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nobody absolutely none cow belly has cow in his name but a mascot of a penguin leave a funny comment using meme awards and feature me to be featured make sure you're subscribed see you tomorrow or I not hang on a tricycle child who is rightfully scared as there is an orangutan on a tricycle old new the sacred textures man allegedly bench presses goose for 10 minutes at la park goose allegedly loves it John F Kennedy teacher ok kids today we are gonna talk about depression 14 year old white girls who listen to Billy Elish and Taylor Swift it's show time you're the apple of my eye you're very beautiful someone put me in their ass we'd make a great pair NBA 2k 19 now has unskipable adds the game still retails for $60 ea hello I like money when your parents last name is reads but they named you Michael instead of Keano sad programmer noises Toys R Us is back from the dead and will open Us stores in 2019 were you killed Toys R Us sadly yes but I lived question for the class Revenge of the Sith is rated pg-13 and as such is allowed one f-bomb where would you put it fuck you and again I have the high ground you created group Julius Caesar you removed dagger you added dagger you removed dagger you added dagger seesaw what the fuck Brutus you removed dagger seesaw left history 100 hello you dropped some nostalgia here I picked it up for you when you make a meme in Minecraft this is Carl he will be here only once and then gone forever this is your only chance to say hi to Carl me mum why do I only have one set of grandparents mom your dad and I married each other to keep our family's bloodline pure me me and the boys in the alley talking about propane and propane accessories Lord forgive me but I'm back on my c6 h-12 o-6 plus six oh two six co2 + 6 h2o + 38 ATP shoot me coming back with more of the boys may Dobby please have a crumb of that exquisite coochie behold a pack of assholes migrating north to ruin your fucking day Queen Elizabeth dresses like she's about to go to prom with Steve Harvey mom I gonna go out with a male friend be careful boys nowadays only think about one thing sex no nipper ass 100 terraria you're breathtaking minecraft map you are breathtaking you are breathtaking in the infinite loop when someone knocks on the bathroom door and rather than saying occupied you just shit louder any power you wanna tell us about I don't have one I just saw the ad urine ambulance ambulance ambulance ambulance ambulance er crankin wagon if these aren't in the gift bags at my death party I will ride in hell funeral Kazu comforting sound drowns out sobs and wails better than bagpipes using little plastic dinosaurs and some fish line I made a scene for my wife's car backup camera now we wait man never forget that time BTS tried to kill Kendrick Lamar most havein loneliest man in the world speaking is a mr. handsome their first initials I am I am handsome Thank You Bart I really needed that today two can play at this game cat or me picking up two chairs at a time to impress the girls at church strong Hey are you going to sleep yes now shut up Keanu Reeves has been a meme before but no one remembers B P D and who are the same fucking letter and no one talks about it is it just me or do Tibetan foxes just look like someone tried to draw a normal Fox and it kinda sucked is someone there must have been just my ass cheeks you guys are stupid see they are gonna be looking for army guys sneak 100 teacher stay down final warning kid who keeps putting an inappropriate cat names I can do this all day meteorite that fell in the mountains near phew Kang China no phew Kang Wei jet-black consistently looks like he trusted a fart but accidentally shit his pants what in the hot crispy Kentucky Fried Park when you hear your name said in a public place even though nobody you know is there and your name as rare as fuck when you slam your door after getting sent to your room you will die in five seconds auntie VAX mom's vaccines have mercury and they cause autism Emperor Shi Huangdi obesity diet coke overweight nib Asst US drops a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki Japan we were just about to surrender this is a war crime us the only thing we are guilty of is being twice as awesome tell me about your best merits and I will choose the next king I'm brave I'm strong I use AAB City in for the corners in nether portals only intellectuals will understand teacher class we will have a field trip to France boys lol we can pretend to be Nazis invading girls minecraft redstone engineers I tip my hat to you one legend to another minecraft nodes block musicians many people do not realize how big Ottoman Empire was in the 16th century Africa Milky Way Australia Jupiter Antarctica me trying to make memes and paint everyone nobody Native Americans can we keep our land Andrew Jackson no career communism the u.s. South Korea North Korea Belgium in Europe Belgium in the Congo nobody is born cool except of course moms who close the door after they go out and understand that you can't pause an online game society if gravel didn't fall on our faces while mining this is Frieda she ever heard you say she's the goodest girl you ever did see now she can't contain her excitement she physically can't stop smiling one of my friends blocked me on all social media for sending him memes but now we are printing the man sending them to his house in a folder Mayo you can't escape the shit posts that easily life has many doors ed boy minecraft also try terraria terraria also try minecraft terraria journey's end will be its final major update so long partner me becomes emotionally unstable and a bit aggressive because of puberty my parents firms how are you me the light inside has broken but I still work the hostess at Applebee's who is golf telling the manager that I'm harmless and I'll stop asking the family seated in the bar area to do shots with me me into radio hello chief you're not gonna fucking believe this when you get cornered by the school bully so you send one last text to your Minecraft girlfriend but his phone vibrates this is a thousand times better than any Hollywood move his twist ending customer said I'm an appropriate because your nipples are showing through your shirt but it was my overalls but ok I feel played when she's beautiful but has an ugly personality I turned my Tesla into a pickup truck Elon Musk write that down write that down the hood Marge Simpson saying homie new Alabama law will allow Church to hire its own police force getting fresh for that crusade Deus vult woman saved from rapists by gay rapist who raped the rapists woman rapist gay rapist woman who falsely accused fifteen men of rape jailed for 10 years to be fair it does look