Medal of honor heroes 2 wii playthrough part 7: Village

hey guys mr. tempo speedy and today when we play in part 7 of Medal of Honor heroes still on the way so that strip into the entrance time for me to explain more about this operation to you we work for ourselves it's a very small organization within the OSS a your true mission has been far more important than you realize he'll earn indeed is a new rocket the v2 it is more accurate and sophisticated than the previous model it has a one-ton warhead and its nose and there is no known defense against it at this moment the Germans are trying to ship a prototype model out of a train the station is in the outskirts of the city but you'll have to get through a farming community seething with Germans first once the route of the station knock out the train and destroy the rocket you don't have much time I'll translate these documents and see what else we have to worry about move out okay so let's get started all right keep your eyes peeled about Thomas and I'm going to switch the pistol for this and one looks like good by this year and we have it through the whole big something for us better get patched up wait cache of evil see now vehicle you know Anagha book okay I've done it Thompson then just never has five people scale and it's gone saya it seemed together goodnight this was goodnight Germans thank you ketchup later yes forward Brian take guys out before we confront way to recover a bit response guys we got looks like get Chaplin this should be easy should blow that fucking IPO okay shotgun replica of the flame Christmas at the phone that shot gonna do well yields a hungry what about him llama good night Nina spins the wall tied me out for not just the Payoneer for us so for us go in here and Silva can see should be some documents gotta reload it's out manhunt new they up there we go here just make this up let's get ground every tree some artillery everyone inside you can't get him might've are on and they – there we go yeah the truth Oh just gonna collect some on their first cattle taco what crops on the way get on that mortar I think a few tries this a second take why better damaged whining Oh and one of them hopefully yeah quiet Oh okay with one of them shut down some more the missus is a bit hard they're on my head Mercedes god damn 100 Shantay because this sitting on that you have to take a lot of damage it get close-ups closed lips to the mall and the other side of the field I forgot some kind of try and shoot me this Hostel now I asked you guys nice um how much this group offices are all right next wasn't even s say it s TG US and China might be a PEPFAR which is a mission not you sure Hoffman's got around either and to go through that says they'll waive our idea that was a lot didn't know about that cover me gonna do all the malty especially careful next time gun reload boom die come I use a few bullets on this conservation myoga car little bit faster eat down you're not here ladies value or not skies kill me really fast okay time and you look I understand Marcus throws and Aiden Ross Oh six-five darling this won't go outside now it's because I walked out sites and stuff it be okay we're just trying upstairs and the multi just some house oh okay Oh who has this involved it managed to pull your graphing my clothes we'll ask the next few guys – you guys can three on the ground stand over this guy I'm terribly nervous all of you guys are really close – what – guys I think about that Oh that's too far at least I'm trying to it's just that how's close close to dying as well okay they must have gotten the other day and now about me careful okay we didn't get wasted straightaway this time destroyed the reactor it that you were a little up again any healthy this I'm fucked when you try a my M hip-fire so my guess is the visible there we go now the other big problem we're not see who's anything back here hidden Brown does his thing and see by yeah CGT say that first bullet it's not much but Mario to take down an aisle doing roam around and take out the guard mg and avoid these two you have to wait some allies to or enough I think though we've got hard by ourselves if it ain't gonna be hot by sex Laurey you were smart we're able to dance it off usually we try to get for hundreds than the Hanuman songs not sure Randy goodbye my way around thought of a new sport hockey journey or even drop down STG just caught up 15 bullets that's a work force for the moment they start off Oh company goodbye there goes one loose guy examine reservation mg42 jump on us now the great can you get those today you actually real Oh okay restart from checkpoint shield Jim Tucker is trying to find out where was the instructor giving up far from where we were I'm gonna get rid of that or not I get one do the same as last time in which room Ron take out the gun mg our eyes and everything we're getting help practically here in those classes they cat Adam do you read once again and now should be able to get behind zero Oh I'm even let's try it some bananas very anymore nevertheless so far it's more Piazza you're definitely gonna need try four down here as a Skype results No these people though a few bullets it's not long hi I won't see anyone either you're getting a checkpoint very fast now this way a second videos hopefully castle you know this Raquel that's on isn't the best place to be what's about to explain that is the rock it's not all we got let me get a few of these the missile units three of them perhaps until understand have enemies killed thankfully okay guys thanks for watching have a nice day and I'll see you in the next video goodbye

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