Medal of Honor Allied Assault on Hard #01 Training Course, Lighting The Torch

[Applause] you have been assigned to a mission few would qualify for a mission few would survive at the turning point of World War two across a 50-mile stretch of France's Normandy coast the Allies staged a massive assault against Hitler's Fortin Atlantic Wall Duty leadership sacrifice can one man truly make a difference [Applause] it's time to commence field training pay attention and you might even stand a chance on the battlefield usually after they can eat you before guard towers good now push your forward key to move in the direction you're facing pressure backwards key to move back press straight left to move left and strafe right to move right using these four keys together with the mouse is critical to your success against the enemy special objectives key to see your list of card objectives when you complete an objective it's checked off on this list your card objective is highlighted in yellow now notice the DL on your compass is pointing at one of the towers yellow points to your card objective as you hear your objective the ball bearings on the compass will move closer together approach the tower indicated by the arrow good now press your objectives key again you have a lil objective now complete it press the jump and forward Keys to jump up on this pile of crates press the duck key and then move forward to pass under the barbed wire there's the ducky again to stand up look up but press the forward key and you'll climb the ladder press the use key to have a letter from the ordinal approach the explosives and press the use key to pick them up notice that an image of the explosives has appeared in the right corner of your view this shows you the items in your inventory the other image represents the radio through which we are communicating and that transparent image of the explosives has appeared on the tank press the use key near the image to plant explosives on that tank as you need to use or destroy to complete your mission there also test ret depended on the tank to avoid being injured press the use key to open door some doors might be locked the sound will clue you in you will automatically pick up first-aid supplies when your health level is below 100% same for ammunition and weapons but remember that each weapon has a maximum amount of ammo you can carry some items are too far away to be automatically picked up press the use key to grab these items select the colt 45 pistol by pressing the pistol key to neutralize an enemy without drawing his attention press the secondary attack key to activate the pistol whip this the primary attack key fire any of your weapons remain stationary and fire short bursts to increase the accuracy shots on that target with your 45 switch to the Thompson submachine gun by pressing the SMG key you may remove any of your weapons at any time by pressing the reload key always reload your weapons before going into combat shoot that target 20 times with the Thompson switch to the Springfield III sniper rifle by pressing the rifle key that's the secondary attack key to toggle the sniper scope on and off aim through the sculpt with the father's target gets the red dot three times select the fragmentation and grenades by pressing the grenade key the grenades primary attack is a long throw use the secondary attack for shorter tosses being pulled down the secondary attack key the farther you'll throw use bank shots with the grenades declare wounds where the enemy may be hiding right into each of the concrete boxes approach the mg42 stationary machine gun and press the use key to take command of the weapon destroy the target with that machine when you're ready press the use key on the red door at the end of the range to exit the straining should help you keep your head under fire don't dismiss lead-time fall good luck you will automatically pick up first-aid supplies when your health level is below 100% same for ammunition and weapons but remember that each weapon has a maximum amount of ammo you can carry some items are too lieutenant Howell I'm Colonel Hargrove from the Office of Strategic Services the OSS a branch specializes in covert operations usually deep behind enemy lines espionage sabotage infiltration that's the business were in lieutenant as you know Germany's famed Africa claws captured key locations along the southern coast of the Mediterranean and is now digging in our response in coordination with our British allies is an invasion of North Africa the attack is codenamed Operation Torch this is it lieutenant our first large-scale offensive of the war while everything you hear in this room is classified top-secret all I'm about to tell you is extremely sensitive and only known by a select few the Germans have positioned artillery batteries along the coast several of which overlooked our intended landing zone a British SAS operative has penetrated enemy lines of the channel Arzu on the algerian coast his mission was to sabotage these batteries then give the old clear signal to start the invasion yesterday however all contact with that agent was lost the enemy's artillery positions remain intact and the SS officers capture could compromise the entire operation you and a small squad of your fellow Rangers will infiltrate our Zoo on the cover of darkness your goal is to destroy the coastal batteries and rescue the captured agent you'll receive specific details of the mission once you're in the field the SAS operative is Maj Jack Grillo a man I've known for years he would never allow himself to give up what he knows to the Germans so please find him before he's forced into taking drastic measures no doubt about it this is a critical mission lieutenant your team was trained hard and I have every confidence you'll get the job done good luck okay squad let's stop this is a rescue mission so watching fire don't give you advance some coverage headquarters we'll keep quiet it's a bazooka Laden he's taking too long he's buying it yeah only good sized amoeba tear up a Pyrrhic doctor support in suicide for he's not taking them captain over there we grow Wow check the door what was that I think I heard something a Bosch you're going I've got you covered move [Applause] celina thanks they would have killed me for certain stick close to me at all times couch look a nice the documents and explosives I had were confiscated we've got to recover them or this mission is lost they're probably in the common dance office shooting the spotlights will get their attention it's best to just avoid them [Applause] ciao now let's get the explosives you know exactly what you don't know till you tell us the easier thing well you have through nightlife yeah they're channeling Zumba sounds like they've got more allied prisoners beautiful get the explosives let's go let's go let's go [Applause] we'll have to blow that gate set a chart we'll have to blow that game set a chart the Africa for motor tool is up there head use the rest of the explosives and sabotage as much as you can in the meantime I'll get some transportation for us good luck lieutenant I'll see you soon you look alive pal we're coming up on the outskirts of the airfield look alive pal we're coming up on the outskirts in the airfield clear that barricade look alive pal we're coming up in the outskirts in the airfield you three that bar okay say that that sign points the airfield get ready they're almost there remember don't just step out the planes we also want to get the fuel dump and and don't let any of those planes take off Wow we've got a child he come the gods that got their attention look out he'd come to God / oh that got their attention it's coming in after us let's split up I'll draw their reinforcements away go through that bunker to the lighthouse I'll meet up with you there – with so much still I take it off hurry Powell get in the back of the truck outstanding work in all Africa lieutenant Operation Torch was a success with our forces pressing Rommel from the west and Montgomery's British troops closing in from the east it looks like the Africa those days are numbered major guerrilla was quite impressed with your actions and he specifically requested you for this next mission again what I'm about to tell you is top secret as you may know our primary advantage against the German u-boat threat lies in our ability to detect them with ship an airborne radar unfortunately we've learned that the Crees Marine has developed a new piece of equipment a kind of radar detector called the Naxos which will enable wolf pack's to find the blind spots and a patrol sweeps and once again attacked allied convoys with impunity this would give the enemy a tremendous advantage shifting the balance of power in Atlantic back to the Germans the British are researching a way to neutralize this new technology but I fear it won't be ready in time to prevent the carnage that could result from this Naxos detector being deployed by our enemy major guerrilla has infiltrated a Kriegsmarine u-boat base in Trondheim Norway but the Naxos program has reached the prototype phase your mission is to rendezvous with a major assist in destroying the existing prototype unit and steal whatever research documents you can find this action should set the enemy back long enough to give the British time to develop an effective countermeasure the Allied convoys that traverse the North Atlantic are the lifeblood of the war effort lieutenant let me be clear this Naxos prototype must be destroyed at any cost no matter what may happen to you or major Grillo your transport man mother knew Eaton resistance departs of Oh 400 tomorrow sir get some rest you'll receive additional briefing material once you're established in the field good luck lieutenant I expect to shortly see you and a major back here in London you

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