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Impractical Jokers Murr BOMs nicest stronghold minecraft Java edition I prefer the wheel launcher I said the real launcher perfection this person sold their VHS player on eBay em got a surprise letter in the mail hi I found many old VHS tapes recently and wanted to see what is on demand realized I had no player so I went to ebay for the first time and discovered your offer I bought your VHS and you shipped it within a few days the VHS looks new and unused amazing I had some issues getting it going which were mine and not the player I'm 86 and perhaps not up to my game but I do get there eventually and I did and discovered the VHS works perfectly thank you so much for your care your efforts and your promptness i watch tapes of my retirement party from 25 years ago which i have never seen before geez were we young then a tape of my wedding with all the family and friends many of which are no longer around then skiing trips kids growing up travels and most importantly the gentlemen of my family each one more fun than the last all thanks to your generous selling of the VHS player I thought you would appreciate how much someone has enjoyed your offer minecraft server admins when they see someone wrote fricking chat summer camps are requiring children get vaccinated amid measles fears did they offer camps for kids that are not vaccinated yeah they are told cemeteries speech 100 Avengers and game child actress who played Tony Stark's daughter is encountering bullying you have provoked a gang war the owner of our Elm passed away this weekend so everyone on the realm decided to make a memorial for her rest in peace Carrie it is time to go was a good game kill list wait I got the wrong guy sorry wrong game a German soldier shot dead by a French sniper after poking his head out of his trench 1970 me and the boys about to find the four weapons of Spinjitzu and defeat garden I hate that September October November and December on the 7th 8th 9th and 10th months whoever fucked this up should be stopped if I recall they did use to be the corresponding months it was just when Roman leaders Julius Caesar and august's came into power the month July Julius and August August as' were added thus throwing off the numbering of the calendar good news though whoever fucked it up did in fact get stabbed they bout to have a 1.5 Sun so I found the star today however stars don't actually look like this they look like you you are my style is too a lot depends on the context boobs no dicks yes everybody gangster until the fitted sheet comes loose when you wanna hang out with your friends but you also want to sleep is to a lot depends on the context paintings no yes Bobby wait don't do this loss oh she's a Barbie doll Ken there's a hundred million just like her not to me there's not Kem's got game you guys always act like you're better than me living in Western Europe versus living in Eastern Europe I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the room Barbara yes dick step aside please I need to kiss the mirror they are not loot boxes their surprise mechanics it's not cancer it's surprise cell growth US government birds radio US citizens truly we have transcended languages of species US Virgin Islands rain rain go away come again another day rain your government is lying to you you are little more than slaves wake up you idiotic human bastards beautiful mystery crying over a girl map pick your head up bro your snapback is falling don't be fooled by appearances these two women are skilled thieves they asked for a ride in your car and while the blonde has sex with you the brunette steals your wallet trust me they robbed me six times so far a man dressed as spider-man is on a robbery spree in New York City people who understand this mean without the other boxes yes me and the boys in creative mode a random cow when someone uses km/h and not fruit by the force Indiana construction worker Jason Hanny hit a giant Where's Waldo cut out all over his web site for the children and a nearby hospital to find once he received word that they'd found him he moved Waldo to a new location so they could start looking for him again because that's what heroes do when you have three hours of unsaved progress on a game and it crashes anyways I'm gonna go cry in the bathroom peace out homies your pointless I hit your child with a car oh shit here comes the Sun imagine training like the military for ten years just for this to happen Tentacruel seems interested in your mom I don't like where this is going when you don't know all the lyrics to a song so you just mumble nonsense ice ice pastry your lamed ready to have this conversation left my slide in the window for two months and it shrunk third grade me when the teacher said I had a sixth grade reading level calm down ladies there's only one of me going to high school in Texas I really didn't want to make this starter pack but here we are Texas forever Bible verses an Instagram bio there is a legion of which white kids whose parents drive Range Rovers cowboy boots are dress shoes SCAP hey it's 11:00 p.m. wanna go get honey butter chicken biscuits from water boulogne is just hot dogs for people who like pancakes three rules no wishing for death no falling in love no bringing back dead people I wish the grass lift your feet when you walked on it there are four rules avatar you can't defeat me and game I know but he can and game mom when she breaks something mum when that breaks something mum when I break something me my little brother wanting to play games with me disconnected control 50 years from now when someone around me starts talking about memes you know I was God once three bulls no wishing for death no falling in love no bringing back dead people I wish sloths were fast and charge to random people there are four rules Elon Musk guys I fixed Australia Dinnerbone minecraft Hitler edition we did it we time-traveled but – what year let me ask that guy over there what are you doing protecting the holy line we are in 1527 can someone please be proud of me like fuck I'm trying a new AI tool from Adobe can detect photoshopped faces Instagram thoughts yellow tree dicks what the cinnamon toast fuck is this me mean that made me exhale audibly through my nose up boat I'm punk so I must rebel imation so I must like mass I dye my hair crazy colors so I must be looking for attention I'm microwave so I must what the first minecraft pcs tidal-wave the wall in front of my sandcastle me thinking it will protect it who has the most on site rivalry Tom and Jerry didn't say a word for 70 years or action me greeting the three brain cells that I brought to my exam thank you all for coming how to get a boyfriend one