Megane RS300 Trophy Review – Is this the best hot hatch

I stopped popping popping bang there you go hi guys Alex Pete forms have used welcome to another vlog I'm here at Mill Brook and I am with Renault UK with the Renault Megane 300 RS trophy so basically just to give you a little synopsis of kind of them the extra things on this basically it's got the whole cup chassis from the previous generation car with an additional 30 horsepower and 20 Newton meters of torque so quite a bit different there so you're getting all of the cut pack extras as well you also get in these I think magnesium alloy other wheels that basically reduced to kilograms from each corner but the thing is if you know a bit like me I race your tongue understand unsprung rate equates to so much more in the feel and dynamics of the whole car so 2 kilograms weight saving on each corner probably equates to a lot of probably the equivalent of something like 40 kilograms of removing weight inside car there's a science behind that I'm not going to go into it but it is going to make a good difference with the 30 horsepower and 20 liters of additional torque as well so we we're really really looking forward to that we love the I've won the amps in our video from the previous Cup one ping-ping-ping look at the top there click on that watch then come back to this and watch that but yeah what's on and we'll get you a good review full review let you know what we think of the changes and how much hopefully better it's maybe already amazing again fresh off the press after hearing the trophy our version which the raw one with no rear seats crazy crazy thing raucous thing has just beaten the front wheel drive Nurburgring record doing seven minutes forty front wheel drive production record around the Nurburgring insane here the lightweight I always like to say two kilograms saved from each corner really reduced two kilograms of one's weight really really important for kind of and characteristics and acceleration so she'd really really make a difference but looks awesome in this yellow as well links in the buyer to the color link to the buyer to all the tech spec etc yeah that's kind drive and enjoy one comes equipped with the Alcantara pack which is basically got these lighter cup RS sport seats and they actually sit 20 mils lower as well so it's quite interesting so it lowers the center of gravity is well which is awesome so interior much of a muchness no different to how it was before and lovely light weight job ease yet nice display a nice I don't say no throws because I think it's not quite a nice interior especially for the price point as well and really really good again links and BIOS to all the kind of prices etc but yes a lovely place to be more importantly HP baby manual gearbox we love that proper driver's car let's go and enjoy let's get you that try can't remember whether this makes you a hero or not but position for heel and toes yeah pretty good that's quite close I can hear them so nicely from there as well so yeah when I do think about these things lovely nice reverse camera I'm in a controlled environment environment don't worry I'm recording and I am safe yeah handy handy it's a minimalistic but adequate lovely bucket seats lovely say interior and general is it's a nice place to be I think so um yeah okay guys so you join me out in the Magan 300rs trophy we've been out in the car package as I said to you for obviously we're gonna treat this as a different car because realistically is there's lots of differences I've been out loads of all o cars I need to get used to try finem and you will get we should really wait so many cars going authorised we all know technically to some extent they are the faster car round track properly in my opinion unless you've got really good automatic gearbox like a DSG a very high-end DSG actually sometimes the man whose can be quicker so yeah obviously it's about holding the gear or knowing when you need to look to kind of go down and drop down into again keeping the chassis balance under control you see a lot of the auto boxes don't do that they're slowly changed sometimes it's just the frustration of when you're on track you want to flip down you can kind of get a bit frustrated through that manual gearbox you're obviously in control of that which is great so yeah we're gonna crack on and push on and enjoy this car I love the last one again check out the link if you haven't from before yeah a proper H pad and the gearbox on this is very very nice and I have to say yeah nice and kind of like not nachi in a horrible way but not you feel the gear go in and it feels nice and solid there's no key wobble on the hand if it's really really tight pros are nice and short which is beautiful some people ask me on the last began and they were basically asking is it Liverpool is it is it kind of drivable for everyday use and the answer is yes for me I mean you can hear me now we're over some bumps and lumps and bumps and by and large she's nice and comfortable and not too uncomfortable I mean at the end of the day is a raw kind of sporty car but it's definitely something you can and everything for sure in my opinion and I'd be very surprised if he was to find it too hard company unless you're not used smoky colors pop stars but anyway not for that talking about couple minutes polish yeah it definitely feels quicker definitely feels quicker straightaway on curly nice let's get feels good it breaks like not bad getting warmer we've been in some cars with some huge anchors on them sedan cous break studies and so is this on the break no I mean last class time they had good stop op see it's not giving me that kick out of the cooler like some of the big cardio street cars I've been in gearbox is lovely you know anything Garrick sees you put a shop in get any at all enough power as well not at the steering that's just kind of back off a little bit going over the browser always always good fun in Millbrook Proving Ground I feels great it feels great it just basically feels like the last car which is super with definitely you can feel the power you're not going to really necessarily feel the two kilograms of unsprung weight from each of those alloy wheels and the weight saving there but a collection of the things that have been improved on this car and will pushed on this car can be felt definitely it definitely feels quicker let's give it a little push to give it an order 260 time just gonna put it into race mode increases the audio a little bit open the bank its crackling now but a little bit now I put into kind of a race mode it's popping and banging a lot more as well you're probably here and I start popping popping bang there you go it sounds awesome it's a nice really nice sounding car bit touring car like which I like its steering feel is great really really nice weight to the steering wheel let's give it a little give me a little lowdown launched it