Medal of Honor |2010| #Part_7 (HD) ||walkthrough

okay eyes on that Ridge all right let's get up and Panther in Vegas I got something like Panthers said here the runoff enemy dismounts Center sector nine zero zero meters winds are out of the West at five knots three fighters all dude take a look near that area around the runoff from that snowpack rather secured with electronic an explosive early warning device good zoom in hold your fire D target destroyed five zero meters okay you need to put eyes on that Ridge to the north all right let's get up from Panther in Vegas I got something like Panthers set near the runoff enemy dismounts in center sector nine zero zero meters winds are out of the West at five knots good zoom in hold your fire D looking for more targets one there's two target little doodads by nose was shot Deus nice ride he's down four enemy fighters eliminated Douce new target Wow I see movement on the left you got him zoom in there it's another camp there's a tent he's toast he's down it's hi guys leg all targets eliminated looks like we got more movement to the ride deuce looks like they're setting up a mortar tube go right D get that mortar guy he's firing at us good zoom in it's left it's just more engrossed in coming okay got another clear pill about six zero zero meters see this do some just hit a trip wire nine o'clock that's what's clean one let's fall back to high brand news we have to move don't give up the high ground keep moving oh here priority target yeah let's move where you stay on the trigger D good Jill's check this guy out Chechen tactical vest getting that what's use them as be still barely well the trail but stay hidden enemies all over the place just pick up the pace follow me looks like a good overwatch position ahead Oh Oh looks like a cam we got here switching fighters Western gear massive ammo cache looks like they're getting ready for the party let's crush it down a can't sworn my stress ball lots of gear MOS supplies will go the count four targets [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Roger we gotta do you got a visual on Neptune they're got eyes on them d there near the ridge line is that our sector you sir was heating activity mother Jimmy you guys need to move south there's a lot of movement in that Ridgeline approximately 9 to 5 which wine shame [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay you're moving we clear static clear moving moving right then we clear the village last night targetdown status clear get down [Applause] Oh brother 1 we give an opinion can't hold this altitude we're just feeling hydrophilic and guys are gonna putt for deck to go if we can make it that far Roger that probably done proceeded the floor mother this is Drucker what's your status you have two men in contact with the enemy on that mountain confirmed and how can be assumed they're there waiting for extraction all right mother standby get patched up sir I've general Flygon PTC colonel looks like we took a bit of a hit in the valley today yes sir we have two fields still in contact on that mountain Tonka gar yes sir they're team leader and petty officer requesting immediate reinsertion negative sir better to send fresh troops in I want those seals to brief the QRF back in Bagram ASAP yes

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