Medal of Honor – Gameplay

fucking crazy all clear funny man [Applause] wait they came from where this wedding has been picking for months expired no return flights out of the country something else but I think there's no doubt this is just kind of to get in front of us let's get the teams together and me to the factions you looted preacher and rabitor all the way the planes weight is around dust induced they're gonna be happy successful we're gonna have to get dirty extremely seeing increased activity mr. Merricks near the Pakistan border local asset places HP cheese in this region mainly this is what we came here for let's go on gotta get bumpy you took it back there Roger we good except for rabbit and his greatest hits at the end of this yeah well I'll take that over preachers a hip-hop any day he might be the first guy shoot all right here we go boy little- Tariq's a nice day doesn't tempt these boys we're cool Thank You Vanessa's location Roger still eyes open Salim una salaam toward Puig ichima Delta u na Taliban design nobody action baby look ha ha ha little kumigar kanuni post a shoddy nah everything cool here my man forget it nada I have Tariq's location we're moving out Panther is Wolfpack in position not yet let us know if things change I'm on it that move now that we're gonna meet same for cars back that dude said tell about bug out on Sunday yeah triggers who closed the gap a little you should tell because the insulting language seems to fix though he knows something or else you wouldn't need all the security going left what the fuck we got company the hell are these guys perfect twelve O'Clock one target 11 o'clock window to target mother we've got a truck blocking us in on our six [Applause] copy 1/3 on foot also we're good eyes open we got shooters all over the place father status where 10 meters past the crash site second deck got a guy in the roof we'll get a move soon we keep flying from here mites will draw from that Roger one three moving across the street through the building's get you a hard point link up jack I'm sorry get some fucking explaining to do secure the area link up and then we can think about him mother you're clear we're moving higher to find an altar rod to tarik safehouse yeah sure Elliot suspect Roger I can get you there on the door go away night-night what luck I killed your brother boom one three top sucks left eye movement up here dead men are on the ground Roger coming to you rabbit outside I can't help your brother mother watch the fucking doors here don't move it stops tonight what's your fight Roger dudu rabbit this way this way check your tangos upper deck across the street [Applause] mother pigs got asked up let's scroll it bad guys someone ratted us out you have to read we're on foot and moved in location now fuck you okay thanks no we don't need no reason to tell some of the bad guys I think we know yeah Claire get over here up you go fuck her eat sleep mother that house is gonna be a total setup this whole town is set up we're here we're checking it out fresh bags and heads on a swivel it's reeks in there we're taking him alive let's move there it is you don't need a whole brother motor cover stay how do I open check what now father you're in luck Langley has predator imagery of dismounts moving the ball in this are copy that we're moving out let's not waste time yeah mother Susie may have Tariq looks like a prisoner mother wears this outdoor the fourth we need to keep what can you do for us Roger that we're gonna paint it wildfire would take care of the rest Ellie your mark Panther take cover away from that door shut out copy that Roger I get more that watch your corners in here but most quickly Roger mother no signatory check moving Melissa cupcake watching fires Roger hey old rabbit [Applause] [Applause] get down next about if you reek building the clear hey brother we got different weapons new door give me an ammo count odd mag-7 grenade good to go alright recruit me anywhere we take him alive we find out what's going on here got it jack got it I lied I got a few questions I want to be answer over here what do you think that building what's the cure to Chechens were guarding here something important in there yeah rabbit you're with me mother we got another door check stack up remember two weeks in there [Applause]

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