Medal Of Honor Bellavia Story

it is hard to overstate bellavia's heroism from that day in Volusia Iraq back in 2004 the staff sergeant recently spoke about everything that happened on that day 15 years ago this November November 10th 2004 Staff Sergeant David Bellavia marked his 29th birthday on a mission with his unit to search for a group of homes in Fallujah for enemy insurgents they walked into an ambush two machine guns spraying fire at the platoon hitting three of bellavia's comrades I could not use my rifle and I looked down and I had a round that hit the magazine couldn't have asked for worse luck Bellavia took a squad mates machine gun and went into the building alone so I just started firing I could see these guys I could see the look on their face I could see how confident they were and I clunk empty and I look in the inner house and everyone's gone he regrouped with his squad and went back in with only a journalist beside him once again running into insurgents I saw this guy loading up an RPG I turned the corner and I just started putting rounds down and because of where he was he couldn't move so he was just trapped another insurgent he hit survived and using the sound of his radio tracked Bellavia to a bedroom they could hear that so but I don't think he knows where I'm at I think it was almost apparent that he didn't know because he walked right in front of the door of that bedroom and that's when I got the jump on him that insurgent went down but soon after another started shooting from the stairs but there was a gap in the frame of the bedroom and there was a little bit of space between the concrete and the doorframe and I put rounds between the wall and that that got him another insurgent came out of a wardrobe but lost his balance and missed shooting Bellavia giving him time to return fire and wound him Bellavia chased him up the stairs and I hit blood I lose my entire footing and I just fall and then the guy shoots around right where I was standing Bellavia tossed a grenade into the room then wrestled with a fighter who was to give away bellavia's position I did my best to pacify this guy and I did and it took everything to do it and then I walked outside I just needed a cigarette which makes no sense whatsoever but I was just really stressed out Bellavia planned to wait on the rest of his unit to take out the last insurgent when that fighter jumped down from the roof above had he landed perfectly and had the jump my weapon is away from me I'm smoking a cigarette I don't have a helmet on I'm beaten up I can't run my eyes are burning I you know he had the job but he you know he landed the way he landed so I was able to I was able to fire onto him he and his squad were ordered to get out of the area to clear the way for air support all of them alive thanks to bellavia's bravery a crazy day and did and we went on to the next crazy fight and there was plenty of those for the rest of the time we were in Fallujah incredible bravery and you heard Bellavia right after the ceremony thanking the army for that training because he did exactly what soldiers are trained to do and did it to the nth degree and 32 members of his platoon at the service today it was very poignant at the end because this doesn't always happen the president invited them all to come up and take pictures and hug and he was certainly thankful for those who were surrounding in that day – yeah Bellavia was very quick to share a lot of the accolades for what was accomplished that day with all the men that he served absolutely NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander by the way got the chance to speak with Bellavia one-on-one and will share his powerful story you can watch that piece coming up at 6:30 on NBC Nightly News right after Channel 2 News at 6:00

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