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I fear no man but that thing long pause in between the last meme and smart studying dog oh it scares me leave a funny comment using meme Awards and feature me to be featured make sure you're subscribed see you tomorrow teachers 30 years from now it won't matter what shoes you wore how your hair looked or the jeans you bought what will matter is what you learned and how you used it it's time to run a blood test oh shit this is the funniest shit I've seen all goddamn week Irish people when Americans use miles per hour instead of potatoes per famine fag hello I bought a pizza today and I've got a complaint hello please describe the problem what the fuck people are naturally lazy and will never do any kind of work for free minecraft players I thought that was a photo of a real town are you fucking serious nobody medication commercials side effect include suicidal thoughts or actions roses are red it's hot like hell maze beam when you're in one of the biggest movies of all time but no one knows your name research shows that young adults are getting text neck a horn line growth due to cell phone news evolution baby our zoo Calais blaster blows em away air toy for adults and children ages 6 and older blue question can I thought in it and shoot it at my wife across the room the answer I can confirm this I received one of these as a Christmas gift while deployed naturally it only took a few minutes for two of my soldiers to attempt firing a fart through it the key is to have the gonna cock and hold the weapon while the loaded does his thing it took nearly two full seconds for the blast to cross the tent resulting in the major suddenly flailing his arms and yelling oh god I got it in my mouth 10 out of 10 best present received that year at a sleepover me okay chuckles let's actually go to sleep five minutes later friend whooping everybody we live in a society what the fuck does this mean no sentient creature to grace this rock Texas cowboy boots lip flops Disney so what inspired you to re-release Avengers endgame money when your dog takes a shit so you sell it as fertilizer Starks you spin me right round seriously guys this song again here comes the Sun do-do-do-do I'm gonna kill you all in like millions of years I feel a yelp review coming school nurses in Washington can now give medical marijuana to students coughs I'm sick as fuck refugees can come to my house and play Minecraft facts a gram of uranium contains 20 billion calories the u.s. realize in Japanese citizens are starving Europeans last words at 1350 oh shit our ass teacher today we will be going over the Greek mythology of the cosmos kid who read Percy Jackson girl who's into zodiac signs this photo from my French textbook looks like a top tier shit post USA universal health care oops oops Jack White doesn't own a cell phone I don't have that addiction different cultures interpretations of Jesus it has been scientifically proven that the teenage brain naturally falls asleep and wakes up later than the adult brain this works against the current schedule middle and high school students are put public education system artist says something with absolutely no meaning every English teacher throughout the known universe Japan often 1945 Japan most of history Rober returned a woman's money after seeing her sad bank balance professionals have standards being prepared as virgin sacrifice me you're making a mistake I do the sex all the time shamon stops his ritualistic chanting name the one who takes your seed me she goes to another tribe is for a lot depends on the context he is in gulag no meals a year yes friendly reminder that this man with the help of the engineer Tokyo drifted a fucking trainer nice when your mom gives you two dollars for lunch but instead you eat nothing and keep the two dollars studies everyone likes avatar recreate the grameen with soccer nobody likes it nobody likes it men discussing peepee men discussing poopoo I don't know who needs to see the spot eight-year-old me telling my toys I won't snitch on them for being alive so they can move my toys sitting there not moving a damage therapist ehrs it isn't real he can't hurt you EHR Ezard my sister has been in this world for 18 years and today's the first time she has been offered a menu at a restaurant they are in the happy little trees when your name is in the math problem the class my tongue when it sees me opening up my seventh bag of sour skittles failure is not an option me trying to sneak in a cross over me people who notice it people who quickly scroll and up votes a guy buying 76 melons everyone else in the store math teachers worst shows ever made shut yo bitch ass on Jake Jake duck outfit Daniel the cooler Daniel gamer who for ty sees thanks call of duty for his combat skills just like the simulations when most people fight wars the slings and rocks and Leonardo designs our god damn armored tank modern problems require impossible for the time solutions utterer guides or mosquitos in his room to regain his lost blood life steal 100 white people in movies will make this breakfast have one bite sip orange juice and say I'm late for work Netflix in the background asking if I'm still watching me someone's daughter this could be us but you play shit sorry wrong number wait let's talk got he came where's your brother came wouldn't you like to know whether boy rip to this drift legend nobody could have prevented World War two guys were rejected Hitler from art school twice before he rose to power nobody History Channel @midnight the truth about World War two my sister got a dog last week and I asked my mom how the caps were adjusting and she just sent me this and response I love them minecraft also try terraria because that's what heroes do Napoleon escaping from the island on which he was exiled all of Europe French people Sana's explaining why half of the universe should be wiped out The Avengers finding diamonds but not having iron pickaxe be like when your nose itches during a haircut Belle Delphine smokes too big cause lies deception today my five year old laughed at this painting in the middle of museum for like six minutes so it was my cousin's third birthday and instead of having a normal theme she chose this local man arrested after cosplaying mr. freeze and yelling cold-weather puns at people about standing move blind woman told to get off this because Guide Dogs can't be black well imagine being blind and the bus driver is like you can't come on guide dogs aren't black and you're just they're like what the fuck is black but the world is only begotten son what it feels