Medal of Honor Rising Sun Main Theme

  • God's speed Arizona! And a peaceful rest upon those who have given their lives in the line of duty.

  • "There goes Shima's plans mate. A fortune in stolen gold swallowed by the sea and a good man gone with it. Fare thee well Private Tanaka, you were one of the good ones lad. Well Griffin, we need to find out where Shima's taken your brother. Just you and me mate, we got bit of a debt to repay."

  • Nunca vou me esquecer do camarada sendo puxado pelo crocodilo, nunca vou me esquecer de nenhuma missão, nenhuma fase Nunca vou esquecer tudo isso…
    Nunca vou esquecer

  • I remember back in the day playing this with my Father, both loved this game and had a great time….god i miss those days

  • I hate to be that guy, but nothing compares to early to mid 2000s gaming. Not even the COD breakout of MW and BO…these were the best times. Before there was a huge focus on online gameplay. These old school games had online gameplay but they werent any different than offline split screen. Just good old fun. Log in, play, have fun, etc. Now all the new guys revolve around the multiplayer base so much that they don't even release Campaigns (BO4) anymore. I hate to say it, but streamers and YouTube killed multiplayer gaming. Nobody plays for fun anymore. Everyone wants to become famous or watch famous people so they can steal their loadouts.

  • I guess by the comments the most memorable moment in the game was probably the Guadalcanal gator incident

  • The memories I have attached to this song! Me and my older brother would walk over to our best friend's house during the summer (almost daily) in the brimming heat and we'd play this game for hours. I can still remember the music, the feel of the carpet, the sound of the AC in the window, the dusty smell of the room, and the old-fashioned Xbox controller vibrating in my hand as I got shot (which would happen a lot!) Now my brother and my friend are in college and I'll be going off next year as well, yet we still look back to those lazy, sticky, buggy afternoons in midsummer when life was much simpler.

    I'm not gonna slam online games, but there's something truly spectacular about playing old split-screen games together with your friends on a day with nothing else to do. It is my hope that this generation will come to realize that. Because when all's said and done, those are the days that'll stick with you for the rest of your life, as opposed to playing with someone you don't even know. That is my personal belief!

  • Man, I wanna play this again, this is the second fps i played, DOOM was the first, what I would do to have that same feeling again…

  • ill never forget hooking up my gamecube, putting in Rising Sun, hooking up four controllers, and hanging out with my friends while drinking soda and listening to music. This truly was a different era :,)

  • Years and years my brother and I played this game. From the 2000s to the 2010s. Me and him vs a team of AIs on the map with the ships. I remember the enemy team has a Japanese guy named Dogan who was so good. Man I miss those days and these games

  • I really love how all Medal of Honor themes have that iconic piece somewhere in it at 1:55.

    First game I ever played on my dads old Xbox after he passed away. Still remember the campaign save having his nickname on it. Wish I could play again!

  • Who else loved the big where u disguised yourself in that meeting and a ha of naked officer runs in the room "IMPOSTER"😂

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