Megan Thee Stallion performs live BET Awards 2019 Fashion Show Half Naked booty out

  • I wanted to support her because I think she's a great artist, but can we at least get a different type of look and act, it seems like this is all black women rappers can give the world, smh

  • There are lyrical black female artist with their own style, gangster female artist with their own style, freaky female artist with their own style. Stop comparing her to something she’s not, if you don’t like what she’s doing, don’t watch her. SIMPLE! She is a college educated woman who enjoys what she does and if she wants to be half naked again that’s her choice! You all are so quick to condemn something you don’t have to watch and quick to say she’s lost, she has money and getting her degree where has she lost? Stop generalizing the generation for a couple of artist who are making their money and minding their business. You all had women just like her in your generation but quick to judge her. She doesn’t teach your kids, you do! There are a million videos about lawyers, doctors, teachers etc. & here you are bashing a entertainer, that’s her job to ENTERTAIN & again if you don’t like it, DONT WATCH IT!!

  • Megan will make it to the top. Mark my words she will be performing At the BET awards next year. Byeee Cardi 👋

  • They never upload her performances in HD they always blurry … She's in her own lane have her own sound and style, I hope she makes it to the top

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