Merge Dragons Royal Egg Bank • 6 Trophy Dragon Eggs & A Pegasus Egg Nest • Merging Jeweled Eggs ☆☆☆

hey what's up this is toasty gamer boutique where you're playing merge Dragons and this is the Royal egg Bank the second time here I've got three of these sensei dragon eggs two of the foxy dragon eggs and one ice dragon egg and I'm gonna go for it so this we've seen it a couple times it's a hundred and fifty gems too by the Royal egg Bank let's do this awesome and here I'm gonna zoom in and tap this we're gonna get those eggs and we have a secret item as well let's top the secret item and see what we get and what is it okay here's a nest oh and nest of Pegasus dragon eggs not too bad and here we got for Pegasus dragon eggs not as good is the times before when I got those a level one trophy dragon whelps so that's okay and here's a new thing about the Royal these drooled eggs if you click on this arrow here you can see that you have the jeweled egg and the jeweled decision egg the green one that you can either tap it to collect it into your raw egg bank and then see what it is or you can merge these drilled eggs to get the jewel decision egg and that one you can tap it and make the choice about which egg you put into your royal egg bank sometimes we get them from the Drule eggs but it's not guaranteed so here I have two of these jeweled eggs here let's check this out I don't have enough to merge them so I'll save that for just a sec here I have a daily chest okay so no items there and I'm still waiting for my next daily my daily chest which should be in 14 hours and 12 minutes so I'm just going to collect these jeweled eggs let's see what we get and if ever your Royal egg Bank is full don't tap on those eggs because it'll be a wasted unfortunately so make sure to save those precious Li here we're gonna tap and like I mentioned we have a chance of getting the jewel decision egg in this one you can actually choose what egg you're gonna get so here okay I'm not sure which one I want there's skeleton basket and sensei dragon I've got three cents a dragon eggs right here so that's definitely interesting but I think I have four basket eggs um there's two there in two whoops okay didn't mean to open that dragon egg NORs so I've got four of the basket dragon eggs I definitely want to get a fifth one but I'm scared if I choose that from the beginning I'll mostly get basket dragon eggs and I'd rather get more of the sensei or the foxy dragons here just gonna trash that and let's go ahead just collect this jeweled egg here and that just gave us the spell um corn cool and I'm gonna go back to the Royal egg Bank let's tap this jeweled egg here sweet and we didn't have to merge it we still managed to get those drilled decision eggs and here same it's the same question skeleton basket or sensei let's see I'm gonna go for the first one hmm I think I'm gonna tap sensei yep I'm going for it so here we've got the first is a sense a dragon egg and now I've gone back to make another choice and the eggs have reset and I'm really glad I chose that sensei dragon egg because it might have disappeared here that basket dragon egg it's gone so here I'm gonna choose that sense a dragon egg and that'll complete the three that I got from the previous Royal egg Bank sweet and then I'll have a five merge with those three beautiful here unfortunately there's no merges we can make just yet but I'm gonna save these eggs up preciously for some five merges there I have a wise dragon egg not the same as the Pegasus eggs and the Pegasus eggs you can always get those from some mystery eggs as well if ever you're looking for those videos just type in Tosa gamer boutique Pegasus eggs or mystery mystery eggs and you can find those videos also check out toasty boutique calm that's my website and there's a bunch of information there about the game the Royal egg Bank and a bunch of other things I've been working on a beginner guide so I even have I've completed the Royal egg Bank in my other on my other account that I have for the beginner account so you can see a bunch of different various versions of this Royal egg Bank cool here we're gonna merge those knights stone bricks let's see what we can do I've got a bunch of dragon eggs I want to get a green dragon egg and I think I'm gonna get to toadstool dragon eggs let's complete this here yeah there might be a merge five event coming up this weekend so not too sure if we're gonna have a merge five event but it's possible so far they've been every other weekend after those camp events so there's high chances that we could be seeing one of those and I've started preparing I've got a couple items on the side and here I only had enough coins to get a green dragon egg that's cool gonna merge those get two of these green dragon wells and let's see here did it man managed to get that nest of al'lat Griffin's in the last event but I did get the rewards excuse me the rewards that you need with the twenty nine thousand nine hundred joints but I didn't complete all 10 quests so didn't get them all that's okay though still I'm so happy just have gotten the first rewards yes so here we can merge these green dragon wells sweet and that's about it for now so in preparation if ever there's a merge 5 event this weekend I'm preparing now I'm gonna be moving this weekend so it's gonna be a little chaotic but no worries you know just gonna go with the way the wind blows and here we've got a couple merges I'm gonna bubble up some dragon eggs if ever you want to know how to bubble dragon eggs just look for my video I've got one specifically showing how to bubble dragon eggs and so that's gonna make some space I might have a live stream sometime this week where I give a couple more tips for this possible upcoming merge 5 event here I got some items there earlier we got some of these those super egg fragments I'm waiting to have more of those before I start opening the bubbles and also here we've got these delicious foods I was saving those 5 those come from the swimming pool which we got from the pets event recently and I always keep my trophies tap them occasionally see if I get any rewards and there we just got a sea coral awesome and in the event that we just had the midsummer event we got the camp ice cream store which gives you these flashy cameras so super cool so happy to have gotten that trophy and I'm really close to getting another purple star so getting closer to that here I'm gonna merge these 5 delicious foods oh yeah and here we've got this level 2 amazing food hopefully we can get a dragon egg here we go oh not quite but close so one time I got a cat dragon egg from opening that level to delicious food and we'll just have to stay tuned for more i'll keep collecting these objects here from all these different trophies I've also got a couple points of these a the pile of event points that we got from the last merge 5 event so it's taken a little bit of space but I'm going to clear that once we get our next merge 5 event if ever on the chance there isn't a merge 5 event we're gonna make an event of our own so I hope you have an a beautiful week so far and you're enjoying this video if you have any questions feel free to feel free to ask about the Royal egg bank or check out the website for anything there's a search bar so just look for whatever you're looking for in the search bar if the article isn't there it's because I haven't written it so just let me leave me a little message and I'll create that article to answer those questions sweet thanks so much for watching this is toasty gamer boutique and I'll see you soon there's a lot of merges on the horizon maybe a Kayla's daily train and I really want to get that he'll wonder as well is the dragon tree wonder but this week I've also got another video that I'd like to get which is the dragon homes we saw a little bit of the dragon homes in the past couple weeks and I really want to get the level 8 dragon right now I'm at the level 6 grand dragon home and we're gonna be working on that even more so the dragon home air-quote hack video will be coming out in not too long make sure to stay tuned for that I might work a little bit on my fruit trees as well for the merge 5 event and I'm gonna save up some coins as well as some stone so that I can get the maximum a maximum of stuff during the merge 5 event but I'm gonna have a live stream to go more into details later on thanks again for watching this is Tosa gamer boutique teeth


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