Je ne vais pas parler du Michael Jackson, danseur novateur exceptionnel ni du Michael Jackson scénariste génial, du styliste avant-gardiste, mais de Michael Jackson l’auteur compositeur de génie.

    Michael considérait que sa voix était un cadeau de dieu qu’il devait répandre dans le monde entier avec des messages d’amour, de paix, d’amitié, de joie, mais aussi de tristesse, d’indignation, de colère dans sa lutte acharnée contre toutes les injustices qui gangrène l’humanité (racisme, exclusion, haine, extrême pauvreté—Exemple : we’ve had enough, they don’t really care about us,
    Man in the mirror, heal and we are the world etc)

    Michael Jackson considérait sa voix comme un instrument de musique qui devait non pas se superposer à une mélodie, mais ÊTRE la mélodie, dans bon nombre d’instrus, on devine sa voix en arrière-plan transformée en constituante mélodique, en bruitisme buccal, guttural ou en souffle court, long, volontairement posée de façon à créer le tempo, le rythme de la chanson.
    Ces signatures vocales faisaient de Michael Jackson le chanteur unique et reconnaissable aux premières notes.

    10 ans se sont écoulés mais sa musique fédératrice traversera les siècles.

    RIP 🙏🏽

  • I swear… Michael Jackson is dead people!! He made great music and left wonderful memories! Let the man rest people and move on! Stop complaining about what he may or may not have done during his life and just be grateful to see another day!

  • me being the 14 year old that i am, it is a tragedy that i no longer will consider a sad moment but a moment to remember mj for the person he was. he died when i was 4 and he had been my childhood idol for as long as i could remember, and being the 4 year old i was i didn’t understand what death meant. i didn’t get it until i was about 8 or 9 and i remember being very upset about it and i was like that for a while and at that point in my life i really understood that you need to treasure every moment you have with someone you truly care about because life is unpredictable and always bring out the unexpected… R.I.P Micheal Jackson 🖤

  • Honor him or clown him? I'm confused. The media turned the slander up really high just a few months ago. Now they're tryna balance it out. Truth of the matter is, don't nobody care no more. He's gone. He ain't touchin' nobody. He ain't botherin' nobody. Whether he did it or not, what difference is it gon make? Everybody got paid fair & square. Move on. The ultimate goal was the almighty dollar. Oh, I get it. Y'all are tryna destroy him for this younger generation. Well, good job.

  • My dream is to be the next Michael Jackson. Growing up well today I’m just a 10 year old girl but I was listening and dancing to his songs. R.i.p king of pop❤️🎵😭. It breaks my heart that he died. ❤️🕴🏻🎵😭

  • michael jackson is the one who made a lot of things that changed music he will love one even if he was hated miss you michael love lives forever

  • There's not one single news story I've seen all day that isn't positive about Michael Jackson. It's kinda sad.

  • If he had been an ordinary person, he would've spent most of his life in prison for molesting and raping kids, but he was famous, rich and one of the, if not THE most talented male performers ever, so he had all the chances to get away with his crimes.

  • mj is innocent forever and never will be what the haters think he was too shy to do that thing

  • 10 years ago the world lost a pedophile.

    That horrible POS (I can't even call him a "man") rots, while his victims heal and thrive and flourish, just as it should be.

    What Jackson did to child after child should outweigh ANY of his achievements. He admitted to sleeping alone in bed with little boys. And save it, pedo stans. I believe the word of survivors. I've heard all of your tired BS arguments. The man was guilty. He died a pathetic junkie. My only regret is that he didn't serve time like he should have.

    Good effing riddance.

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