was slow roll very good great what I do like about this actually is front-wheel drive but when you really really get going and it's got there a bit of power you got a room remember there's no actual trap which a lot of front-wheel drive cars do suffer from a hell of a lot there's no actual trap an actual triumph is basically it's when you you nail it from low down speed and the Chateau de chasse or the suspension can't basically keep up with the grip and you get this bounce and then the chassis and it just basically sounds like it's gonna smash basically the card to submit Marines and break something and it sounds like it's going to break something it probably will axle Tramp is very very damaging to a front-wheel drive car you'll often brake engine mounts and gearbox mounts so um anytime a car developer can and a manufacturer can make get rid of that axle tramp from a front-wheel drive car when they've got quite a bit of power which is very very hard and it's a big big tick and a very very hard thing to do will pen up read over now that so well done to them for doing whatever they've done to make that's not a cramp when you've basically accelerating hard away from the sheer power of near 300 so yeah really really hope these 300 horsepower are saying so really really good again the end is going to sound like screaming so do apologize always my corner of choice to check out how this chassis feels it feels great perhaps you super lovely sounds from the exhaust nice pops and crackles exactly what you want from a hot hatch why or said love about that sound as it doesn't sound official just every now and again when eating sauce is hot and you get to a certain amount of rpm it just lets out a little bark and a little popping the crackle which I love let's see what he says he's like in sports by nearly off brakes nice ocean breaks of the earth chances good transitions lovely breakin into you lovely lovely understand no there's no understeer just wait front end lovely love that it's gonna back off now brilliant no very impressed second again give it another little purchase give it a push around here break yeah it breaks found again check-in she's yep pass is the Alex peak performance reviews test yeah this is a proper hot hatch and I loved the cup I really did there was cause like things on the Civic type-r for driving dynamics I liked a little bit more than a company even though the cup was still an amazing car this runs the Civic Type R and chassis chaste on Alex and Phil now I know there hasn't been any change but it maybe is from those those alloy wheels they have been a bit of our own way and the two kilograms being being removed because for me it does feel a little bit better and a little bit more dialed in I don't know what but although I can ascertain is that there is a difference from those alloys and they are making a difference it's got more power which for me even though it was great I always liked more power so power tick thirty horse down more 22 means more for the price differential with the nice lovely alloys look or smell it's worth the extra it really is guys if you're in the market for something a new hot hatch you like to look at them again go and drive the trophy 300 RS because it is something special it really is it takes all these boxes which you'd need from a hot hatch and I love it I actually love this car I've ran out that a stellar job they did with the last one they've just made it even better what's not to like go get yourself a test drive links and a bio to have been including more tech spec if you've got any questions obviously has always guys we can't answer everything in a short little video so questions in the comment section ask is anything you can think of actually I've got to tell you about a few other little bits and bobs on the car as well you see now and it's actually got a lithium ion battery on the car as well as its main battery so it's lighter obviously than the stock battery that used to be on the trophy on the cup story or any of the normal range cars to live in my own battery that makes even lighter it's also got some different internals on the turbo charger so it's got a special ball bearing f1 technology so what that does is if anyone knows about modified cars and turbo charging and if you've looked into kind of fancy turbochargers like I have you'll know that when you have ball-bearing turbos they spoil a little a lot better than the journal bear and turbo so you'll get a lot more quicker motion freewheeling of the compressor wheel and essentially what that equates to is a less laggy turbo so more responsive turbo so you're basically the rev range and all the power bound will move a little bit to the left so if you see a dyno graph the the power range will move to the left a little bit so you get a lot more spool and a lot more power and kind talk lower down and in mid-range and even at top end so overall the whole package and the whole car is going to be that much that much quicker so yeah it's it's great to know I certainly felt that from the car it feels completely different to the car now I know that as well it makes more sense as to why the cars quicker I was talking about maybe just it being the little lightweight alloys and the additional power but there's lots of little things that make that so much more than just the normal Magan trophy with the Magan cups as I say or the normal Magan 280 so get yourself down to a Renault dealer if you if you are in the market for some of this go test drive it you will love it so much tech on there as such you don't even know about and technology that makes that car for something quite special so yeah I actually loved my drive and I hope you enjoyed the drive as well and as always guys like share comment subscribe and we'll see you again on the next one bye for now

  • I had a short test drive in an EDC Trophy yesterday and was thoroughly impressed. Please do not take any notice of the usual journos 'overly harsh ride'
    The build quality was up there with VW/seat. It sounds good and has that feeling like it wants to be thrown about. Turn in was very impressive.
    My short list is (was)

    FK8 (I just don't think i can live with those looks..and i do prefer a non manual for commuting etc)

    Golf R (No denying their ability to cover ground very fast, not particularly involving, a bit dull to look at? But looks are personal, plus I've had a MY18 S3)

    And this Trophy 300. In my opinion the best looking, loads of spec, and Renault are doing 0% APR pcp deals on these at the minute

  • Great review. That Renault Yellow is immense and this Megane seems well sorted. Would you have one over a Focus RS or Civic Type R?

  • The looks of this have really grown on me. I'm not sure I trust a 1.8 with 300hp. I'll stick with the tried and tested F4Rt in my 275. Any idea if the wheels would fit on a mk3?

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