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Megxit: Queen Elizabeth Agrees To Sort Out Deal For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle | NBC News NOW

  • Thank god they are moving to Canada. Do not ever come back to UK. Cause as per HM British people are racist that's why they are taking this move. Please go go, Britt will be happy to pay their private jet one time ticket. Anyway they have their hypocrites, ladder climbing friends around them, they'll pay for them. They'll write a book of suffering in palace, they'll cut the ribbons and give others people's money to charity, they'll do philanthropy work for themselves by others people's money. I want to be financially independent too, if I have all those.There's a saying, some people are so greedy that when you give them a spoonful of your portion because they have nothing, but instead of thanking they wants whole plate and will accuse the person that gave them food for not giving them whole plate.What a world. That's why nowadays I think more than twice to help others, even if I want to help genuinely, due to these kind of ungrateful people. Greedy, fame seeker, hypocrites, playing racists card, playing victimization. Please you two hypocrites are so welcome to Canada, I'm relieved at least one drama will end and Britt doesn't have to go through humiliation. Oh btw I'm also a people of color so whoever disagree with me, you are racist haha, isn't this how it works nowadays. Oh poor me, I'm black, I'm brown, I'm yellow, I'm a women so all of my failure is white man's fault 😫😫😫. Get a grip.

  • This isn't a real family when you got team and peoples and can't just go to granny house and talk to her direct and say granny I love you and need a break from this life.

  • markle is high camp,,,,to watch her play the crowds is hilarious,,,a pantamine of deceit,,,,,,the pregnancy and darren a f g joke,,,,,,get rid of them,,,,ther is something sordid and degenerate about them ,,,,,,,,he is very fin de race,,,,,,,,and darren,,,,wot lab concocted him

  • She is the true epitome of reality TV, forced down our throats whether we want the royals or not. Harry was the Black sheep, never to be King so he found true love. The Queen needs to step down and let Wille sell out and give tours.
    And for god sakes woman hit up Trump for a winter suite in Florida and get some sun for that white pasty skin…

  • I never really liked the queen. To me she’s rigid & boring. The only thing that ever interested me about the royals was princess Diana & Meghan. Plus it’s 2020, if I were queen, none my family members would have to write a letter just to sit & speak with me😒. However I am only queen of my apartment🤣

  • WOW! If we ALL could run and hide from all our problems.
    Oct 31, 2019, on Fox News, Donald Trump of all people gave this couple some great advice. "Meghan Markle handles media criticism 'very personally': 'You’ve got to be a little bit different'. He stated. They need to rise above the criticism of the media, and all the haters of this world.
    Michelle Obama also gave excellent advice. "When they go low, we go high.’
    When these media haters hit you with something cruel, evil, and untrue, you hit them back with something loving, virtuous, and aspiring – anything that is praiseworthy.

    The Queen loves people of all races and color. Look how she and Prince Philip adored your child. Consider the great sacrifice she made when she allowed you to have the wedding of your choice. Now, you are breaking her heart by running AWAY instead of rising ABOVE the challenges presented to you.

    How far would the human race progress if we all ran from our problems and the challenges that God set before us.

    Remember a quitter never win. A winner never quit.
    Change your mind. Use a few of Donald Trump's jargons, " I didn't say that. You are hearing things. That's fake media talking."
    Hundred of years ago, people fought and died to be where you are. Be EAGLES. Fly HIGH. Don't let the chickens drive you from your great stature in life.

  • Well she didn't leave because of racism. She left because she's having a tantrum. She lied about the pregnancy and there is no Archie

  • They did this to princess Diana and the kids was old enough to know the the Queen boys was dirty men and didn't respect woman so Harry is breaking the ice on the womanizing family that's called the locals. Queen Elizabeth is not perfect.

  • The media has lost their minds. They made exactly the right decision. I will enjoy watching them grow and flourish as a couple.

  • The British snobs and racists have driven the "low-born American wife" away. Then they complain about the "German" royals. White British supremacy? Keep up with the times or fall behind.

  • "Independent" means tax payers don't have to pay for them! They can do what they like, but don't make others pay for them!

  • At the end of the day, it's 2020… why do we even still have Kings and Queens? .. so corny and unnecessary. In my opinion, the only "royalty" I've ever seen was Elizabeth Taylor. When she died, all "royalty" left in the world was gone. 👑 RIP Liz

  • Good .
    U r a queen grandmom
    U r not afraid for die u will fight until die this is our royal blood n queen blood . Our royal pure blood will alive on earth forever .

  • Ya'll are making a big deal out of nothing. So what if they want to have a life! Leave them alone and let then enjoy their journey. The Queen needs to back off.