like a 15 man job destruction 100 Jude review Scott while his wife packs their stuff and leaves him he starts out sounding sad but as soon as he gets a sip tea Cheers writer divorce 100 1996 now look how they massacred my boy Karen general manager other Karen's you were supposed to destroy the Sith not join them furnace made you look girls during puberty I may hate myself and everything but at least my boyfriend is cute boys during puberty my powers have doubled since the last time we met count two times zero is still zero Oh teacher today we will be talking about pornography all the guys in class the expert the new thing I do when I procrastinate is look up school project on YouTube and set it to most recent many hidden gems in there the ratio they all lead their last haul southern Hamlet school project anyone know what kind of shrimp this is it has no eyes but definitely smells like shrimp poor thing was shivering when I found it when your purse screen isn't cleaning the shit stains in the toilet more power if you can make a girl off you can make her do anything want to hear a joke about a pizza sure never mind it's too cheesy long ok suck my dick speech 100 Pope Francis says that masturbation is no longer a sin me who has been masturbating for sixteen years I knew it when the battery is supposed to last one year but you drink all the acid in ten seconds I'm gonna fucking die graphene I'm the most flexible material Tom and Jerry active site on the enzyme competitive inhibitor substrate I won't have my daughter bringing a black man into this house until I've tidied up and created a welcoming environment this is unbelievable a god damned outrage actually is what it is my daughter Lucy my own flesh and blood is bringing home this this black man in less than an hour Mahlon something or other she tells me Martin well I won't stand for it as long as I have breath in my body no daughter of mine will bring a black man into this house until I've cleaned it up a little maybe picked up a good bottle of wine and made damn sure I have everything I need to make him feel right at home not now not ever I'm just glad her grandfather isn't alive to see this imagine his sweet little Lucy arm-in-arm with a black man traipsing right through the front door of the house that he built with his own two hands while the coffee table is covered with old magazines and I don't even have a cup of tea to offer the young fellow my favorite thing ever four point six four point four time for a fucking crusade when you run over kids doing fort night dances in the street because that's what heroes do opens literally any website cookers allow us and quick crack pan quick crack pan quick crack pan quick crack pan quick crack quick crack quick crack and pan-pan pan-pan pan-pan and cling my dad trying to explain to the shopkeeper what PC I want 12 year old me gaming camp outer Israeli man pretends avocado is grenade rods two banks of over eleven thousand four hundred dollars illusion one hundred they pocket one hundred need as long as there's Netflix not ugly pig model do you want to explode local man mods his DVD player so his screensaver can hit every corner is it possible to learn this power American teenagers talking about getting drafted for Wars Swiss teenagers I'm sorry is this some sort of war joke that I'm to neutral to understand me hey shouldn't that monkey puppet meme have died by now monkey puppet mean according to Kevin Feige Marvel Studios is making every effort to eventually bring he new weaves into the MCU DC doctor are you sexually active me mom well me perhaps companies when pride mom firms cool bug facts spotlight a moonlight when you joke about ww3 butter Ron just shot down a US drone and you are an able-bodied 17 year old chuckles I'm in danger me are you okay yes yesterday I just thought it was funny when you Iran shoots down US drone trumped Iran made a very big mistake the entire fucking world current objective survive i legit thought shaggy was a center in this mean are you challenging me the german city that avoided ww2 destruction by pretending to be Switzerland Allied bombers when you go to Chernobyl to grow an extra arm like movies but instead you get four types of cancer those bastards lied to me Thank You strange neighbor now none of these three things will dry well swimming was so popular in the new Minecraft update that they made it in real life be soft but be ready don't call yourself a kpop fan if you don't know who this legendary groupies nobody every state east of Nevada right now one day it started raining and it didn't quit for four months tesslar introduces dog mode to keep pets cool inside the car you're breathtaking dog discarded like trash in sealed box kept wagging tail hoping someone might help I think it's time for one last fucking crusade newly arrived recruits pokes head over trench ww1 sniper the sniper asked me for some jewel pods and I said no and he sent me this just a reminder that this minion was not only worthy enough to wield Malone ear but also had sense enough to go for the head Native Americans can you just let us live on our ancestral land that we own America ok Oklahoma is your home now therapist minecraft doctor filthiness isn't real he can't hurt you minecraft doctor filthiness better stop my dad owns roblox and will ban you from exist ten deadly warnings the world ignored today I heard my favorite ever run solicited queer comment I was holding hands with my girlfriend when a middle-aged woman with very little English approached us she smiled nodded approvingly and said menace to headache welcome to heaven let me just raise your colour a bit there this process is easy with dogs I mean you are practically angels to begin with what was that one text that had you stuck looking at the phone moms where yeah not me somewhere I'm not supposed to be we need to have a talk when you get home put one in water what the hell is this it's a rhinoceros passed match Minecraft 1.3 million members are slash fortnight BR 1.1 million members we won mr. stark British politician wants death penalty for suicide bombers 26 million Russians Germany when your PE teacher joins your team we weren't expecting special forces when the teacher says pick a partner to work with and you look at your homie but he already found a partner then go talk to yo hos me if you don't get this then we can't talk this man in the gym just proposed and she said no well that didn't work out you have been visited by the smart studying dog oh you'll be blessed with good grades only a few subscribe to commenter woods and like the video PG on top food chain one start new game course on that blue haze one left to check surprise sube Mike used a


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