Megan Rapinoe's Acceptance Speech & Wins Generation Change Award! 🥇 | #KCS2019

[music playing] We just watched Olivia
kick some butt in that last challenge. So you will not be surprised to find out
that at 13 years old… Olivia is the youngest soccer player
to ever go pro! So everybody give it up
for Olivia Moultrie! [cheering] Now this award that we're giving out now
is called the Generation Change award. It honors an athlete
who is passionate about her sport and about social causes like equal pay,
LGBTQ rights and women's rights. She's changing the world for all of us! Give it up for a fierce competitor,
an American hero, the co-captain of
the U.S. Women's National Team and a two time world cup champion,
Megan Rapinoe! [cheering] [music playing] Hi, everybody! How is everybody? Is this a custom? Custom made specifically? Just for me?
How special. Thank you so much for this award,
this is such an incredible honor. For me, sports changes everything. It's brought me all around the world,
all around the country. Different cultures, different people,
different ways of life. But it's proven to me
that we're all the same. [cheering] But most of all, I think,
especially for all you kids out there, it's taught me to believe in myself,
to dream big and to always have fun. So thank you so much for this award,
love you guys! [cheering]


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