Medal of Honor Allied Assault on Hard #03 Omaha Beach (Operation Overlord)

there the raft 30 seconds all right man move fast spread out and stay clear of open beach sign you would be head for cover and get to the shingle I'll see you on the beach [Applause] either way we're honor [Applause] at the bottom of the channel hold on Wow get down for me so at 2:22 covering fire you [Applause] [Applause] let's check out this some toys in the hundred and first boy are we glad to see you we landed way off target sir we've been trying to find our regiment ever since but there's snipers everything let's check out this house some boys in the hundred and first could be trapped inside all right boys boy are we glad to see you we landed way off target sir we've been trying to find our regiment ever since but there's snipers everywhere bowels stay here and watch the back watch out over there okay I think that's the last of them everyone check your mo so much for transport looks like we're gonna have to finish this mission on foot [Applause] private cop there's the 506 sir private cop do you have a radio our squads radio man was killed in the clearing for southeast of this house but there's sniper in the silo out there and we can't get anywhere near it sir Powell you're the only sniper here head for the farmhouse of light that sniper take him out and get back with radio Bob and I will tell them to leave us [Applause] is anyone there over okay let's get back to those 88 there's this one lockdown we have to find another way around okay let's get back to those 88 [Applause] quiet target acquired you take point I'm right behind you we got that after your punches right we got that address use your patches right margin here good to meet you sergeant I'm Ravis in second Rangers you boys seen any strange looking at rocket launchers around here yes sir just down the road away one of these weapons look like well sir we didn't exactly see them we just heard them from a long ways off never heard anything like it either Pawel take point gentlemen move out like to press on that position you thank you we need to trick that take you too [Applause] good to see you're still with us lieutenant the landings at Omaha especially dark green and Charlie sector were very very tough we lost a lot of good men while we've established a strong beachhead along the coast finding out what the Germans are planning next is key to the success of our Normandy campaign the French Resistance has reported a shift of enemy troops south from the Calais region right into the path of our advancing troops two formidable German units are assembling just outside saint-lo we believe they're using a manor house as a command post to organize a counter-offensive we need you to find that command post infiltrate it and obtain any tactical data you can regarding the enemy's battle plans one of our most trusted agents in the resistance a young woman named Manon batiste will be there to lend you a hand one more thing lieutenant intelligence reports indicated the Germans have deployed a new tank into the field at ripe bigger than anything we've seen before this marble has been appropriately designated the king tiger and we believe the Germans have transferred some of these new tanks to the command post your order to gather information on the capabilities and hopefully the weaknesses of this new threat good luck lieutenant I know the mission is in capable hands

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