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me at 2:00 a.m. trying to get to the toilet in the dark some random Hot Wheels car I am about to end this man's whole career leave a funny comment using meme awards and feature me to be featured make sure you're subscribed see you tomorrow football football football football football soccer when you spend two hours drawing a meme using mspaint just to make a few random people happy Starks Chuck Norris was born May 6 1945 the Nazis surrendered May 7th 1945 coincidence I think not when I was 6 years old my dad told me he would give me $5 if I found a four-leaf clover I spent hours looking for one in my yard today I was watering my new trees and saw this my dad's no longer with us but I yelled at the top of my lungs dad you owe me five dollars offensive crayons we bring out the worst in you this carriage maroon I don't think there's a more humid location on earth in one step outside of the Orlando International Airport I can feel this picture why don't they make bulletproof vests etcetera route of Don and if it is the hardest metal because it's too heavy one gram of diamond weighs something like 15 grams yeah this is big brain time Donald J Trump Iran made a very big mistake healthy 18 year olds chuckles I'm in danger some men just want to watch the world learn the fact their face is kind of aligned scares me art science and kindness the Holy Trinity of mankind looks like frost but it's spider season in Australia burn the whole country I'm losing my shit over this which way are these stairs going say the opposite of these words always coming from take me down 2008 teams they played us like a damn fiddle I'm turning no more sexual credit for point 9 stars Instagram 4.8 stars well boys we did it Instagram is no more why hasn't anyone ever successfully invaded Russia Mongol Empire this is why I hate video games it appeals to the male fantasy X to jump off the cliff kilometers kilometers kilometers kilometers kilometers doughnuts Grigor open me if you are eating this fuck you dumbass mean formats that require a high me my queue normies most of reddit australia has already started to test a network of drainage with mesh so that plastics and other pollutants do not reach rivers or sea what do you think everyone like that everything is terrible so I google dogs being interviewed and it helped hey can I divorce my wife no that's bad okay watch this the Church of England bride leaves empty seat for her dead son can't hold back tears when she sees who shows up I'm here mother six of my friends on a trampoline jump at the same time my 8 year old brother had just got on yes trespassing this is a private dock but you are welcome to sit here and enjoy the view Canada 100 numbers show minecraft popularity has surpassed fortnight's everyone like that except virgins princess I have come for you there is no princess in this castle but dragon you are my princess America wasn't an imperialist nation the Philippines 2019 1870 new meal winter hell yeah can't wait for summer meal summer how it feel when the horny starts taking over using a calculator to make sure four plus three equals seven on a test people that say date up I tip my hat to you one legend to another people that say that up my mom at midnight my TS under my pillow Americans are asleep shared astreus pedometer me at 3:00 a.m. perfectly good leftovers me at 3:00 a.m. block of cheese I'm not straight okay maybe I'm straight dad my teacher said people buy kids organs to make transplant I know son get ready for what Starks when you see a shit meme on the front page let me have a try 17800 up votes down votes well I've done all I can do so no head are you called mercury because you're really fucking toxic no seriously leave me alone your energy is unhealthy breaking news local dog is cool as heck ah shit here comes the Sun science behind Harris invisibility cloak revealed when you keep finding lit means you wanna send to someone but things are weird between you all so you just save them all in a folder for later my mom specifically told my dad not to buy any dumb shit at the store just get stuff for the cookout tonight this man walks in the house with his middle finger up and this and the other hand and said don't tell me what to do I'm a genie I offer you three wishes make it for granted you have three left about standing move Greenland Iceland I know a good deal when I see one free rental photography with every eye test emerald weighing more than 800 pounds found in Brazil three fish final offer never forget the guy who brought this sign to a Stevie Wonder concert we love you Stevie Sweden explaining why they are selling guns to both sides of every war EU UN we confessing to my crush with a mean because I have no social confidence my crush someone probably nobody Michael Jackson change skin a roast that will shatter the opponent's life to pieces voice cracks a light elephant crosses multiple farms on her voyage without damaging a single fence my mom mew nintendo 3ds XL all girls really want is someone to look at them the way this guy's looking at Lucy's ass my sister proposed to her girlfriend today and look at that older woman's reaction grandmother tricks speeding drivers by pointing her hair dryer at them well boys we did it speeding is no more I prefer the real mumble rapper I said the real mumble rapper perfection girlfriend let me see your phone I know you've been texting other girls me it's a chicken finger now guys literally only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting when you scroll so far you start seeing me and the boys means from 27,000 years ago do midgets have night vision number one on trending game theory YouTube is ruining gaming literally everyone YouTube headquarters you might be thick but you'll never be Dexter's mom thick when I pass someone to see if they look as stupid as they drive why does my dad do this every single time I'm the captain of the trolley music that makes me want to die dance people who avoid the water while pissing to not make noise people who piss on the toilet lid to not make any noise people who piss on the floor to avoid making noise nib assume insert penis directly into the water to avoid making noise me applies force Newton's third law right back at ya buckaroo when you're at y equals 12 bud still can't find diamonds me can I go to the bathroom teacher I don't know can you me may I use the bathroom teacher no but thank you for asking the big net theory how I bang your mother this is 100% approved