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me sells my house to avoid getting homework stocks leave a funny comment using meme awards and feature me to be featured make sure you're subscribed see you tomorrow my son one day you will understand and appreciate what I do for you today thanks dad if the words you spoke appeared on your skin would you still be beautiful I'm hungry use your fucking turn signal cunt where's my phone if I fall asleep now I can get four hours of sleep my back hurts move cunt I have a headache shit look there's that crackhead eh where's my keys sorry for your inconvenience but you just stumbled upon a nostalgic overload my seven-year-old little brother just drew this what does this mean it means he's not your brother anymore bitch get out the house perfectly polished car took me a good manner to realize what the fuck I was actually looking at does he bite no but he can hurt you in other ways Keanu Reeves will die in your lifetime parents a bronze turtle sculpture at Boston playground as burning children nine-year-old me gearing up to fight the ender dragon when you see the potential of a meme so you invest in it stars the bees and wasps now recognize me as the person who gives them water which sounds cool but it means every time I go outside they harass me until I fill up the water err on the bright side I no longer have to fear wasps as they just buzz around me non-threatening Lee now you are there water deity now the water bringer has arrived I did the math and if the Krusty Krab closes at 6 and spongebob always arrives at work at 3 a.m. to count the sesame seeds and if he comes in every day except Sunday and works at a rate of eight dollars and fifty cents an hour with a paycheck every two weeks spongebob makes one thousand three hundred and twenty six dollars every paycheck which seems feasible given the cross crabs revenue so that explains why spongebob owns his own house still has a massive library and all kinds of extremities like that no wonder he can keep affording boating school I live for the in-depth analysis of Spongebob bro me and Jessica just broke up what why we fought last night about me drinking with you lately so she let me choose love all my friends whoa so you mean to say you chose friends over love no man I chose love I love you bro oh fish human boss fish human oh yeah current world population seven billion six hundred ninety-six million nine hundred and sixty nine thousand four hundred and twenty nice wouldn't it be cool if you could dream with other people like multiplayer dreaming sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup Jesus sucked with his apostles John thirteen fourteen the internet Keanu Reeves Minecrafts like really dead so I don't even know why this is funny everyone dislike that Warcraft 3 Starcraft 2 clash of clans fort night sucks more like five night my true successor era like ass after-school snacks six year old me saying I'm retarded to my dad my dad my brother who told me retarded is a scientific name for err someone vandalized a Soviet star in Russia and turned it into Patrick is this communism no this is Patrick I did it I made an LGBT which of these is a popular pink character from the children's pokemons series hufflepuff this bitch when she's in the mood to get her swamp invaded durricks rekt limited edition perry the platypus the entire tri-state area but please don't skip this ad me skip hello we are about to launch an all-out attack on your house sincerely the zombies we are in the endgame now sacrificed his daughter for a better world for himself sacrificed himself for a better world for his daughter when that Hebrew you dismissed starts turning the water red this brown bag is 100 percent green illusion 100 why is it when my inventory is full while mining it is always you 3 every white woman live laugh love you've been warned I have kids parked I'll close and they will dim your shirt a fan once approached Bob Rossum said Bob I could never paint because I'm colorblind all I can see is gray tones so he did an entire episode of the joy of painting where he painted only in Gray's you son of a bitch my dad I'm inevitable and I am er no toothpaste companies 1 out of 10 dentists when I upload a meme at 3:00 a.m. and everyone thinks it will do terribly but no my boys down under have me covered they called me a madman this picture of Justin Bieber getting choked at a nightclub looks like a Renaissance painting doctor don't worry the x-ray is completely safe also doctors where have I seen this before are yes me because literally no one cares about what I have to say Japanese draws a cute girl world Pacey's cue Japanese it's a man world wait what Japanese Congrats you're gay now bye world we've been tricked we've been backstabbed and we've being quite possibly bamboozled everywhere I go I see his face and it's breathtaking no one white girls who just discovered CBD we making ghost noises my 12 year old brother who ate my pot brownie my mom avengers endgame is returning to the big screen with bonus scenes hashtag avengers endgame uh shit here we go again Greeks apologize with huge force the nation of Greece said sorry to the European Union with a present of an enormous wooden horse hey I've seen this one bruh how did you know I was from the US the rock looks like he stole the fuckin hair off Adam Sandler's head i watch hentai for the plot don't sexualize anyone hazard a man of quality Chinese people trying to remember what happened in June 1989 vodka pass ice destroys the kidneys booze Oh Plus ice destroys the liver whiskey plus ice destroys the heart gin plus ice destroys the brain this ice shit is dangerous but if aids is sexually transmitted how did the first person get it the government French people go fuck yourself French aristocrats fuck me yourself you coward me in the mirror versus my front-facing camera me realizing that being gifted during my childhood and putting in absolutely no work but still excelling in my little fourth-grade classes is the reason I have little to no work ethic now and I get discouraged from things if I'm not good at them immediately well shit if my girlfriend ever has a gay best friend he can damn well suck my dick to prove it a small price to pay for salvation Drake when I die put my money in the grave Drake's son Texas see Mia throws pizza party for homeless instead of graduation celebration you're breathtaking God puts tumor in six-year-old kid as part of his plan doctor removes the tumor God nobody Elizabeth Elizabeth nineteen I just want to give you a boner and throw onion rings onto it like a ring toss you have joined the public group vegans you have been removed from the group when you