Mary J. Blige on Her Lifetime Achievement Award at 2019 BET Awards | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

congratulations you're receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award tonight how exciting is that it's exciting I'm excited it's an exciting time so much has happened in my life the journey has been amazing it's been ups downs highs lows but I'm here to live to see you know to see this and have this moment so I'm grateful you know looking back at your amazing career what would you say would be the best moment a highlight out of this amazing career that you have man there's so many hot work now there's a couple of highlights I think one of the main ones is singing for the our first black African first black president second one will be nominated for two Oscars one folk singing and one for acting that's like whoa that's it there's so many I know you're gonna be going on towards nas soon how exciting is that and have you prepared I'm preparing for it right now and that's gonna be excited that's exciting because I'm a fan of NAS this is like a dream come true for me to even be on the stage with him because NAS come on phenomenal yeah we're going on stage you're performing tonight with Method Man I feel like this is gonna be a really special you know performance tonight yes it is it's just gonna it's so much happening tonight just stick around and make sure you we got have fun it's got to be fun before you go onstage you have any pre-show rituals of what you do before you go onstage yeah I mean it's not a ritual I just pray I pray not just I pray because it's important and I ask what for God for what I want and I go out there and I receive it sit before I let you go any summer plans obviously summer has arrived it's hot I do have any summer plans this summer only summits plans I have his tour yeah that's always fun so it is fine yeah


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