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hello guys and welcome back to Medal of Honor frontline why are we back because I think we should have a look at the cheat codes that the game has and and what they're like I love cheat codes now a lot of fun back in the day and I find that they're not so much around anymore which is quite sad in this game there's a whole screen that you can go to and all the cheat codes are there for us to use and basically just enter them in the password screen on the Enigma machine so if you type in here duh were weeks I don't know what that word actually means but dull weeks and it's successful and that enables you to have all of these codes here and you can kind of choose which ones you want so Medal of Honor turn torpedo is like a photon torpedo so the bullets look like lasers or photon torpedoes rather we're going to put on bullet shield so we don't die I'm not sure what silver bullet is off memory perfectionist means you it's one shot and you're dead one bullet in your body and you're dead so we'll leave that off because I think we just want to muck around and play invisible enemy we'll leave off because we want to see them with the men with hats code which is quite funny rubber grenades grenades bounce everywhere sniper Rama means that you can zoom in with any gun like it's a sniper rifle achilles head means you have to shoot them in the head for them to die I think I will stick with these for now and have a play so we'll go back so yeah that's all you have to do is entered our walks into the password screen and you'll get all the codes that the game has to offer and I guess nowadays you've got lots of patches that people do and modding which offer a lot of great things to kind of play in the game and muck around with it but I I just really like that the game developers put into the game's codes like this feed a muck around or if you you know you press l1 r1 up-down left-right and all that sort of stuff and you could go to some secret weird level and all of that sort of thing like it was a lot of fun and I like that the developers did that for us so so what level do we want to play here that was a train level bridge level how can we go to let's do the rough landing one because we had some of the hilarious locals as well for us okay we've got a movie I'll fast forward this because we've all seen it so I think with the many hats all the bad guys have dream all with weird things attached to their head anyone elses round I could be like a grenade on their head or things like that oh there's a guy he's going to get shot so for example and I can zoom in with any gun now he's got a a petrol tank on his head or something like that it's so disrespectful so everybody's got something weird on their head this guy doesn't have anything that looks like oh and then when we fire we can fire without photon torpedoes bad guy look it's gonna just go is this gonna grate on his head oh and she just appeared out of nowhere Wow pretty cool so the problem though when you do do this cheat code the game stops you from being able to save or earn trophies so if you wanted to do this and play through the game so what's he got on his head there you just be wary that you won't be able to earn all the trophies if you wanted to do that so he's got some bullets on his head the other guy's got a big tank big big petrol drum on him so these guys can't kill me because of one of the trophies I'm just going to get up close to this guy I love it nothing sucks let's have a look at this guy oh man so fun I just got shot in the back whatever is when they died that's a petrol tank disappeared the petrol drum look at him yeah this appears what does this guy have more bullets on his head so I think I'm not sure if the if it's made up of items that are in this level so if there's a level where there's a plane you cool you can see guys with um you can see guys with planes on their head and stuff like that let's just blow this up so forgot the other one we've got these bouncy grenades see how they bounce everywhere see all that bounce going going oh we do that longer if I throw it really high hilarious so they're the codes that you guys can put into the game and I think maybe we should go to a level where there oh oh hey don't shoot oh that's in airborne private first class Jerry Lantos mind if I take this it's got separated from my squad during a skirmish two miles west of here yeah no worries you can tag along hey uh hey are you where this guy's wearing a petrol tank on his head should we be should we be trusting this guy yeah yeah we'll hang out with you man weirdo all right zoom right in on his face clipping there beautiful look at that ear it's just gorgeous ah I fired the petrol tank off his head and then his normal hat went over there just like many times I'm so excited so I get why they don't um allow you to I guess earn trophies without noting that that's been one of the most annoying experiences either had was um with grand theft auto vice city which is a fantastic game I was playing that giant I wanted to get a hundred percent completion and then during the game I got a bit bored you know he muck around with Grand Theft Auto and do things so I put a cheat code on I put a cheat code on and I was able to I know get maximum ammo for some reason and well whatever stuff like that some some sort of code but because I did that even though I I took the code off and continued playing with the game it remembered that and it wouldn't let me get 100% completion which is the worst and so it was always stuck at 99% even though I did everything in the game and as you guys know that takes a long time is this thing in the sky again the two crates for no reason what do you have a new head nothing alright alright can we go to let's get out of here let's try another level where there are bigger items within the game so let's go to the war room um let's try that first mission that was really cool looks no oh this is what we wanted anyway okay great so someone's wearing a some nervous guys wearing a plane on his head that's ridiculous can I ski can I skip through here now so he's got a needle on his head or a bullet it looks like there's a guy yeah he's got some sort of I thought is that me with the plane no I don't know what's on his head I can't zoom in they didn't have anything they're all jealous but someone's someone here is wearing a plane I think it's this guy I think it's attached to his head he's got a whole plane on his head look at that what a nightmare is that a man up there the guy in the cockpit up hilarious this guy's freaking out because there's a guy on the boat with a plane attached to his head what were your favorite cheat codes or experiences with cheat codes in games do you remember way back in the day even I guess before the internet you'd have to get a magazine and they would publish the cheat code we get a magazine that just had cheat codes in it and you would uh you'd flip through that and look for the cheat codes for your game and you'd share them with your friends and that sort of software's now you just look online or I guess now I don't really exist anymore they do but it's not the same as I said the old codger oh what's this guy got on his head once he's got like a light on his head Felisa he's got like an explosion on his head or a bullet or something like that look at these guys over here it's just all these planes marching up the beach hilarious look at all these planes on the beach I love it so you could play through the whole game like this if you on it where this is guys arriving as planes on Normandy rewriting history and also kind of spitting in its face so I could fire I can I finally kill these guys for once but what's the planes coming up a beach I do recall in this with the cheat codes in this that you could find that shortcut was this game or another one but far maybe it's from one of the levels where there is food but you could see people they were wearing big hot dogs on their head or something like that maybe if we do that let's do that mana level check that one out yeah so in your experience with cheats what were your favorites what was it Needle Stalin was me yeah because there's been some great ones out there the Medal of Honor did it really well especially I think I talked about this during my playthrough the the first the first levels I'm sorry when you've been it sorry when you finish the Medal of Honor game on PlayStation 1 you could make all the what's he got on his head like are the clocks remember we had to destroy all the clocks in this game he's wearing a big cuckoo clock on his head like a weirdo oh that's the that was the back of it so now we can see what the back looks like it's just absolutely nothing that's funny yeah so the whole level was made up the Nazis were actually dogs oh there's a plan I reckon let's try this level again because I want to try that trick that that that kid had where you could kind of sneak through this mission without any of them noticing so bought the mission let's turn on invisible enemies anyway while we're here so thank you so much for watching the playthrough with me guys if you want to continue on or if you want to watch some more are there invisible there sit just holding a gun yeah please let me know if there's any other games you want me to play he's just walking there with a gun I'll go inside where it might be a bit easier to see what's he got on his head look at that your business feed me the only form is fudge this is hilarious um yeah if there's any games you want me to play next oh just shout them out and I'll see which ones I can get – this looks like a bit hard to play would be visible enemies and yes so just please don't leave in the comments below what time where is he this is so hard oh there's someone else in here just floating guns fighting me yeah if there's any games you want me to play or any any consoles you want me to focus on things like that you're happy to do that see if I can get to it there's a couple that you've already suggested I think I will get through – to die hard die hard trilogy on the PlayStation 1 and formula 1 game has been suggested as well which I would like to play so even these cheat codes don't work so well but um what I find most interesting with cheat codes as well as a often provided another level to the game in terms of being able to play it for longer that the longevity was quite good with if you had a good cheat code to play with because you finished these games pretty quickly and then all of a sudden you'd be like what do I do and you could put enter some cheat codes and keep playing for a while so I think I'm going to end that there thank you so much for watching the middle of on a frontline playthrough if you want to pick this game up don't forget to use that Deloitte's code and then you can have the crazy hats going on and all that sort of stuff but I appreciate watching thank you so much for subscribing and I'll see you on the next game see you guys bite