come to our shop buy a cake to give it to your crush tell him if the cake is tasty we should be together three cakes from our shop are delicious so you will succeed if he turns you down please come again we will give you a cup of hot coffee for free so you can splash it on his face how to get a boyfriend level Asian telekinesis telekinesis a kind of humor Iron Man to me pretends to throw tennis ball my dogs we've been tricked we've been backstabbed and we've being quite possibly bamboozled when you leave a Chinese restaurant but forget Scooby at the very top of my list of people who deserve better can you pull the manager bleached hair entitled a bitch Andi VAX flat earther fucking Karen my mom you're a handsome young man why don't you have a girlfriend me man stumbles down rabbit hole and find 700 year old Templar cave interesting those that have attacked the Emperor have never succeeded United States with that in mind advanced weapons such as the HEC wearing cock school shooting happens the government video games chair the most retarded thing you've ever done I'll go first be me 23 days ago driving drunk as fuck run a red light ram into a fucking cop car at 20 miles per hour cars are not too damaged drunk mind ascared issues unable to think of reason stab myself with my pocket knife before the cop comes over hide knife and glove box say I had been stabbed officer cop gives me a right to the nearest hospital my face when crisis avoided pigeon syndrome symptoms fidget littleness X's Old Town Road prevents Taylor Swift from going number one again to freedom my friend hits me with iron sword me with my thorns three armor right back at ya buckaroo police in Turkey blast Pride Parade with water cannons accidentally create rainbow Windows XP task failed successfully voice shorts when they jump into water I like to get high high this never smoking poop how lazy are you I'll sit and let my phone get to 1% before thinking about grabbing my charger this new fucker trump in the sky looking for immigrants banker so your account is negative three point five dollars me lower your motherfucking voice do you ever talk to someone and feel like you chose the wrong dialogue option like in a video game you can just feel their friendship meter dropping like teacher no eating in class students in back of the class when you learn that there are only 69 days till dr. Phil turns 69 got your nose all the other organs working their asses off to keep me alive brain how about you kill yourself all other organs pardon me what the fuck fortnight players minecraft you could not live with your own failure where did that bring you back to me who remembers heads down thumbs up a nail eat game this is how I used to shoot my shot when someone asks for your opinion but you weren't listening to the conversation your breath taking we are breathtaking anyone that bites I screamed and fear nothing stage 1 Psychopaths girls locker room para hate PE boys locker room I see your Schwartz is as big as mine teacher don't look at the Sun as it may cause first graders drywall Kyle are you challenging me tourist button by spider in Australia could need all limbs amputated this country will never see me the most beautiful flower in the gum can we move to a farm and breed cats we can make new species and breeds and sell them for $1,000 each on eBay bro it's fucking 5 a.m. USA and the Soviet Union during the Cold War do you want to explode I prefer the real blaster I said the real blaster perfection me as a broke pc enthusiast helping my wealthier friends with their bills i guide others to a treasure i cannot possess when you hear that NBC is removing the office from Netflix softly don't consider this a fucking warning oh shit wrong number who the fuck is the right number when you see unpopped bubble wrap no man can resist this me running to help my mum unpack the groceries to show off my eight-year-old muscles egg when you wipe your ass 30 times and there is still shit on the toilet paper I'm straight-up not having a good time me gets on the floor to do crunches my dog's thinking I got on the floor to cuddle excuse me wat how fucking old am i naked man attempts to board flight at Moscow Airport claims knew that he makes him more aerodynamic when you hitting it from the back and you start reading her Bible verse two to remember kids if you don't eat your vegetables then off with your testicles Troy Lee and drag a death row inmate in Georgia escape the night before his execution only to be killed in a bar fight that very same night dredit run finish destiny arrives all the same my death has pretending to understand what a person is saying after saying what six times people who celebrate Father's Day are really just ignoring all the women in the world and praising sexist s' you need to fucking stop when the rich kid says they don't travel much bitch please you've been to space using the drake format using etiquette to respect a fallen legend cardi be indicted on 14 charges including felony assault I see this as an absolute win Britain in British history books Britain than every other history book four year old me forges parents signature on my report card teacher your mom's name is not mom 4 year old me impossible History Channel during the day History Channel at night Bernie Sanders set to unveil plan to cancel all 1.6 trillion u.s. student debt load Bernie what did D baby nobody boys six-year-old me after finding a cool rock on the ground after all why not why shouldn't I keep it when the note says Shampoo gets in you Ryan did burned like hell they played us like a damn fiddle when you wake up in the middle of the night and get to taste night water humanity restored vampire sunlight Superman kryptonite Karam basic knowledge don't settle down needle don't needle with the Dom because Annie may intro Annie may outro ma can we have no there is at home at home would you slap your mum for 1 billion dollars my mother would slap me if I didn't slap her for 1 billion dollars three best sleeping positions sleeping on your back sleeping on your stomach sleeping on your side I thought I at least knew how to sleep I can't even do that right me updates an old meet everyone else wait that's illegal everyone no one is dumb enough to spell ambulance wrong third grade me check this out what if your teeth were naturally flaccid and got hard when you got hungry but mom I'm not hungry honey I see your heart just eat it what the fuck you have been visited by the smart studying dog oh you'll be blessed with good grades only a few subscribe to commenter woods and like the video PG on top food chain when stock New Game+ on Naboo hey nice one no future no brass tube a micro booster


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