spend one into half hours making a pixel at Leman get the attention of two people on reddit stars in 2013 it cost three hundred and thirty thousand dollars to grow a hamburger in the lab they are soon expected to suffer $11 Stark's 70 years in ice seventy years with a woman people of the Commonwealth do not interfere our intentions are peaceful we are the Brotherhood of Steel me what is the absolute value of one my math professor I see this as an absolute number teacher the five senses are smell hear feel taste and see me I can hear pictures teacher you can't hear pictures silly me five-year-old me fake sleeps mom I know you are awake me impossible look at this car ain't this the thing I slide over my calculator nobody History Channel at midnight the truth about World War 2 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor USA when you give you a weeb friend a real book to read how can you read this there's no tips stranger help me you halloween' max at Tom Hollands stranger please help me you please watch spider-man far from home it's out July 2nd Canadians when they see miles per hour instead of syrup the Moose angry beaver noises it's like I was made for this Infinity Gauntlet us to expand because it's not made for him doctor the results indicate that you do not have depression 13 year olds who listen to Billy leash impossible what would you do if you found me in your fridge I'd be extremely scared because the other bodies in my fridge don't smile me ah finally I'll get some sleep mosquito in my room me finally takes my schizophrenia medication my homie Jarrow home nobody youtubers hey guys so if you couldn't tell by my voice I'm sick clean uses phone also team is hungry parents coincidence I think not why is it when there is a sponsor it's always you three Skillshare honey SeatGeek there are only two genders there are many genders gender is just a social construct gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in 1960s to sell more bathrooms pikachu seems interested in reestablishing the soviet union me laughing it means about killing myself everyone else dude review scotch while his wife packs her stuff and leaves him he starts out sounding sad but as soon as he gets a city Cheers white arm friend I know someone who's 17 and he's never had a girlfriend lmao me well of course I know him he's me Greeks apologize with huge force the nation of Greece said sorry to the European Union with a present of an enormous wooden horse Peggy Steve our daughters got a new boyfriend seems nice Steve cool what's his name Peggy Ted Bundy Steve breaking Avenger then game is returning to theaters with post-credit extras if you think I'm going to pay to watch Avengers all over again just for these extras you'd be absolutely correct me and the boys about to get stepped on me I need another pokey thing for the map to plan the ambush soldier you mean attack me yeah but like by surprise go committee taught in a chip vertically me when I have a crush on a girl younger than me me when I have a crush on a girl older than me will you press the button you die but kinu reeves becomes immortal a dumb ass for a soul doctor the x-ray is safe don't worry also the doctor diamond chestplate protection for fire protection for blast protection for projectile protection for feather falling fall when on body plus two armor toughness plus eight armour medication at side effects may include gas and oily discharge killing your neighbors and anal bleeding people in ad me sees a hot girl meet a my day no don't my dick are you really in charge here lmao I thought they were the little sponsor kids that walk out with them like in football lmao in Arizona it's illegal to hunt whales Arizona is landlocked it's amazing that the state made a law to protect your mom Destruction 100 tick tocks that radiates the same energy as Vimes how dare you stand away he stood nobody low-key in every movie I'm taking this cute thing with me England I'm fighting for my queen Russia I'm fighting for my piece our Serbia I'm fighting for my fucking life teacher is anyone absent today third grade number me everyone do you like chicken no do you like curry sorry no you won't like what I did did you make chicken curry for me no I fuck your sister distraction 100 Elite rely land of trash in the ocean a plastic straw he really doesn't look like a legend he looks like a weird dual adjusting his glasses trying to look cool with the robotic arm but he's ultimately failing it how people disappear actors who don't need stuntmen what if we used 100 percent of the brain why don't people just put mirrors on starships so when an enemy ship attacks with lasers the lasers will just bounce off waking up at a sleepover girls hahahaha your hair looks so creepy boys wake the fuck up Sam I'm dying before effects of global warming baby boomers up yours children what's up virgin not anymore just ask your sister I don't even have a sister dumb fuck just wait nine months destruction 106 year old me leaving my dad to see the new Lego set I want for my birthday my dad we going somewhere with my mom I'm not sure if you're talking about spongebob or Squidward but somehow I am both mature level teacher the five senses of touch smell vision hearing and taste me I can hear pictures teacher you can't hear picture silly me teachers when the student is having a mental breakdown teachers when you forget to have the unit of measurement for a math problem me coughs slightly the anti-vaccine next to me beamers seventeen year olds failing school with no friends I'm in this photo and I don't like it nobody George Lopez at 3:00 a.m. nobody the shampoo bottle in the shower teacher the five senses our smell here feel taste and see me I can hear pictures teacher you can't hear pictures silly me if you could have any video game ability what would it be protect girls kiss wife you awaken feeling rested me literally fucking dead my mom who blames it on video games me washing a big knife my brain stab yourself how to get a girlfriend in the fourth grade I tried it I lost my teaching license and now I'm in jail me and the boys about to tell my dudes it's Wednesday consider this a fucking warning sorry wrong person who the right person who the hell is the right person me dives in video game some random medic 15.15 a big med Theory 15.3 file Hal I bang your mother damaged 120 damaged 216 I love you as a friend damaged 999 million 999,999 you you have been visited by the smart studying dog oh you will be blessed with good grades only a few subscribe to commenter woods and like the video on top food chain won't stop new game snaps ooh hey nice one – chirps – babe


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