Medal of Honor Allied Assault Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 – Siegfried Forest

  • I always thought that it was the Allies overwhelming firepower that defeated the Nazis.But judging from this crap a few hundred super soldiers like this would have defeated the Third Reich in no time .

  • Back in those days we didn't have good graphics, and we didn't need em, cause we had wonderful games like this one

  • THERE SOME WERE in the beginning should, should BE THE GERMAN OFFICER's SUITE, but were!?!? IN THE OTHER STRUCTURE OR, or in the FIRST PART OF THIS GAME!?!? i hope not, hmh ; / : /

  • you don't have to kill them all! no! not most of them, but just some! i tried at the one of the first times i played this
    game! and enemy just keep coming and coming = coming more and more! : )

  • you forget 1 cante near the gate of that STG 44 factory, just in the beginning of this PART 9 SECOND, second PART : )

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