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Meeting the evolving talent and business needs at Cineplex Entertainment

My name is Joan and I work for Cineplex. We’re a Canadian entertainment organization. Being in the entertainment space and being
in a space where we engaged humans in a way that made them feel gratified, we were not
doing that with our employees. So, we chose Halogen really because of Halogen’s
ability to really provide that customized solution for us. And the implementation with Halogen was amazing. I worked with an implementation consultant
who made the whole process of bringing this new system into the organization so painless
it was unbelievable. Since then, and that was way back in 2010,
we’ve evolved our processes quite significantly and Halogen has continued to keep up with
that pace of our evolution and continue to be able to provide us with solutions that
have really worked for our business. I would definitely recommend Halogen to other
HR professionals. Halogen was top of the list way back in 2010
when we went to market, and I so strongly believed in this solution when we first signed
on with Halogen, and it’s now been seven years and we just, with our new check-ins signed
another three year deal with them. So we’re really committed to it.

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