like when you try to punch in your dream someone so you can read Russian me well yes but actually now mirrors are just walls that go no you oh shit that's deep minecraft is not that good and you only like it because of nostalgia me splish-splash your opinion is trash Steve Irwin shouldn't have been swimming with stingrays in the first place me girlfriend pulls down my pants me its nanotech you like it Chernobyl child going for breakfast 1988 colorized blind people be like Nasr in 1918 we'll have flying cars in the future the future enjoying a twenty year old crystal pepsi male fruit flies seek out alcohol when sexually rejected what's happening I'm indisposed I don't like it what if we used 100 percent of the brain fight me on ps4 oh wait you don't have a ps4 fight me in real life oh wait you don't have a real-life Destruction 100 Jason Momoa wants the twins remake with Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage shut up and take my damn money last mission of my favorite game me me standing at the urinal shaking out every last drop my dick but wait there's more you run better than the government he looks so pleased with himself and that makes me happy only oh geez we'll remember minecraft you can't escape Mondays when mom starts counting down from 10 and you let her get to one looks like you're going to the Shadow Realm Jimbo my neighbor moved a week ago and left her 6 month old kitten outside with no food / protection I took her and to feed her and she's so attached to me she even tried to hop in my shower I named her marjorie now her owner wants to come get her Artie if I should say she ran off and keeper you have encountered adult options pet Doge snuggle Doge feed Doge you have chosen pet Doge listo displeased when a baby cries of the movies me do you play Minecraft my friend you know the graphics are terrible minecraft thank you for popping this pimple it's been bugging me for months no problem buddy toy taught us knows a corner mask exists you legit thought this was Mike Wazowski for a split second girls I have nothing to wear boys I have nothing to play Africa we have nothing to drink nobody pokemons trainers when you pass in front of them are you challenging me when you hear endgame is coming back to theaters with new scenes realizing there's a chance of a new template when Toby was an HR Michael when Holly was an HR Michael my mom telling the doctor what's wrong with me me silently agreeing me and the boys on our way to Vietnam me and the boys back from Vietnam sixth grade physics book three states of matter are solid liquid and gas plasma mr joke to you when you try to watch a movie trailer on YouTube button that comes up and the ad is the movie trailer normal heartbeat deceased heartbeat the air is getting colder around you why is millennial humor so weird comedy that appeals to young people can be surreal and dark and completely meaningless ah yes enslaved moisture Kim Kardashian's partnership with lyft will help 5,000 inmates get free rides to job interviews she doing the things we expected from Kanye Neanderthals could we coexist Homo sapiens no breaking Avengers n gamers returning to theaters with post-credit extras whatever it takes are you religious I'd like to introduce you to my religion what's your religion I'm interested final destinations who came out in January 2003 it is now 2019 I'm thirty years old and every single time I see a logging truck or any truck carrying anything long and round I have a mini panic attack and change lanes it's been 16 years fuck you final destination everyone against her until someone starts fighting in the can't in a lobby the best photo to exist why does this look like something out of the office every Asian person when they learn about Genghis Khan's Nazi Borgias a part of him lives within me doesn't it me how hot am I on a scale from one to ten 3.6 me 3.6 not great not terrible never leave your foot dangling off the side of the bed I'm leaving my cock dangling off the side of a bed tonight doctor make sure when you address me you se caen first patients cancer doctor lmao got it you have cancer England schwim Panzer can't hurt you swim Panzer with the rise of self-driving vehicles it's only a matter of time before there's a country song where the guys truck leaves in teacher plans trip to Poland girls boo Poland is boring poison only breathtaking people know who this is atheist God if you help me I will believe in God helps atheist you fool you fell victim to one of the classic blunders me fixes bayonet and charges against the enemy everyone else playing paintball for what a cute dog hello there gals general Kenobi what I see what my camera sees when you're ashy cardi B pea rape inator teacher when I staple my pea sack to the carpet simulating discord white theme imagine going to college to study journalism so you can write this LMAO 22 celebrities had luck nothing alike children this is dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt a geology field trip my divorced parents had this text exchange on Father's Day and I'm horrified happy Father's Day biggest gift of my life are our kids couldn't have done it without you thanks Nora agreed I enjoyed the collaboration gay straight bi asexual unable to keep the conversation going because I constantly feel as if the person I'm talking to find me annoying and wants me to shut the fuck up it's incredible how technology has advanced polish remove in 1940 polish remover 2019 teacher now practice with a partner everyone else in the sex education classroom the idea that the ideal Beachbody just means being thin or both is so an imaginative surely the ideal Beachbody would have a powerful lobster-claw arm flaps to act as a windbreak and a sand repellent anus little key new hatched from the egg during sex me me then your metabolism isn't what it was in high school and it shows me weight and you never lived up to your potential because you rely on talent instead of work ethic and immediately abandon everything you're bad at because you're afraid of failure just 8:17 CBD gummies I can see God and he's wearing a snapback merging onto a highway me wanting to politely merge dumb idiot slowing down so I can't merge dumb idiot speeding up so I can't merge guy honking at me to merge already see I may be forced to end myself on [Laughter] you have been visited by the Smurfs studying dogger you'll be blessed with good grades only a few subscribe to commenter woods and like the video on top food chain won't stop new game course on snap blue hey nice one no future no brah sube micro news – my review


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