Michael Horton – Lifetime Achievement Award

tonight we're going to do a show-and-tell it's going to be all about me whoo a couple weeks ago at nab I was privileged and honored to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award it was it was a very special evening for me it was a very emotional evening for me and after 18 years of doing this it was again it was very very special but it was made even more special by the fact that there was a tribute video played that night and it was done by my son Trevor nice and for a for a father it's that sense of you you can't get any better than that and the reason I want to show this tonight is not only to showcase my son's work but it's to showcase what this whole community usergroup thing is all about I know a lot of you are here for the first time and you kind of wonder what is this all about it well it is all about what you're gonna see here in a couple of minutes it's all about networking it's all about saying hello to each other it's all about taking the opportunity to say hi my name is and that's what you're going to see right now hi my name is Michael Horton and on the head of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro user group or as we affectionately like to call it laughs e pug what we do it for this portion of the meeting for the next 30 minutes is trying to solve your problems with Final Cut Pro you can see the image is already looking better that's real-time you can create any kind of effect you want and I think this is going to be the future of film editing please welcome Walter Murch I'm so nervous and this is the third anniversary of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro so without further ado let's see what's in three Final Cut Pro 4 we have a new East Coasters in the house calgary fan club pro uses group UK final count years ago no each team final cup user group the San Diego final cut user group so all the way from Hong Kong [Applause] the community that's surrounding the Final Cut Pro climate Studios is a tremendous community and we really like hanging out with these people hello everybody welcome to the first annual FCP ug super me this is all about community this is all about networking this is all about learning turn around and shake the hands of a stranger that you do not know and say hello this is our favorite super beam of the year my name is Mike Horton I'm from Los Angeles and Thank You Boston for giving me this way the two movies are not just about what is up here on stage or what is down below it is about human connection it is about coming together and meeting someone who can change your life that does not mean that we are going to give up Final Cut Pro and helping you learn Final Cut Pro it means that we are going to move more towards the creative aspect of editing beginning with tonight [Applause] we want to move into your imagination we want to move into your creativity we want to move into inspiration ladies and gentlemen please give a warm welcome to Arthur Schmidt this is the most important thing that you can do is to show up at these kinds of events and meet and greet and say hi my name is we cannot and we should not define ourselves by what tools we use the only way that we should define ourselves is what we do with the tools okay thank you and Thank You Trevor Horton for doing that okay like that says this is the most important part of the show the speeds go out talk to each other drink some bad wine get some food dollar beer go upstairs eat some food get some free cookies talk to Carl talk to each other be back in about 25 minutes

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