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nobody cowbell e in his own comment section hey kid you want in the discord server leave a funny comment using meme awards and feature me to be featured make sure you're subscribed see you tomorrow baby sitter swag I slam-dunk the child being a quat well behaving child being the smart kid in school being depressed at 21 family cleans house finds pet tortoise missing since 1982 sneaked 100 big ol slap me my girls booty Steve Irwin gets reimagined as a pokemon trainer breaking news man eats lunch at 11:27 a.m. breaking local man says fuck it eats his lunch early at 11:27 a.m. my girlfriend works in a sushi restaurant she's pretty woman who said her dog was vegetarian is proved wrong in seconds a woman who was raising her dog as a vegetarian was left speechless on live TV when her pet chose meat over vegetables she believed the animal wanted to be vegetarian so purchased meat free dog food and served up leftover vegetables dog delicious finally some good fuckin food yo why the fuck did Ches to not have fairy godparents intermediate tim is only inconvenience was having a bad babysitter whereas Chester was dirt poor and lived in awful conditions his dad was hated everywhere and wore a fucking bag on his head Chester deserved them more I accidentally bombed Pearl Harbor you was nearly extinct pink dolphin gives birth to pink cars you're breathtaking kpop bitches be like he's so attractive Florida man commits suicide 47 year-old Jeffrey Hodgkin's filmed himself jumping out of a plane to prove to the world that full damage was just a lie spread by the government I used myself to destroy myself Millennials replacing engagement rings with diamonds embedded in their fingers no the fuck we armed me gets highest possible score on a test the cop doing the breathalyzer test me accidentally punch his friend his 3,000 wolves are you insane do you know what you just got yourself into my nephew just said to me as wind made from birds flapping their wings he's so adorable isn't he wrong my nephews 24 and addicted to heroin Susan if Lee Roderick tried to fuck his hamster man he updates keyword is tried man he succeeded this would be a man that loves going to work and does not trade it the night before upon entering the Magic Kingdom one of the security guard said to the girl excuse me princess can I have your autograph I could see that the book was filled with children scribbles as the guard asked the same question of many little princesses the little girl could not get over the fact that the guards thought she was a real princess the eating three vitamin gum is instead of two got if she's in green there's a 99.9% chance she's a bad bitch stop complaining about your life there are literally people living in Illinois arrrh I can paint your ceiling Michelangelo scoffs to himself gonna paint a bunch of dudes with their dicks out though nuclear power plant spider farm what could go wrong I've reached 300 meters under the sea the pressure here is immense wanna try drugs how third grade nervous feel when they gotta eat they vegetables' tastes like old dick gr no love and respect each and every one of us it's just a game of poker there's no way to sexualize it me an intellectual iPod iPad I paid I peed and farted and she didn't came fascinating law Nintendo revealed that the reason Mario always comes back to life after he dies is because both heaven and hell reject his soul me a working lighter I found on the ground everything wrong with Shrek it's blank pimping out the jewel Marvel reveals it's trying to recruit Keanu Reeves into the MCU literally everyone when your grandma has Alzheimer's and gives you pocket money seven times Starks Donald J Trump Thank You Phil very cool flex tape when you hear the word whales you probably think of the fish with the biggest dick in the ocean but it is also a country choose an orphaned child who desperately needs love and affection from a caring family choose the fucking rat my boyfriend really asked me to go to a job within two hours away and my giddy asses all excited to just ride to work with him and it was a surprise puppy pickup he had been planning for three weeks secretly to buy my dream dog fastest things in the world Bugatti cheerin cheetah mig-15 team made stealing my loot she can turn into adults and a child to FBI excuse me that's beyond a legal move always drink responsibly I was drinking at a bar so I took a bus home that may not seem like a big deal to you but I've never driven a bus before Chinese hackers you can't defeat me csgo players I know but he can typing Tiananmen Square massacre 1989 into the game chat doorbells fucked shadow I can't really loud Australia 100 everything you see in this picture is made of Keanu Reeves everyone liked that group messages during the day group messages at 3 a.m. who took the fucking toilet lemon lemon Stanford researchers taught AI to make dank memes he could be any one of us doctor what's that problem patient no matter what I do doc I just cannot sleep at night doctor have you considered there might be monsters nearby I always say Yahoo but no one asked are you me waiting to tell her I missed the toilet taking a shit my mom filing her divorce papers we were almost ready for a generation free from nicotine dependency but then they turned it into a USB stick that tastes like Listerine air plants versus zombies one star this game much bad I'll let mine five-year-old son play this game because he said he liked game and want very much so I buy game for him but little later he came to me and say daddy this game much scary I look at game and it says on the E – brain and me was shocked how can this game be allow for child's this game has blood and violence zombie eat your vegetables zombie may know each vegetable my son eat vegetable he is now life shocked and he have to take pills every day thanks so very much electric art this gained much bad and scary irate 16 and over not play this game just three breathtaking people looking at each other a nice family dinner my mom the n-word my racist uncle hello hi top videos black bear killed for getting too friendly with humans we've got a city to burn me and the voice when we give up on being a popular format and search for the Holy Grail instead Scarlet Witch telling fairness that he took everything from her than us not even knowing who she is after you defeat all of the Karen's you got a face mega Karen drunk Polish man invades a small polish town with a Soviet tank Poland Florida this is the most Midwest American thing I've ever seen posting fakin innocent porn videos me talking about my