Medal of Honor Rising Sun Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 – Singapore Sling

take a seat sergeant Griffin now that you've completed your OSS training we need you in active service immediately in fact tonight one of our operatives has uncovered evidence of a top-secret access summit planted somewhere in Singapore we need to know what those bastards are up to one of our Nisei operatives will make comments to fight a first class Tanaka he'll brief you upon arrival additionally the limeys have an SRE operative underground a major prominent he is kind of a wild card so keep your eyes peeled that's the mission and remember we're defending – can you come back [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's euro Tanaka the private first class I'll be your guide and translator for a little midnight tour here we'd better get moving the current okay here's the Intel I have on the summit the access taken over the best hotel in the city my commander Sheila is in charge of school things nobody knows who he is for what it's planning but the children will be very tight Rumour Has whole company's to the police or law [Applause] you drop seam is going to turn the city upside down looking for us now I'll throw them off your trail lose them in the alleys and I'll meet you at the hotel [Applause] [Applause] could show that what I was done for [Applause] boys yes Danny can move on that major to the bromley SOE at your service arrived in 32 went underground when the bleedin Japs to go back now you were heading for that tea party at the hotel right follow me maybe there are no done come on like they give it one full I've been tracking a certain German kommen Alberta relieving in obviously he should be party to this area Plaza here LED fish caltrops my Mushaf point when I get the word taught them under the tires of the staff car else snug them up right – secures uniform and will be on our line right well dad this is about as far as I can safely go there down here you'll be outside the hotel right quick I'm not good at this farewell graph so good luck mate [Applause] so the matrices – the way behind those books is yours if you want to go does it look me up after the water I owe you an effort your wisdom now come shoot forget Dogzilla very strongly and login now but I'll only in the blatant travel beneath the dial aside example upon anyone yo Joe it's me delight oh boy well a uniform a little loose in the waist but it'll do come on Connell Kandla we don't want you to be late your vehicle sir all right Griffin better start thinking in German you're on pal welcome sir enjoy your stay I am pleased to have impressed upon us guests as we Japanese form the Greater East Asia co-prosperity sphere we have discovered much wealth in the other nations of the region this goal will secure the future of Japan but what of the present the goal cannot buy more weapons or more ships but what might it purchase may I introduce you to general burrows for handsome reward the general has assured me that soon there will be a new leader in Russia one who can guarantee peace with Germany now the German head of state would never upset this plan but there are elements within his own High Command who would strike him down and replace him with a man whose vision of the future is unclouded their representative has joined us in pasta what what is this my uniform and [Applause] come on let's go [Applause] we're super make you need to get back to the OSX our only chance find out where the gold is stop it from being moon because turn a few frames in Burma you along with successfully occupying much of the Pacific the Japanese golden lily team began a systematic pillaging of Asian wealth the too muted thousands of metric tons of gold and valuables from Chinese cities the largest load was collected by general Yamashita after his conquest of Singapore the repository of many hidden British and French assets the one obstacle that Japanese faced was getting their hoard back to the homeland that verse the enemy relied on naval transport however after Allied forces picked up on this tactic and began hitting the Emperor's Navy hard the Japanese began securing their treasure in underground mines you're just last month we had a big storm and the Elm in the backyard came down sorry to say your old tree house was smashed Donny's going to be awfully upset when he gets home mom found his magazines in the wreckage and put them in the trash so that's where he was hiding them after the stump was cleared – mom planted a victory garden between tending her crops and volunteering at the Red Cross she's keeping busy I'm sure you've heard about all the shortages here I had to save up a month's worth of sugar ration stamps to make dad's birthday cake and the tires on the car bald as a cue ball but we don't mind these little sacrifices because we know it helps all of you fighting for us overseas we think of you and Donny constantly and pray for your safe return right back when you can big brother much love Mary


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