Meghan Trainor Sings Praises for Daryl Sabara & "Songland" | E! News

now you know meghan trainor she got married in december yeah all right we are talking some newlywed bliss with her yes she's also telling us about her new job and why she's super pumped to get the gig being a newlywed is amazing I love it he's great he's so supportive and what's really cool is having someone you love actually be a fan of your writing and I never had that before him so like I'll write a song and he'll watch me or he'll help me out or we'll get in the car after and he plays any like you're the greatest song ever and that just feels amazing now Megan's paying it forward to other songwriters tonight on NBC's song Lance dude you were born to do this I jumped on this as soon as they're like would you be all the guests yes I would love to I would love to be a part of the show any way I can help this is the cool show ever it really doesn't feel like work it feels like family I never got to work with Shane or Ryan Tedder before the show and I'm immediately their best friends I learned so much and it's just like those are my heroes as songwriters I'm reading the lyrics that I was singing along oh he was already a jam in my room just bumping it so how does Megan find your musical inspiration everything inspires me every every time I hear someone talk to me and I'll take a little piece of it and I'll write it down bleep that's a song I had a dream the other day that Tiffany Haddish was singing the song and I was like that was a great song and I woke up and was like did I just write that song in my sleep and I recorded it at like 4:00 in the morning like it was great and then and I thought I written like two songs in my sleep like that or they're all like fully done and I wake up like well that was great thanks hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep your pop culture


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