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cow belly skips a word in the meme you want to do that leave a funny comment using meme awards and feature me to be featured make sure you're subscribed see you tomorrow December 31st 2020 see ya tomorrow boss later guys progress humanity religion after a woman was taken to the hospital with a fabulous idea low blood sugar two paramedics stayed behind to prepare dinner for the five kids who were still in the house afterwards they also did the dishes respect everyone like that [Applause] name a more iconic trio are wait penis these companies test on animals say hi to Ted people don't say hi to Ted on a wall they pull their dogs out of the way Ted is a good boy Ted deserves some lovin when the principal asks if you were sneezing on the anti-vaccine to increase your KD perhaps Elon Musk Steve Irwin Keanu Reeves Bob Ross Stanley view legends camel balls liquid-filled couple find the giant huntsman spider eating a possum in their road thomas the thermonuclear bomb mule a ID fake that creates nude images of women in seconds oh my god that's disgusting an app that undresses any woman where could you even get this me my friend with one you know card left drawer for being happy is like pissing your pants everyone can see it but you're the only one that can feel the war being happy is like forcing your pants I haven't experienced it since I was 8 only real ones remember these press Center a target and release anger we need communism bargaining capitalism doesn't give you equal opportunity depression a change of heart acceptance communism hasn't worked human daily caloric requirement is 1,500 to 2,500 depending on the person one gallon of gasoline contains enough calories to satisfy that requirement for twelve thousand four hundred to twenty thousand six hundred days or about thirty four to fifty six point five yes therefore if I chuck a gallon of gasoline I won't need to eat for the rest of my life I'm an advanced finca premier in here you provide condoms in your hotel rooms afraid not Berlin we do have tea and coffee though crispy yeah hold on I'll just fucking wrap my cock in a mug of hot roasting coffee great idea do you know what to do if you're bitten by tarantula hawk lhasa via wat i can go to phonetic but i can go to the end amateurs what was that amateurs how to pick up a blue chair off the ground does this work for other colors too Holly discipline Michael Scott Paper Company holy shit mom guess who I ran into he says he's a rapper too long check your snapchat hello Briana my English teacher says we shouldn't prefer to offers by their first names because they aren't our friends will you confirm our friendship and let me call you Neil on my American gods book report absolutely friendship 100 what the fuck is up big Lyla what the fuck is it like a New York City here you have the opportunity to earn some extra credit on your final paper grade select whether you want two points or six points added on to your final paper grade but there's a small catch if more than 10% of the class selects six points then no one gets any points your responses will be anonymous to the rest of the class only I will see the responses that's some jigsaw from the Saw movies shit right there stop attacking Netflix they're probably just as upset it's NBC taking the show off if the turtle loses its shell is it makers or homeless Sansa Stark guys always want to see some girl-on-girl how would you feel if we asked you to bang your dicks together I haven't had a proper sword fight in years earlier Air Force planes formed 69 to mark 69th PAF anniversary nice nice nice who would win shaggy at 100% power this guy I can balance my body on my phone and spend like a baby no one can defeat me in Super Smash Brothers Kirby has the ability to inhale his opponents I work at a summer camp and just heard a seven-year-old kid playing the game screen I'm gonna suck you off can anyone tell me how to find the derivative of its equation f of X equals 12 times x squared 7 X 9 to find the derivative take the exponent and multiply it by the 12 leading you with 24x then remove the X from 7ex leaving you with seven seven will be the y-intercept if you graph the derivative therefore the derivative is dy/dx equals 24×7 got what are they doing down there angel they are making milk from almonds got what I gave them like eight animals to get milk from angel they don't like that milk got mockingly they don't like that milk lipstick I failed a student for their midterm grade and they just sent me an email that just says bra bed us my grade rough respectfully and we appreciate the respectfully though octopus gun in each hand cap your one short buddy if you censor anything in a post you are legally required to put all of the emitted vowels at the end of the footnote EEO okay then if you're sure about this Old MacDonald had a farm eieio I'm going to shatter you like glass when you throw transition words like in addition and henceforth in your essay to me $0 you guys always act like you're better than man keeps a time when you realize this is the same person I just want someone to take me out like on a date or with a sniper gun surprise me this is still the biggest mood tbh who is the high motherfucker that invented Oreo flavored Oreos using the Drake format that everyone understands using a format that requires a veteran fast to understand eating a clock is very time-consuming name a more iconic trio are wait will you press the button you get a girlfriend but she's a fucking wait wait that's beyond an absolute whip 25 degrees Celsius it's like a sauna in here 45 degrees Celsius 50 degrees Celsius if anyone ever asks you what would Jesus do remind them that flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibilities me listening to songs about torture dismemberment and the decimation of the human population while I Drive to the pharmacy to pick up my aspirin hailer resisting the urge to say sorry after someone says stop saying sorry me coming up on the thrilling conclusion to my dream storyline my alarm I'm Frankenstein's monster you don't seem like a monster I use emojis in my post tie cause I'm sorry skydoesminecraft Obama what are you doing the weak should fear the strong when you turn 13 you learned a new emotion sadness everyone doesn't care about janitors Keanu Reeves I have been working as a janitor for the past seven years wiping the floor every day and breaking my back to feed my family until I met Keanu Reeves five days ago at the restaurant where I work in st. Louis and now I'm a shop owner thanks to you how I'm really