'Medal Of Valor' Episode | Maalaala Mo Kaya Trending Scenes

I know knee yesterday Tendo pushes Omaha tapas knocking at door pushes Hospital small upon you and Nina prefer to my oxygen-dependent whatever see that they know they know and the bus terminal and upon bolita Seca upon our own ions Ospital to Luo Yin M Omega n cannon Catalan Milazzo coma hallo smog una Angoon Donita ba na manga ranana an bagga in a penetration otaku Tanya Misaki Mamata Jana Sangh cop Amelia Munna – Alana Misaki passes a module on the maglev England sealing enough [Applause] look around me pick on me Megara sir no only mean you own the Tottenham minbari Nagorny Ryan second quarter Amazon Walker it's a poem by ani a new man hawk I need more Gunners to ground zero seven permission to return to Ground Zero said Chicago yes sir melittin we still got to find my papa Oh CJ Ranger parking Fernanda thank you sir nah the Bayou sundial opens ooh gotten wedding in Deena boom Alex awara zone nepali kappa dawn nay sundial on a Pilipinas when i go along in tongue wholly-owned impact and volume by a nothing I mean in Cohen Yuna gonna go over top Eric you mean how in Buena teen para MIM a Padmaja Cyrillic Oh param a Padma in urobilinogen ooh piranha happened to Mata Gallatin time we can win assenting Nikita rather than miss a guarantor la la una caja Ronan arsanov Nando Marvin in dinero para $7 to say new the para sabayon oh yes again página Kanaka movie combo hi Oh bunny love you I feel beginning that little we must I personally could nothing is among a little llama rebelde property butit is a masala bus I need more Gunners a ground zero that we should return to grunts yourself got it rugged come again [Applause]


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