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Messi wins FIFA Best Player award… and deserved it. | Catalan Soccer

Hi Everyone, Catalan Ben here from and its just been announced in the last few hours
that Lionel Messi is taking home the award for the best player of the 2018
and 19 season. now as usual Cristiano Ronaldo was in competition with Messi
for this award as well as Virgil Van Djik who played some huge performances for
Liverpool not just in the Premier League but in the Champions League as well
which obviously saw him go lift the trophy for the Reds. So why did Messi win
the award now what we want to get into in this video is why we think not only
messi did win it but why we think he deserved to win it too Now to compare
the stats between Messi and Ronaldo we are going to look at their domestic
seasons and then their European seasons now for this comparison we’re going to
exclude Virgil Van Djik for now just because having been a defensive player
and the very incomparable stats that they produce so clearances and headers
and those kind of things that van Dijk would definitely excel in Messi and
Ronaldo can’t compete with and vice-versa for goals scored, assists
etcetera now in terms of contribution for their sides Messi scored 36 goals
during the 2018-19 season as well as contributing 13 assists that gives 49
direct influences that Messi had in goals now don’t get me wrong
Ronaldo didn’t have a bad season but with 21 goals scored and eight assists
that gives him a pretty poor return in comparison to Messi now if you look at
monkey match performance ‘as Ronaldo managed 10 for Juventus, so that’s
nearly a quarter of the games that he played in giving him among the match
performance where it was Messi Managed 17 that’s over a third of his performances
for his side managed to to give him a man of the match performance who which
is where we got our stats from gave Ronaldo a seven point six eight out of
10 for his overall season while Messi’s average rating was eight point six eight
almost nine out of ten across a 38 game season that is an incredible performance
from Messi.Now when we look at creativity key passes is a really
important stats that many people take into consideration when playing in the
final third now Ronaldo averaged 1.5 key passes per
game which is a pretty good rate to be doing at least one in every single game
creating chances and putting chances in front of your teammates that’s a pretty
good performance now bear in mind that Messi
averaged 2.7 per game Now what that gives you is almost double
the key passes into creative areas in the final third the most crowded area of
the pitch the most difficult place to play the successful passes and to create
chances and Messi almost doubled Ronaldo’s Stats. Now look at the Champions League
now in the Champions League Messi contributed 12 girls to Barcelona’s 26
Champions League goals this season that’s 46 percent of his club’s goals
were contributed by Messi alone now Ronaldo did contribute quite a few goals
himself but only managed to actually to contribute 43% which was six goals so
whilst the comparison for percentage looks quite similar Ronaldo only
managed six goals, half of what Messi managed in the Champions League. Now Messi’s average rating in the Champions League across all the games that he
played was eight point eight out of ten now most players let’s be honest won’t
be happy with one 8.8 performance across a full season nevermind the
Champions League one of the toughest competitions in world football and never
mind averaging eight point eight out of ten across the full season of games in
the Champions League that really is an incredible season from Messi. Now with
153 chances created 217 dribbles completed all the goals and the assists
and European Golden Shoe winner and Champions League top scorer and La Liga
winner and the Spanish Supercup winner if you put those stats on anybody else’s season across Europe there would be no doubt about it they would be winning
the Player of the Year yet because Messi has been so great for so long I really
feel like this actually reduces his chances of winning something rather
increases it so because we’ve been so used to the consistency and the
greatness of Messi those incredible stats and that incredible season almost
feels like it’s not quite enough to win a Ballon d’Or or to win the best player
of the Year award now like I said you could put any other player in his shoes
and give him the stats those games that incredible achievement and I don’t think
to be any doubt there’d be no discussion that guy would be Player of the Year so
why not Messi? Now the comparison with Virgil Van Djik is very different
because he’s a defensive player because of the different areas of the
that they play in but let’s be honest Virgil Van Djik has an incredible season
not only did he contribute massively to the performances at Liverpool and to
make sure the really challenging Man City for the Premier League title, he also
was a huge part of their win in the Champions League something that the Reds
fans have been dying for for a long long time since 2005 now Virgil Van Djik I do
feel like because of the impact he’s made him because he’s a new face on the
scene that hasn’t been in contention for these kind of awards like Ronaldo and
Messi for such a long time I feel like Van Djik was very much thrust into the
forefront to make sure that he was nominated for these kind of awards and I
think it’s fantastic to see defensive players rewarded for the same kind of
stats and the same kind of amazing performances that the attacking players
put in often those defensive players and goalkeepers are overlooked now some
people say that if you win the Champions League and if you’re winning those big
trophies then obviously you should be considered for the big awards now I
think one thing that goes against Virgil Van Djik is that Man City managed to win
the Premier League so whilst Virgil Won Champions League the number of
games required to win the Champions League is a lot fewer than winning your
domestic trophies so for Ronaldo at Juventus and for Messi
a barca both of those players managed to win the marathon of their season rather than
that sprint of the Champions League where it’s knockout football and
obviously a lot of luck a lot of refereeing decisions things like that
can really make a difference to whether you win the trophy or not let’s be
honest by the end of a 38 game season there’s a lot less luck involved and
usually the best teams come out on top so I think that went against Van Djik
and if he had of won the domestic title I don’t think that’d have been much
doubt they’d have probably given him the Player of the Year award where as
because Messi and Ronaldo both won their domestic leagues
I think that’s gone against Van Djik and whilst the Champions League trophy is a
huge win it wasn’t quite enough to get him the award this time . I don’t doubt
for the next couple of years van Djik he’s probably going to be up there again
he’s an incredible player and he’s proven that it’s not a one-off it’s not
a fluke he’s not just one good season so I’m
really excited to see where van Dijk goes in the next couple of years and I’m
excited to see who takes over from Messi or Ronaldo unfortunately they’re not
going to last forever and let’s be honest in the next three or four years
what but at least one if not both of them to
fall out of contention in this top three of the best players in
the world so who’s gonna replace them who do you reckon who could it be
is Neymar good enough? does he still have that potential? would it be someone
younger like Mbappe? it could be anyone
let’s find out why don’t you hit us up in the comments and let us know who you
think could win the Balon ‘dOr in the next three or four years do you think
he’s still gonna be Messi? maybe Ronaldo or maybe someone New? thanks a lot for
watching guys we hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe to our
Channel and I’ll see you again soon.