by spider-man Janice to hell ski mother of two back in the day I would sometimes dress up like a teenage boy named Tyler and sell my son weed I would always have to rush home and change back into my mom clothes before my son arrived I'd scream at him all night for buying weed then I would confiscate it and sell it right back to him the next day when you're out having a good time and realize your dog is home all alone missing you woman assaulted on bike paths deputies released sketch of suspect Netflix adding its own shows to the popular section if you remember this you deserve the veterans discounts Jenn's each kid develops asthma due to polluted air baby boomer who fucked the atmosphere video games me showing my dad a funny meme my dad teen dies after class made throws cheese at him breaking news nipper dies of cheese touch six-year-old me at a family gathering random uncle that I haven't seen in years dinosaur facts world wars aired that day was fuckin crazy the 2013 starter pack when the teacher screamin at you in front of the class but you about to bring up her divorce a head me and the boys making spaghetti means wife holding a pregnancy test honey I have good news me moonlit lmao takes long drag bathe us chew L tastes like this would you like some chocolate sure then you should have brought some August's ooh bitch isn't he supposed to fall in love with her TFIOS movie is so different from the book if I don't motivate you I don't know what will 2015 2018 German scientists when the Nazis start losing change team gender toys Y LEGO Friends is bad for boys and girls Lodz Lego m1 garand with religious intent me feeds baby vegetables baby cries me pretend spoon is an airplane baby that was fucking delicious we did it we time-traveled but – what year let me ask that guy over there hey what is the best joke peepee poo-poo we are somewhere in 2019 how to recognize a stroke twisted mouth arm paralysis incoherent speech Kino Reeves bad only men will understand six-year-old girls already saying that old boys are jerks six-year-old me eating a red Lego to see if it tastes the same as the green one during World War two it was common for soldiers to keep family photos under clear grips on their 1911 pistols they were called sweetheart grips I definitely smoke a Nazi with my thought on my tule I will stop kpop just got off the phone with the president he said work on a takedown k-pop carefully he's a hero me takes one sip of coffee my bowels tick-tock motherfucker the first guy to discover Mendte syncope must have been like if telescopes use mirrors will never see space vampires coming chicken tenders if they not like the first picture iron wanted doctor the results indicate that you do not have depression 13 year olds who listen to the Leela SH impossible subtitles went deaf people bedroom cup check do you have any cups or plates in your bedroom take a moment to take them to the kitchen dear Mario I brought check my soundcloud beach an Isis fighter in Libya turned a machine gun and a shopping cart into a new kind of fighting vehicle mobile warfare doctrine mobile warfare is a focus on speed and maneuver to cut off and disorganized enemy forces genuine pink are you babysitting a genuine pig I can't spell it you know what I mean I care about you I would never talk about you behind your back I used feather falling yeah well I used my elytra amateurs what was that part amateurs who would weigh one trillion lands the Sun the lands would win if they attacked at night ten most intelligent people of all time me and the boys getting into the office theme on a technicality me incest is gross all of my cows in Minecraft person puts 100 balloons on house Disney Physics those bastards are up goes to a bowling alley for the first time friend you won't be able to hit a single pin in the first attempt me does a strike friend Europe in 1990 are the first year of a bright future of peace 20 years later look at me I'm a guy with a mustache me tap 0.0 seven seconds too early geometry dash I'm about to end this man's whole career Fox News hosts are upset hashtag Wonder Woman isn't American enough she's from a fictional Amazonian nation to be clear well fuck who's gonna tell them that Superman is an illegal immigrant we confessing to my crush with a mean because I have no social confidence my crush someone probably are you saying you have a crush on me Polly otologist Salve agreed to start saying that stegosauruses had beautiful singing voices because it's a nice thought and it's not like they're hurting anyone black kid gives white kid n-word pass white kid gives n-word passed to his white friends black kid these tickets are not transferable my little brother leading me to his cool rock he found me acting impressed to make him happy my mum asking the McDonald's employee for extra napkins for the third time six-year-old me covered in ketchup consider this a fucking warning sorry wrong person who's the right person who the hell is the right I just read that four million eight hundred and ninety thousand six hundred and seventy seven people got married last year I don't want to cause any trouble but shouldn't the number be even Avengers at least we got all the Infinity stones safely and can fix everything without even having to think about fairness 2014 fairness when the temperature of your city increases by one degree when the temperature of the world increases by one degree when you realize that this skyrim meme has been around for well over a year and still hasn't died yet sneaked 100 Kenan Greaves picks up new Linnea me alone mayor I'm still worthy nobody lefties they'd be on an airplane cries its mom we handle it by not handling it I use the wood to destroy the word bet gets invented bedbugs when you find your first village in Minecraft who the hell are you guys what my microwave sees at one second male equals male an equals Fe on man equals female I killed a homeless person Napoleon all of fuckin Europe trying their best a man in Florida woke up with a headache only to discover his wife had shot him while he slept he survived projectile protection for Netflix is concerned about some of its users someone watched the movie 357 times this year according to Netflix you have been visited by the smart studying dog oh you will be blessed with good grades only a few subscribe to commenter woods and like the video PG on top food chain will start new game course on snaps ooh hey nice one Matt Kuchar no brah sube micro you stay


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