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I really want to know your opinion about this next subject because you know it seems that Meghan Markel right has tweaked the design of her engagement ring now in Prince Harry proposed in 2017 the ring had a yellow gold band and three diamonds right which is super nice right you know two of those belong to a Princess Diana and a center stone that was sourced from both SWANA yeah I know what you're going here Chris because it's a couple of weeks ago I'm sure you all saw it the weeks of her pregnancy she still had that ring but now it seems as she did a little you know upgrade let me know the yellow band he sounds studded with small diamonds all around yeah she redecorated now so now would you operate would you upgrade your engagement ring it depends my pens on unlike Eve you know even the guy can afford if you really began for them whatever you okay so he can because obviously it's Prince Harry would you in this case a hundred thousand like I think that was nothing any she needs a bigger ring at listen I don't think there's anything wrong with upgrading I can understand a sentimental value or emotion that you have attached to it like as the guy so I think my real question isn't for us because we're we upgrading yeah I think any one you ask now would you feel a type of way say when you propose to your future wife right and she goes I thank you yes I agree and a couple of weeks later hi poppy you know what I wanted to shine a little marrying someone is gonna copy you know I would say I would take that probably at first would be a little bit like really I guess I did something wrong right but at the end of the day I'm not the one that's wearing the ring for the rest of my life right she is so I think I'd be cool right except I don't have Prince Harry money we're going back to my pocket right it depends I was giving you and I will say you know it's actually good that she actually did it after Archie was born too so it wasn't like in the very beginning that would really hurt like it were too quick like I know no I want another one yeah you know I when you go to London and you obviously do all those tourist things you can actually see the crown jewels of the royal family trust me they can afford this little ring upgrade for sure great it's just let me borrow it was cute for you that you did after the baby was born but yeah because it made it easier well you know what actually I want to ask you guys out there that are watching this right now would you ask or would you just go ahead and do an upgrade on your engagement yes please let us know what you guys think about this because we want to know so just go to Instagram or Twitter at letting mix now or slash right here right here on youtube you know please right here on YouTube yes so if you want to know about little Zen or the Oscar fashion Megan Marco Omega Marc what else we always want to know Marco you know what you guys have to do royal press a button that says subscribe easy-easy like not me peepee

  • Why did she alter the ring? Because she is trash, plain and simple.
    Harry designed that ring, having in mind her preference for yellow gold ( as explained in engagement interview). Harry invested not just diamonds and gold in that ring, but his feeling too. And she spat all over it. Low class stripper trash that she is.

  • OMG!!!!!!!! Are you guys really that Stupid and Dumb. Anything for ratings or gossip. Meghan Markle didn't upgrade her own ring Dum Dums. It's a Push Ring, which is traditionally given by the spouse to his partner after giving birth. Kate MIddleton sparkler was also upgraded by her husband after giving birth. Sheeeesh!

  • Any woman who would redesign,or let someone redesign her engagement ring given to her with love by her husband doesn't know anything about love.

  • Whoa….. there IS no love or respect from her for HIM or THE ROYAL FAMILY. She is destroying them!!!’n

  • I think Harry may have surprised her with the upgrade. It first appeared after she gave birth to Archie so there is a connection there. But at the end of the day it's no ones business but theirs.

  • Prince harry upgraded/re-designed his wives engagement ring, when he knew that he was giving her an eternity band for their first wedding anniversary. Why do people care? She hast to wear for the rest of her life, even if she would’ve been the one to upgrade, that is her business. However, prince harry re-designed her ring, because he was giving her an eternity band to match. Y’all are stupid, always trying to make Meghan out to be the bad guy. Her husband is very much in love with his wife, loves to buy her diamonds, and that should be that.

  • You can tell that Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are very thoughtful towards each other. Because really, you can see they're thoughtful towards other people so they're definitely thoughtful towards each other. So with that said, I'm pretty much sure that Duchess Meghan wouldn't have done it without Prince Harry's blessing.🙂

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