Medal of Honor 2010 4k No Commentary Gameplay Part 08

that's shit true we got one more check the fire son target Mathur dusty you're eliminated we're gonna let situation develop Roger that man there's the red pose 20 Hannah McKay I hate your judgment Arabic yeah this let's move way to stay on the trigger D good chills please D check this guy out red hair Chechen tentacle vest he ain't getting that shit in Cabo neither serious dudes what'd you find let's use them as bait come on come on listen my voice is not bad follow me deed included a position of the bear fur and hand lotion please multiple enemy approaching from the south oh shoot them all – oh let's check them out doctor he's gonna make it this is our chance okay let's move let's move stay off the ridgeline we don't want to silhouette ourselves well handrail the trail but stay hidden enemies all over the place Oh they kick down to get a whole village of bad guys [Applause] [Applause] we gotta do so you got a visual on Neptune there I got eyes on D there near the ridgeline my pleasure gave you now no time to be choosy shit Chase Bank no time to be choosing shoot cover me man change Danko [Applause] sir what do you think activity mother you guys need to move south there's a lot of movement here in that Ridgeline approximately 9 to 5 meters [Applause] all right target [Applause] [Applause] okay this located much taller rabbit you're gonna like this load fifty three to five round bursts conserve floor really yeah let's move looks like a real run out of blows before we run out of that guy's moving no egg right then we clear this right hey go down it's got it clear six go I got your name barbar brother one we give inshallah benjin can't hold this altitude which hydrophilic

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