  • Meghan is a snitch. She snubbed the royal Christmas over the kiddy table but then leaves her infant with nannies for two days while in London. You do the math.

  • Megan is not Canadian, she just stayed here while filming. Canada is not her home, just her playground. Wishing she would keep to America.

  • Pardon me but with all the problems that ordinary people such as myself are going through day in and day out, these two royals Harry and Megan seems like spoiled royal brats to me. As a cancer patient with young children, I suffered a great deal of pain but have to work everyday to support my family and pay taxes, while these two are enjoying the people’s tax money. Wow! What a wonderful life and yet nothing but drama coming from these two. They want their cake and eat it too.

  • Gawsh just leave them alone…the press and the royal family killed his mother, Princess Diana…he’s trying to protect his family. Just let them be


  • Wthat princes diana spirit.saying that palace will forever have no peace even in their sleep.but who would have thought .harry as a kid used to next to his mom. In africa to growing up marrying an african American.his loyalty to his mother inspirationl it will written in our history.a royal married a african American Hollywood harry making sure nothing harmful comes to his wife Meghan and beautiful baby.saying i should know you took my mother away from me.wait did u just turn into a lizard.and our kid will not be a meal on any platter.said to the mad hatter.dont he could inheit the royal matter were harry and Meghan may rome.then she will be Meghan peoples princesses#shadow3rdeyetheory#shadowangelz#shadowtribe….shadow

  • Prince Harry just pulled a Princess Diana stunt 👸🏼 on Prince Charles and her Majesty. Ouch! 😳 Princess Diana lives on through her son ❤️! Prince William, I am here to support you 🙌

  • Good luck to them! I like them ever so much! Why shouldn't be free & independent??? Of course the Queen won't be able to "chip" on their budget; God set them free, before Her Majesty pushes them into poverty, considering her thirst for someone else's fortune;

  • Good luck Harry and Meghan! You are wise to escape the press harassment that tormented and killed Diana. I hope that your new life is happy and safe. You'll like Canada. It's a fantastic place to live!

  • Go Meghan go. Bring as much money as you can from British taxpayers and enjoy your Hollywood lifestyle. And also torture that old Queen mentally. Love ya – An woke American 😆

  • Of course they can make it work, why the heck can't they fly home when needed? This is ridiculous to make this much of a fuss over a family member who wants to grow up and move on.

  • To everybody in the (UK) that has been talking trash of H&M, all of you will bee responsible if the rest of the world starts to think you the (UK) are two faced and racist
    and people stop talking about the F money!
    he deserves much more

  • Harry is a nut to demote himself in distancing himself frm his close relatives and to be homeless like her being homeless without any relatives!!!

  • Tantrum?? !!?? Really, what is it with the brits they like to call him throwing tantrums. How about a MAN standing up for his family.

  • They both should pay the British taxpayer back every penny spent on Frogmore and the wedding this farce of a marriage has gone on long enough Markle appears to have only wanted fame and a check sad for Harry who looks like he could use a respite from his opportunity-seeking spouse.

  • Don't care if they want to be 'independent', but they should be stripped of their titles and privileges. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

  • I would if I could make both Prince Harry and Megan Markle Ambassadors without Portfolios for the Royal Family… such a position would give them the freedom they desire and still keep them in service to the queen.

  • There’s nothing special about any of the Royals they are merely ornaments to inflate the egos of the English masses to make them feel special about having them. The English lack any distinctiveness to speak off except the Royal family and that’s why they exist unchallenged by their subjects.

  • The press has lost their complete minds when they have been reporting every negative thing they could on Harry and Meghan.

  • He could not get a meeting with the queen for months. Finally had to make his own decision when plans are leaked. Good for you Harry and Meghan. We love you

  • I dont get how British people can get furious about this, i mean let them live their lives how they want. I think you guys are sometimes to oppsessed with your royal house.

  • Oh look, who cares? Britain has far more important things to think about at the moment than the internal wranglings of a dysfunctional family, like NHS waiting lists, transport infrastructure and the looming Brexit disaster. And what the heck is the Queen doing driving at the age of 92? It’s not as if she couldn’t afford a chauffeur! By the way, anybody seen “Air Miles” Andy?

  • By the way, I like America and the American people, but as a Brit I do find it ironic that you fought a bloody war over 200 years ago to kick out the British Monarchy, yet now you appear to love the institution! Do you wanna buy them? We’ll give you a good price…

  • I would pay him $$$$
    …..then tell him toooo leave FOREVER!!
    MEGAN is a divider….from day one!!
    HARRY does not seem to mind and goes along with everthing!!!

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