Medal of Honor: Heroes – PSP Playthrough 4k 2160p / Mouse & Keyboard Controls / GlovePIE PART 6

good morning captain it's been some time since we spoke last I understand dr. Baker's efforts in Italy went extremely well under your guidance we're here today to discuss a lieutenant James Patterson Jimmy one of our best Patterson was key to our efforts during Operation Overlord in Normandy he not only survived the hell of Omaha Beach he helped seize it since then he stowed away on and sabotage the Nazi u-boat captured a prize enigma codebook met with both French and Danish resistance forces if we had a hundred like Jimmy I promised you captain we'd end this war in no time Analia plans for him and Market Garden I've read over the details of this offensive and it will need men like him alike this operation his assignment is complex and it contains absolutely no room for error this file covers Jimmy's objectives in detail good luck to you all I fear you may need it well that's a dream


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