Medal of Honor Allied Assault Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 – Normandy D-Day

excellent work in Norway lieutenant under very difficult circumstances thanks to your efforts the Kriegsmarine world banks that once terrorized the North Atlantic have been decimated over the past year by a naval and aerial patrols with Allied shipping lanes secured the door is now open for the invasion of Europe that we've been planning since the start of this bloody war it's called Operation Overlord and we're breaching Hitler's Atlantic Wall through the Normandy coast the Germans know we're coming and coming soon but we've got them thinking that the invasion would be at Calais well north of the actual landing beaches this will be the largest amphibious invasion in history lieutenant and you're going to be in the group that'll leading the charge now we may have numbers on our side but we don't have the experience most of our troops are fresh out of basic training and they need through combat veterans like you to help lead the attack that's why I've reassigned you to the 2nd Ranger Battalion the landings will take place across five beaches codenamed gold Juno sword Omaha and Utah the British will land of sword and gold the Canadians at Juno and the Americans at Omaha Utah it'll be going ashore at Johnny sector of Omaha Beach just west of the dog one exit although the beaches are not as fortified as they are telling the Germans have left no spot undefended every inch of Beach is covered by machine guns on artillery and the place is surrounded by miles of barbed wire and countless minefields one more thing leader try to keep in mind that this is the largest and most complicated operation that we've ever attempted and in my experience whenever things get complicated things go wrong but no matter what happens I believe that with soldiers like you leading the way we will prevail with this allied assault good luck at Omaha Beach lieutenant and Godspeed thirty Seconds alright men who fast spread out and stay clear above the beak port side your pal starboard you would see at this hover and get to the shingle I'll see you on the beach you Oh hold on private I'm gonna be okay party Oh Victor hi I am back Oh he's got a way up go Wow wait for my signal you ah [Applause] cool [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


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