hey guys it's Harriet and welcome back to my channel so for today's video I am going to be doing a middle collection and this was actually requested by a viewer called Chantal hello if you're watching and she commented on one of my previous videos saying hey can you do a middle collection so I was like cool let's do it I have collected all of my middles together and I am just going to show each one to you and give you a bit of background on the races and which I got them for so I'm gonna go in chronological order and first up is my first ever race which was a half marathon in Birmingham in 2013 and I got this middle for it it says on it 2013 Luther great run be part of it great run gorg finisher 2013 so although this is quite a small one I am so proud of it because it is my first ever finishes medal after I ran the Birmingham half marathon in 2013 I entered the Paris marathon for 2014 which was a massive jump and it scared the crap out of me I'm gonna be honest but I ended up finishing it and I got this middle here so I framed it because it was obviously very special from the moment I saw this middle I was absolutely obsessed with it I love how shiny it is and it's just gorgeous and the green and gold combination is amazing I love it obviously for my first marathon this is a middle that I am very very proud of and put it in a frame it's a keepsake so that can be on my wall of forever after the Paris marathon in 2014 I kept on running throughout there yet and once again I entered the Birmingham half marathon so I've got this middle here which is Birmingham half marathon 2014 finish F and again it's very similar to the 2013 one they make a good pair yeah I just really enjoyed this race it's a good fun one and it's quite close to where I live as well so it's very handy after that I had started my Paris marathon training for 2015 and I decided that would be a good idea as part of my training to do some half-marathons so first of all I entered the Brighton half marathon in February 2015 and this I've got to say it was one of my favorite horizons I've ever done to this day and I actually ran it for the homelessness charity shelter when I finished I got this middle here which is huge like this is my hand this is the middle like it's not far off and I just love that it's pink and the ribbon is purple this isn't a vitality Brighton half marathon 25th anniversary race so I loved how big this is it's probably because it's an anniversary middle I've also got my time on the back of this one it was one hour 46 minutes and 36 seconds that is still my personal best time if you're looking for a fast black race the Brighton half bath and it's definitely the one to do the one for 2016 has already finished four entries but if you want to run the charity I think you can still manage to do that the weekend after Brighton I went to Bath to run the half marathon there and I got this middle here from that and I ran that one in one hour 57 minutes and one second because I was absolutely exhausted from the week before and my body was sort of going what on earth are you doing to me but I was really pleased to get this middle I think it's really cute and it just says bath half marathon the first of March 2015 half rose and finisher so now that my half marathons were done for the beginning of the year it was bath time again and I popped off to Paris with my mum again to run the Paris marathon for the second time and I got this middle here which I have also framed because I am super proud of it but if you want to see how it framed it I've done that in a previous video which I will link below I love this middle again just as much as the first one that I got it's green and gold again because schmaderer electric spots of the marathon and then green got the sort of gold hexagons on it it's almost reminds me of like beehive I just love how that there's all slightly angled so that sparkles in such a good day it was awesome and as you can see in the photo at the time of my life so 2015 continued to be a very busy year for me and the week after the marathon I did my first mud run which was the monster mud run as the series that they do I think I've got two a year and from that I got this middle here that was a chain kilometer ran through the bush and the mud through lots of obstacles and stuff it was the first obstacle race I had done and I had a really good time although I was really cold and going into the water at points was not the most comfortable my body was still not recovered from the marathon in May 2015 my mum and I had decided to run the Hackney half marathon which was the second annual half marathon that they run there and this is the middle from it here the colors are really cool on this planet and its really big as well I love a good chunky middle so a mum and I decided to run this one together our bodies were still sort of recovering from the Paris math and we hadn't done that much running but it was just something for a bit of fun and to keep our bodies moving so we ran this one together in about two and a half hours I think after the Hackney half marathon in May I decided to give my body a little bit of a break for the summer and focus on doing different workout other than running but in September I got back into it and I ran they chopped them half marathon and this is the middle for it here so it's just this cool blue and silver design with people running on it the cool thing about the chant of half marathon is that you do the second tap on the racecourse which is not the most flat but it is really awesome also there aren't that many people that run it so it is really easy to move along the cause without bumping into people all the time which can be a bit of an issue and some of the bigger races I obviously hadn't learnt my lesson from doing back-to-back car Athens earlier in the year so then we had to chant them I have signed up to the car department then and this is the middle that I got from it here so Cardiff was a lot busier than China and that it was really really good fun I absolutely loved it it was a gorgeous course that went all throughout the Cardiff Bay and through the town and the card of people were just so supportive it's one that I would highly recommend doing if your intellect the big cheering crowds on the streets and things like that because it is so waging the final middle I have to show you today is this one here and this was from the brighton and hove 10-mile race in October 2015 it was the first race like this and then ever held but I think it's become an annual event now and I just love again how big and chunky this middle is it's very similar to my Brighton and Hackney hardware at the middle and it's just so fun like the ribbon is really bright and colorful again in this one that I would highly recommend and I think you can enter the next year if you get online now so that all the Middle's I have to show you today if you would maybe like to see a plot to when I collect some more in 2016 and just let me know in the comments below and I will be sure to do that hit subscribe as well because I have got loads more videos coming your way and yeah I will see you guys next time bye


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