  • Messi should of won it but you failed to mention how Ronaldo took Portugal to win the Nations league whilst Messi failed to win a trophy with his country again.Apart from that great video and Messi deserves it 100%

  • I'd love to see a comparison stat on important goals or goals against top teams. For me it should of been Vergil but awards don't favour defenders.

  • Messi is an exceptionally gifted player n he had a great season individually but I don't think he deserves it,which explains why most football loving people are trying to justify why he deserves it,not bcoz he didn't have a great season. This award and d 2014 which I think iniesta deserves were the two awards I can raise my hand n say Messi didn't deserve.

  • Football is always about goals… you can be as defensive as you can but that will just keep creating 0-0 results and will make the game boring. Anyone scoring 50 goals+ in a season keeps the sport interesting to watch. One can appreciate the odd games where the defence was so good that no goals were scored but I am afraid that if there are no goals in a game or if we do not appreciate/recognize those who have consistently scored 50+ goals for past 10 years then that is just bad for the overall sport. One just needs to remember what makes the sport interesting and that is goals. Just like in cricket – if batsmen don't score 4s or 6s in a match but just keep taking singles then the game will become boring over time. Virgil Van Djik may be the best defence player for 2018/19 but when it comes to best player of the world then only those players should be recognized who make the sport always interesting to watch and who have kept the sport alive for the past 10 years with their consistent performance.

  • If the argument for Messi winning are the statistics, last year with Modric was what???
    Ronaldo won trophies with Juventus and with Portugal, Messi only with Barcelona…
    What a joke, FIFA is a disgrace…

  • If you like Messi , Messi deserves it
    If you like penaldo, penaldo deserves it
    Nobody likes Van Dijk he doesn't deserves it, simple 🤣😂


  • CR7 is the best Messi is an amazing dribbler but CR7 is more than it he can do everything in futbol because CR7 is not afraid to say I'm good and he is people don't like it and because do way Messi speak people think he is cool blablabla cristiano is so transparent is a shame people can't see it xxx

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