Medal of Honor 2010 in ArmA 3 Mission First In

price rapidly turn that shit off gonna get bumpy you to get back there company day he might be the first guy shoot all right here we go hey Terry can I say pastor down boys I give it an implication Roger still No I know position everything Hey those schools well close the gap a little you should tell because the insult Miami seems to think so you know stuff that or else you wouldn't need all the security going left one targeted o'clock window you can target mother we got a truck blocking us into at six you eyes open we got shooters all over the place get away from the truck rabbit move on father Buddha what's your status we're 10 meters past the crash site second deck got a guy in the room we're gonna move soon we keep flying from here Mike's we'll draw a map to our position no one are you you're hardpoint link up jack all right on me sorry get some fucking explaining to do secure the area link up and then we can think about him Roger door Masai me Ellie Roger place huh drop you not go blank one three tops I'd like to move it up here dead men are on the ground Roger coming to you man outside but abbulu coming to you check two tangos upper deck across the street Roger Rabbit this way buddhu we're late on your three o'clock banter mother lets go mother things got asked up places crawling bad guys someone ratted us out you have Tariq we're on foot and moving to the location now we'll go to reach dummy other status now we're close let's move [Applause] contact right okay link so we don't need to read to tell us where the bad guys yeah right fucking here get outside we can cover let me go fuck no Rick Floyd mother that house is gonna be a total setup now this whole town is a setup we're here we're checking it out mr. Magadan has non swivel its to reach it in there we're taking him alive Mogi cover stay out are you open check check let's not waste time copy that let's go Remy get the door come in the door shit tarik flip and do it by choice [Laughter] not our guy great one now mother you reek say again no to reek mother you're in luck Langley has predator imagery of dismounts moving to follow his saw Tommy that we're moving out time [Applause] [Applause] mother wears it south toward the fort we need a key what can you for us Roger that painted wildfire will take care of the rest Kelly your mark Ladner take cover away from that door shut out no I mean that man sir never standby time on target five seconds [Applause] down like an asshole buildings clear door give me an ammo count odd mag-7 grenade good to go alright didn't recruit me anywhere we take you alive and with my net what's going on here got it jack got it I lied I got a few questions I want to be answered let's go get him over here what do you think what's the Kira you're guarding it something important in there yeah rabbit you're with me mother we got another door Jack stack up remember you're reaching in there Roger stack up rabbit we're right you just what the fuck was that back there this is the Taliban they have spies everywhere they took everything and left only hurt please you must find them find them and kill them all bullshit why should we trust him for all we know he set us up why should we trust you please I have a daughter I want her to go to schools I wanted to be a person have a life I understand where the enemy Shia code shacking what's that it's pasta it means Valley of the Kings sheikha where is [Applause] there how many many 500 items or more we're gonna need a bigger boat


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