  • I just got the WR Speedrun for this game today 3/2019 – on Gamecube! Didn’t use cheat codes but these bring back casual memories I enjoyed!

  • I still remember the cheat, DAWOIKS. I used to never under stand it, but I one day did figure it out. It means The Works in boston talk

  • This was such a fun game to play with just the right amount of challenge. And some of those cheat codes? Hilarious and cool. It's too bad the developers couldn't take it to the next level and got their bums kicked by Call of Duty.

  • Hi ya'll. Great video. "DAWOIKS" comes from an American expression, "Let's give 'em (them) the works!" (Meaning everything). With a bad New York City or Boston accent it would sound like "Da woiks!" The 'petrol' can (smaller) on the guys head during 'men with hats' is actually a whiskey flask.

  • "What time are we supposed to be back?" – does Jimmy have a curfue? I can imagine his parents at home: "Now Jimmy, be sure you're home from war by 20:00. Or you go to the same camp as everyone else."

    There's always a guy in the cockpit.

    I used cheat codes for Sim City 4 haha. Goldeneye had a similar cheat code system. It was so much fun. As mentioned in the comment above, or below mine, there is an emulator you can download to play the N64 game on PC. Or I can send you my N64 and Goldeneye cartridge haha.

    I know how it feels to have a big clock on your face.

    German soliders during WW2 were know for blowing disguises.

    In addition to the games you mentioned, maybe try a Call of Duty game.

    Great video! Always hilarious to watch! Thank you for making these!

  • Hey Rowan ive been enjoying your playthrough, this game made a huge impact on me when it came out too, those cheats are hilarious the planes crawling up the beach had me in fits! A game you should do a playthrough of next is James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing on ps2, its a great overlooked game 😀 also goldeneye on N64 is great too either would be awesome.

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