doing how I tell people I'm doing done here is the soulstone did you get it yup I'm our joke to you noob master 69 I tip my hat to you one legend to another the legend 27 when you haven't seen a Top Gear meme in three months sent me and the boys has finally died gentlemen the time has come churn a Bell technician that's weird sure a bell technician five seconds later names bond James Bond and you are berry strawberry Hitler was actually delighted with the news of Pearl Harbor and not mad every guy's weakness me when I'm hammered lee yubi driver brings me the face he's supposed to bring me you didn't you crazy son of a bitch you did it you tow man is stuck by lightning while masturbating to Bible Christ is watching in this house we slap our mouths did you mean in this house we slap your nuts is Google threatening me during sex me me then your obsession with books doesn't make you quirky or intelligent you just seek fiction as escapism from your own life me ways then you root for character development and relationships and stories because you're unable to cultivate your own what gives people feelings of power money status winning Mario Kart nobody germans are second they turn 16 hey pop tarts us pop-tarts calzones pop-tarts hi Kevin can you maybe consider finding a hobby or possibly even a friend if gay means happy then err I'm straight there's no reason you can't eat pie at every meal they make fruit pies vegetable pies meat pies meat substitute pies I mean pies easily cover 100 percent of your necessary nutrients they even make cake pies the only reason not to switch over to pie entirely is pipe sucks you are so close to a revolutionary thesis and then you betrayed me and every citizen of good standing teach a man to fish and he'll turn around and try to teach you to fish lightly invented it sander an idiot me a famous active Dwayne Johnson why did they call you the rock Dwayne runs full speed as a pond and skips like 15 times me oh my I'm J station I'm J station without click bait or capitalizing on people's deaths the track is heading towards B if you pull the lever it will switch to a but it won't do the totally sick loop-de-loop Chile's grill and bar if you smoke crack in our bathrooms you will be arrested this isn't Applebee's I'd sell my ps4 to have her for just one night make sure to play blood-borne first my brain exists depression and anxiety nice place number he should be six foot class six-pack six-figure salary able to manipulate element time travel and read minds hello let my people go freedom machine broke understandable have a nice play sometimes when my girl makes me mad I upload pictures with her forehead editor to be slightly bigger those were the glory days world peace war because of a soccer game Guatemala and El Salvador person I just met they named me that falls asleep on the recliner me I wonder what he's dreaming about his dream Bernie Sanders is about to become a twitch speed meter myself every damn day why are you like this I'm gonna snooze you have worked cargo Renault again employees must stop crying before returning to work no promises boss why are the pigeons so green chlorophyll what if we used 100% of the dead guy to fishermen use their dead friends nationís fishing bass and caught the world's biggest car we say GG ezlaw after missing all my shots and getting downed my friend who won the fight nobody The History Channel after midnight you can comment only one word these are sea mission quiz Asian American ships I think the place ran out of ammo guys don't worry Japanese pilots check this out my mum that one test I failed all the other tests I passed Russia in Russian history books Russia in every other history book my younger brother telling my mom that I hit him my mom who just wants to watch her favorite soap opera me explaining that it was an accident ah retarded cat who just took a shit on the sofa 69 see me after class we did it boys my virginity is no more why do crocodiles walk so gaily they walk like they got their nails done or something make love not war Captain America camp watching a new TV show watching the office again me chat cars email I cannot si of 3,000 words henceforth I'm unable to camp every naked person I see turns me on Shark Tale roleplay please beware you shark tail too when you spell a word wrong so many times it also corrects to the wrong spelling useless fucking pieces of shoes can you double infinity infinity two unbreaking 3 it's a sushi kinda night are yes the Salmonella roll I like cutter 41 roblox 42 fortnight you tonight you crazy son of a bitch you did it six-year-old me telling my friends what girl peepees are called China I can't wait to be an adult later I can't wait to be dead when Sweden is playing Denmark it is sweater the remaining letters not used are Denmark 1969 I bet in 50 years we'll have a colony on Mars and flying cars 2019 cheese printer did you go to the liquid zoo where you can walk inside you mean aquarium yes it's a fucking aquarium not a liquid zoo intelligence 100 Italian Navy therapists will you consider yourself a negative person me Germany Italy and Japan during ww2 we are a team that cannot be beat when your honor rating a game of tennis whack-whack whack-whack Hitler after seeing a colored person beat his Aryans and the Olympics that's a twist when you see your dad playing fortnight and realize that makes him a virgin woman who married a 300 year old pirate ghost reveals they're splitting up love is fake when you single-handedly bring down the class average 13% if I was a lifeguard would you let me save you pretty sure I'd let any lifeguard save me Sir Walter Allah hey guys they found this cool new crop called a potato in the new world's island in 1589 delicious finally some good fucking food just got 10 iPhone charges for $20 this accessory may not be supported I disagree with the ads around this video your penis size is fine Oz's 12 year olds don't do that don't give me home baby coughs Spartan then you shall die if God created the Sun on the fourth day how have the four days passed Vatican don't fucking move don't look at my belly I repeat don't look at my belly I looked at his belly if you drop soaked on the floor is the floor clean or the soap dirty my mental health do not touch I sent her a picture she said nice ass but that's my stomach sweet new bath-bot you have been visited by the smart studying dog oh you will be blessed with good grades only a few subscribe to commenter woods and like the video on top food chain one stock new games snap blue hey nice one – check – babe


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