schizophrenia my doctor Keanu Reeves Garfield comics can be substantially improved by cropping off the third panel here's a carrot for your diet Garfield you know what to do with it I certainly do when you haven't had any water in a while third stop while the MCU characters arc we're just about mcfar carrot my friend who's been playing for three weeks me just joining his world friend iron man's death was the saddest in history me your own bro in my head no one girls traveling who have an endless daddy budget anybody triggered by an old Vietnam War rocket launcher it still works and I have six rockets for one hundred and fifty dollars each if you're interested in buying starting price five hundred and fifty dollars I'm obsessed with this therapy horse that looks like it has a soul of a murdered Victoria near a child I love how the dog is so delightfully cheerful while the horse is like Miss aversion killed me me makes popcorn everyone else at the veteran retirement home how this guy traded a paperclip for a house Starks Spotify watch this shorted now for 30 minutes of that free music me a small price to pay for 30 minutes of that free music the way the sun is shining through the window on my dog showering water is not hot enough turns not 1/16 of an inch Hollywood superstar kinu reeves has secretly been financing countless children's hospitals american government when you sell guns american government when you sell kinder eggs when your grandpa throws are no clear and knocks you out but you throw a node seven and it explodes the future is now old man three days old two three years old some things just don't change he don't believe shit nobody say other villains practical means of travel stealthy inconspicuous quick fucking Team Rocket you don't need a license to fly hot-air balloon even if I do who's going to stop me balloon cops youtuber need sponsors not VPN and Skillshare I disagree with the ads around this video your penis sizes fine others not the hero we deserve but the hero we needed me finds a new 1960s spider-man meme format everyone the avengers visits hospital hospitalized child why are you here you're in the endgame now my mom killing the cockroach so I can use the bathroom 18 year old me a 12 year old French boy faked his own kidnapping going so far as to lie to police saying he was taken by a Cheeks guard villain also that he wouldn't have to go to the dentist yeah this is big brain time her parents what are your intentions with our daughter made barry mccockiner leaving the exam early smart students dumb students she punched through the drywall of Kyle's heart what would you name this dog drogon my dad just built a neighborhood library in his fence and is so excited that books have been taken some have been taken me and the boys after we defeated Venice when your cat steals your Chinese food so you turn her into Chinese food getting laid african-american man convinces Klansmen to leave the KKK through friendship speech 100 me trying to get my dog to sleep on my bed my dog my parents weird confessions let's hear them I skip the cracks along the sidewalk and try to get the same amount of steps in each square kid failing and getting bullied schools who knows hos is often mad dad bods are more attractive to women than rock-hard abs survey until you make her mad and you're a fat bitch all of a sudden when your father is yelling at you about being irresponsible on your way to school and you're waiting to tell him that you forgot your bag at home Belle Delphine strokes too big cause they aren't cocks they're hens you dumb bitch literally anyone goes afk Green students complaining about their 95 percent me content with my 62% 16 things deaf people are tired of hearing hold up me and the boys watching the XP rain after killing the ender dragon you want to fuck me dog gets too excited and passes out epic but facts typing the word skepticism is like playing ping pong with your keyboard you really gonna scroll past without saying the R word a mr. beast people who make it to eleven gets 500 billion dollars Chandler I work with a guy from Mexico who doesn't speak a lot of English a Canadian goose made a nest by one of the paddock gates and hissed at him while he was putting horses out he comes back to us after and says I do not like the Cobra chicken treating a bug bite pitching a bug bite finding the bug and biting it back damn mother nature thick now that's a rock bottom I'm tryna hit me if you didn't have feet would you put shoes on huh no me so why are you putting on a bra who wins this fight and why you're literally putting the god of thunder against a guy with a sore throat in a Halloween costume Ironman wouldn't have died if nebula had gnawed VPN when Japan uses km/h instead of nuclear bombs per city sumimasen mani the fuck kid oh my god is that John wick from fortnight key new leaves fuck you me and my homie asking if we can have a sleepover why did it take you so long to get back from McDonald's no burger women removes Polish with chemicals no one cares Hitler removes Polish with chemicals everyone I prefer the real engineer I said the real engineer perfection me breathes in Keene the leaves reddit you've gained Karma Nick awesome what are you doing tonight working again you ha har I like where this is going lol if I date my landlord you think my rent will go down marry landlord divorce landlord own half the property when you're playing dodge ball and you hit someone's nuts I use the balls to destroy the balls why is my brother such an arse filled your room with the fog machine why would you do that bored when you realize that Germany has its own means Bruder muss lows hey it's me Juliet I'm dead jk jk jk jk jk jk fox has done to our parents what our parents thought video games would do to us my boyfriend needs to fuck off what's your star sign I don't know which one February is I'm Aquarius cool what zodiac sign would you never date and why Aquarius hey guys look at my header disclaimer I'm not the guy in the pic my brain at 12:57 a.m. cheese my brain at 101 a.m. no one will ever love you if you don't send mutes to your best friend are you even best friends what you'll snort coke and are alcoholics but drinking cow milk is where you draw the line texts come to my house no sex fast you have been visited by the smart studying dog oh you will be blessed with good grades only if you subscribe to commenter woods and like the video on top food chain one stock new game once on snap blue hey nice one left to chase a bra sube mic drop you stay like semi ran be a fine cracks Congrats faster than fast


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