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Más Noticias e explicações = Bad News and explanations

hey-hey guys his old friend Mega talking this time do not bring any animation or live just a warning I’ll put subtitles somewhere for Americans can understand because I can not speak English …. sorry warnings are …..
I’ll stop launch video for a while but calm down …..
I have my reasons and I’ll tell them to you is not nothing easy for me *gulp* I will explain…. who was in live
I did a while ago what happened? my mouse bugged this mouse here … look I think I already showed it before So ….he bugged …….
he froze on the screen this mouse is not good and when it freezes
I need to restart the entire computer and only by resetting it to work again
but not worked this time so I used Plan B I was in my closets and caught another mouse wait I’ll show it to you I picked this one was actually another but I did not find it It is this one see looks his format sorry for red light look at the format this mouse is fucking bad you need to take a hammer every click then it works and as you move it …
he falls and balance because of its format not to mention the fact that it is slow then you are disturbing me because this mouse broke this mouse decides when he wants to work the other sucks then what will happen?
I will not post videos until i have a new mouse
or until the other back to work this mouse here …. I showed little now I bought it …. I do not remember the price was a little expensive I think it was R $ 20 just look at the size of it the size of the palm of my hand it is huge so ….
but he only has size Because it did not last any week any week you know what a week is?
it is he could not stand even that it has this appearance of badass but he’s nothing was the mouse that broke faster waste of money and I have another one … wait a minute I found it is this … see? I do not know his qualities .. maybe he is good but has a problem ….. THIS is the problem this is the problem can you see the problem? this little shit here It does not work on my computer powered by wood
because my computer is all fucked behind only USB ports works then another useless mouse another problem … in my live * Animating Sans VS Bandits * I had to cancel it I was animating the * Sans VS Bandits * but live is fucking falling those who follow my live know how annoying is this shit falling as I’m animating it is falling endlessly …. when it falls rebooting the entire live … to be normal again and change some settings …
below quality etc. and it takes a while and thereafter it falls again sometimes I need to research something online and I can not …
because if I connect something will take the live signal and then it will fall again one of those who fell to live …
I was nudging the settings and I managed to fix it (yay)
but my mouse stuck and it happened on my last live today so I tried to fix the mouse I pulled the USB this one this mouse USB is this one ….. look look so I was changing the batteries …. It does not work replace the batteries this time and I was still animating *sans vs bandits* remember this after failing to fix the mouse ….
I tried to finish the live with my keyboard
…and save my animation then I realized that the keyboard had also disconnected yes it disconnects so i can not save the animation without my keyboard but calm down …. I have not lost the entire animation ….
only a small part so I could not save what I did … because the keyboard disconnects and the animation deleted so I tried to reconnect it only to save the animation and not lose it but when I did it ….. Internet disconnects ….. (bye bye live) (sad theme) and so I was with rage then I turned off the computer in fury poof POOF and then I turned on the computer again …. course after restarting the computer mouse back to work …. but not this time have 2 options exchange stack or restart the computer … none of them worked sometimes this mouse back to work after you restart it …. this mouse freezes when he wants example….. (it is fun) PUF it’s over ….
he froze … why?
because he wanted just like that you can be playing, looking at a site, watching my videos ….
no matter …. It’s impossible to avoid it …. it freezes when he wants example… Mouse: I will freeze here because I want 😀 POF frozen It’s impossible to change the batteries ….. only restarting the computer …..
but not even that helped this time …
so I uselessly restarted where I want to get…….? I’ll be off work until this mouse work again or wait a few days to buy a new mouse should be R $ 27 maybe I ordered a mouse from Rocketz I think they take 3 days to delivery do not know how sorry …… but it is fast you know when I was going to launch the animation Sans vs bandits? I was supposed to come out last week and I’m still not even halfway fault … these fucking mouses to getting angry’ll call my friend to speak for me I’ll stay a while without working ….
I have no idea how long I really did not want to stop ….
Really because my computer does not want to cooperate will no longer have livestream for now because my internet did not cooperate I’m just going to continue navigating through the channel and talking to you because that’s all I can do… this mouse only has the capacity for it… all we can do now is just wait until the new mouse does not come sorry but you will also no videos for now …
it’s destiny….
destination called “”Mega Lukas should take in the ass”” that’s the name of my destiny but fuck this fate because I’m still determined when my new mouse comes I promise to give my best and animate as fast as possible with good quality I will try the best to end sans vs bandits as fast as possible … because I do not know how long I will be out of work I’m not even halfway animation …. I have no other video to distract you while it … just this video that will be just to give bad news I actually have a trailer to send to you …. but I can not have … because I have not finished … and to edit it I need a good mouse you will stay at 0% content until there I’ll probably lose a lot of subscribers and views … will lose a lot in these *bad times* I will only be able to wait my bad time end when I win the new mouse will show it right on the screen and I hope he does not break in a week like the other shit only that “only that?” I was here a long time talking to a camera and then edit and even put subtitles I hope you understand … all right? if you see a comment asking where the “animations” or where the sans vs bandits please respond to them and to you who watched this video this far you are special … because you really care about my well-being and the well being of our channel is not “my channel” is “Our channel” because you are part of it ….
because without you I would not have this channel without you would be just me and my channel … only I would watch my videos thanks for watching this far special “Omegazinho” thank you for caring so much about our warning my heartfelt thanks to you who watched this video so far …. now bye-bye

  • se eu pudesse eu ia mandar meu mouse q n é uma merda
    mas tomara q compre outro ou um desses pegue
    pq n consigo viver sem suas lives ;-;
    e no inicio do video eu fiquei triste pq achei q vc ia parar de postar videos

  • 1, cara, esses inscritos q tu vai perde sao td inscritos ruins, pq os Verdadeiros Inscritos te apoiam todo o tempo, #forçaMegaLukas

  • Mega Lukas eu não importo quanto tempo demore ☺ sempre estarei aqui chuva de Chara 🙌🙌🙌 força aí amigo 😔

  • quando voce tiver um mouse novo desconta toda sua raiva nele atiraa pela janela faz tudo ate ficar um lixo lixoso

  • ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

  • Happy 15,000 Subs Mega Lukas here is your prize
    Sans: So cool
    Sans: So cool
    Papyrus: SANS
    Sans: So cool
    Sans:So cool
    Sans:So cool
    Sans:So cool
    Sans:So cool
    Sans:So cool
    Papyrus: STFU Sans
    Sans: God no god no please no no nooooooo

  • Entendemos seus problemas mega Lukas, é ok. Nós estamos muito bem esperar para o próximo vídeo. FYI: se o seu curso para responder, utilize o Inglês porque eu estou usando Traduz Google. Obrigado.
    -Lazer XL

  • Mano,Não interessa se vc for hackeado,trollado ou perca o canal,nós somos os seus fãs.


  • você considera a muffet como personagem principal ? é porque eu já ouviu falar que ela é um chefão principal

  • Good idea you had to buy a new mouse, because the mouse you have actually is freaking shit ! But don't worry, i will still be with ya ! 😀

  • Pena que não será animações,desejo a você boa sorte na correção desses problemas.A frente.Nós não te dar (^_^)!
    -Иван Туловский
    Sim,eu sou da Rússia (:-)!
    Obrigado Yandex.Tradutor.!(

  • cara eu vou te dar sorte por que eu quero saber o final se a quele carinha de toca e um terço e caveira viva sou seu fã mega lukas desejo sorte

  • vdd aqueles mouses gamers pirata n dura nem uma semana msm o botao de click esquerdo afunda la dentro ai n da pra usar! Eu sei disso pq eu tinha um

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