Megan Thee Stallion, YBN Cordae, Maino & More Talk BET Awards & Give Acceptance Speeches!

You're rocking with your boy
Tory. BET Awards weekend! What are you looking forward
to for BET Awards weekend? Everybody man. I know Cardi
performing this year too and her performances
are always crazy. I'm really looking forward
to the Nipsey Hussle tribute, of course. I was here on the day
that Nipsey passed. Wow I was actually down the street
at another studio not too far from his. I can't wait to see
the Nipsey tribute. You know his energy
is all around us. Definitely will be missed. What he represented for
the community, is extraordinary. And also taking that moment to
say we really have to do better. We can't extinguish
lights like this. I cannot wait to see Mary J
get her recognition. For sure that's gonna be crazy. I think imma shed a tear
and be like “Yes, yes!” Seeing Mary, seeing her tribute. She deserves every accolade
she could possibly get. I'm always excited to see
new artist perform that I've never seen
perform before. So you know, I'll be sitting
back with my popcorn like “Man, let me see
Lil Nas X gonna come”. You know I mean I'm just excited
about the new performers. It makes me feel really good
to see everybody come together, all the artists come together. But for me to be here, singing
a song amongst all my people, it really feels good. It's showing that we're loving
and supporting on each other because we don't have
a lot of that. I'm looking forward
to all the performers. I know everybody say that,
but I'm such a true fan of music that's like, you know I'll find
the good in everything. Regina Hall. Regina Hall. And she fine. Just a peaceful weekend.
That's what I'm praying for. Great energy
and a peaceful weekend. Lets all just you know have fun,
catch a vibe, and get on some. How did that feel
when you got nominated? Good, man. Let me tell you like
the Grammys is beautiful, it's beautiful.
I'm so thankful. Also, Grammy nominated.
Lets not- you know what I mean. But BET Awards,
Soul Train Awards, it feels good
when it's your own. That's what I grew up on so… Just even being nominated
in the category with so many great women. I just couldn't believe it.
I was having a party in Houston. My hotties came up to me,
and they were like "Megan look!" And I was like That's how you found out?
Right there at the hottie party? Yeah, right there at the
hottie party and it was so lit. I was like “Oh my god” I could not believe
I'm nominated for an award. Favorite BET moments. Ah man, it's always
an event man. I can't even put a finger on it. I'll never forget the BET Awards where Will and Jada
rode out on a horse. The second I saw
that I was like “One day I really hope
we get to be a part of that." When me and my girls, Xscape, got back together
after 25 years. It was amazing
for us to do that. We never really did that when we
was out and hot in the '90s. We were able to do that
so you know, thank you BET. Didn't Nipsey slap a (beep)
last BET Awards though? (Laughs) Rest in peace
to neighborhood Nip. He did he like slapped him. That's definitely
one of the best That wasn't in the broadcast but if you online
and you seen that joint. R-I-P neighborhood Nip Rest in peace to neighborhood
Nip That was real legendary
right there. When you win your BET Award, I want to hear
your acceptance speech. and the winner
is Mr. Warren Campbell Listen, I'd like to thank
all the little people. Really? And you got to be
really little cause I'm short
(laughs) Right, right. I ain't write it yet.
I ain't write it yet, man. Imma freestyle that shit. This shit kind of heavy.
(laughs) (beep) said all
the wrong words huh? Thank God, thank my fans,
thank my supporters, thank my team. We number one. I already
got it prepared already. You ready, he ready. Oh I ain't know
these was this heavy. Oh yeah no, you got to make sure
you do your pushups baby. First off I want to thank God,
you hear me. Nah, I'm just messing
(laughs) BET I need this
for the realest (beep) award. Real shit goes to me. The realest (beep) award,
you just won it. Let me hear
your acceptance speech. I want to thank all you (beep). And I mean, all you (beep)
for trying to hold me down, for making me suffer because
you just made me greater. Here we go man. One time for Brooklyn,
we did it. Unstoppable. I just want to say thank you
to everybody who supported me
along this journey but more importantly
to the people who was doubting
my come up. Baby this is only
level one, honey. And wait til I get
to level ten hoe you gonna have to battle me
like its Mortal Kombat. Imma save that
for when I win. Because I am going to win,
you know what I'm saying. (Laughs)
I ain't mad at it. Imma just be like
“Man I told y'all (beep)”. But shout out to God, shout out Ma Dukes,
and I told y'all (beep) and just going to add this
to the collection baby. There you go. Hey man, you rocking
with the GOAT man. I'll see y'all later.
All right, peace. Yours is home.
No, you got yours. Can I just have this one? Nah, you got to talk
to the people in the back. Why? I'm about to just go. I'm about to just go
ahead and go. All right so Kash Doll just-
She Detroit-ed her win.


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